Why should I get Thai Yoga Massage Therapy

When we have a long tiring day we all crave for a massage that rejuvenates us. We just love to get a massage for ourselves. When we get the massage experience from the hands of a professional it gives you an extreme level of relaxation. A mild soothing and strokes can elevate all your body pain and muscle knots. You may ask this question "Though there are many relaxation methods, why should I go with massage". Here is your answer "Massage is the only method that gives you mental relaxation and also physical fitness". If you want to know more about this Thai yoga massage, read this blog further. And if you are looking for a Spa near me, then get into Le Bliss Spa that offers you both massage and spa services.

What is a Thai Yoga Massage?

Massage is a therapy for the body in which the skin tissues get manipulated and the energy in the body is balanced up. Thai massage is also popularly known as "Thai Yoga Massage". This massage gets this name because it includes only yoga poses, acupressure, and some normal stretches. The yoga positions used in this massage differentiate this massage from other massages. Thai massage does not include the practice of massage oils or lotions during the session. This massage is mostly practiced on the ground or on a mat. Thai yoga massage focuses mainly on the chi energy in the body. Not everyone can perform a Thai massage yoga massage by themselves, it can be performed only under skilled therapists. Le Bliss Spa is a Spa in Anna Nagar, where you can get a wonderful Thai Yoga massage experience from the hands of an expert.

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Types of yoga poses

As the Thai massage session starts, the Thai massage therapist will ask you to do some stretches. This gives a warm-up to your muscles and makes them ready for further massage. The therapist will assist you with many Thai yoga massage poses and here we will discuss some of the common yoga poses.

The therapist will start with the bridge pose in which the therapist will assist you to sit like a bridge. This pose helps us in removing the knots in the back and chest region. 

The next pose is the back press in which the therapist will give pressure on your back and stretch your hands backward that helps in treating your shoulders and chest region. 

King cobra is the next pose in which the therapist will assist you to sit in a cobra position. This treats your chest and shoulder area.

The next pose is a butterfly pose that treats the spinal cord. Spinal twist is one of the painful poses in which the therapist will twist one part of the body in a lying position. This will be very useful for your spinal cord. 

The other poses are shoulder stand, fish pose, plow pose which is used to treat the neck, shoulders, and body muscles. Walk into the best Spa in Chennai to get your best massage experience. Get your Thai massage appointment at Le Bliss Spa today!.

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Benefits of Thai massage
Reduce stress

Stress and anxiety is the major problem that most of us face. These two can make you mentally ill. This traditional Thai massage plays a major role in reducing stress by decreasing the secretion of stress hormones. Further Know about thai massage therapy and its benefits here.

Boost up energy

Sometimes we feel depressed or drained out because of a tiring day. To cheer ourselves up we do many things like singing, dancing, movies and so on. But massage is one among them but it helps in increasing the secretion of happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin which automatically boost up your mood.

Good blood circulation

The yoga asana included in this massage will promote blood circulation. When there is a good blood flow to the organ, it results in a fit and healthy body. A proper blood flow to the heart will lead to an increase in immune power. 

Improves range of motion

If there are any blockages in muscles, it might affect mobility. The stretches included in this Thai massage therapy will help you in increasing the range of motion and muscle flexibility by regulating the blood flow in the muscles.

In this blog, we have discussed Thai yoga massage, yoga poses, and their benefits. You must have got the answer to the question “what is thai massage?”. If you are looking for a good Massage Centre in Chennai, walk into Le Bliss Spa and enjoy your Thai massage.