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If you are looking for a therapeutic Body Massage Center in K.K.Nagar? Le Bliss Spa provides you with a wonderful experience of the best body massage in K.K.Nagar. Call us @ 7305278999 to book an appointment at the Best Body Massage Center in K.K.Nagar.

Different people need a different type of massage according to their medical issues and wishes. Le Bliss Spa provides you with all kinds of massages. Our specialized massage therapies are Balinese Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Traditional Massage, Thai Massage, Head Massage.

Le Bliss Spa is here to give a solution for all your lesions. The Rooms in Le Bliss Spa are well designed and more hygienic. The Infracture of this Spa makes you feel relaxed and calm. The masseuses here are more experienced and are from the best universities in our country to provide you with the best massage experience. Our Therapist will have a clear study of everybody's medical issues and then suggest a suitable massage therapy. Le Bliss Spa gives you the Best Massage in Chennai at an affordable price.

Full Body Massage

Massage can be done for a particular area or to the entire body according to our wish. Massage is of many types and they are Deep Tissue massage, Swedish massage, Hot stone massage, Balinese massage, Facial massage, Trigger point massage, Traditional massage, Thai massage, Aromatherapy massage, Sports massage, and so on. Massage helps us in balancing our bodies both physically and mentally. Massage therapy benefits us in the removal of scar tissue, muscle knots, sleeping disorders, relief stress, faster recovery of injuries, headache, migraine, higher production of happy hormones, reduces the stress hormones, and improves our skin tone.


Aromatherapy Massage

Massage In K.K.Nagar

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic massage that is performed using essential oils. All types of massage involve essential oils but the essential oils used in the Aromatherapy massage are purely derived from medicated flowers and plants. The smell of every essential oil differs from one another. The fragrance of the essential oil used in the massage regulates the emotional hormones of our body and makes us feel calm and relaxed. This Aromatherapy massage helps our body to secrete more happy hormones like Endorphins, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Dopamine. These hormones naturally reduce stress and body pain. People prefer this aromatherapy massage only for the Aroma of the essential oil. In this massage the therapist allows us to choose the essential oil by allowing us to smell it. The essential oils used often in aromatherapy are lavender, lemon, cedarwood, chamomile, orange blossom, bergamot, and peppermint. This massage is most suitable for people who have lots of tension and stress.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Body Massage In K.K.Nagar

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique done for treating our interior deeper muscles with deep pressure. This deep tissue massage helps us with Low back pain, Chronic pain, Muscle tension, Fibromyalgia, Back pain, Postural problems, and Strain injuries. During the massage, firstly lighter pressure is given to warm up the muscles. Then the therapist goes with higher pressure, hitting, stroking, pulling, stripping, and friction. This Deep tissue massage is mainly suggested for sportspersons. Our muscle often suffers from muscle knots, this massage mainly helps with the muscle knot in the tissues. This muscle knot in the muscle affects blood circulation of our which leads to pain and finally with inflammation. The common technique used in deep tissue massage is stripping, which is applying pressure across the muscles to reduce the muscle adhesion, tension, and align tissues.

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Swedish Massage

Body Massage Centre In K.K.Nagar

Swedish massage is a kind of classic massage and a widely followed type of massage therapy. This massage includes firm pressure using hands, palms, forearms, fingers, and sometimes feet. Swedish massage gives relaxation to our entire body by soothing the muscles in the direction of blood flow. The firm pressure in the circular motion regulates our blood and oxygen circulation, range of motion, and muscle flexibility. The increase in range of motion helps our body with burning more calories and makes us stay fit. The balanced circulation of blood and oxygen keeps our skin healthier and makes our skin glow naturally. Swedish massage is a type of full-body massage that sometimes includes head massage. This massage helps us with pain management, muscle inflammation, depression, stress relief, muscle knots, maintains blood pressure, breaks scar tissue, removes dead cells, increases muscle flexibility, and improves immune power. This massage is the most preferable massage for people who are new to massage.

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Balinese Massage

Massage Parlour In K.K.Nagar

Balinese massage is the most famous massage in Bali, Indonesia. Most people take up a trip to Bali especially to enjoy this massage. This massage includes methods like firm pressure, gentle stroking, firm kneading, friction, soothing, acupressure, flicking, hitting, applying essential oils, and skin rolling. Sometimes this Balinese massage includes stone massage. This massage is done on the floor, bed, couch, and mattress. During the massage, the therapist uses some vegetable oils like Tahitian monoi, coconut oil, and essential oils like lavender and rose oil. This massage uses some rare type of essential oil like frangipani essential oil which can be found only in Bali or sometimes in Indonesia. Frangipani essential oil is extracted from a flower which boosts our mood. This massage helps us in the flow of blood, muscle tension, muscle knots, reduces stress, detoxifies the body, softens the skin, relieves strain and body pain.

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Traditional Thai Massage

Full Body Massage In K.K.Nagar

Traditional Thai massage originated from the Thai people. The Health Benefits of Thai massage is beyond our thinking. During pregnancy time women face lots and lots of pressure, anxiety, tired muscle, and stress. During the period of pregnancy, the blood pressure fluctuates which leads to hormonal imbalance. This massage increases blood circulation which supplies oxygen which helps in the healthy development of the fetus. Traditional Thai massage balances the blood pressure which results in a reduced amount of stress hormones. During the massage, slight pressure is applied across the muscles in the direction of the nerve which helps in maintaining the function of the nervous system. Traditional Thai massage helps us with stress, headache, migraine, increase blood and oxygen supply, increase secretion of happy hormones, muscle tension, breaks scar tissue, and gives mental peace.

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Massage in K.K.Nagar:

K.K.Nagar is Kalaignar Karunanithi Nagar which is located in the Southern part of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The Chennai Airport is located around 10km from K.K.Nagar. The nearest localities of K.K.Nagar is Ashok Nagar and Vadapalani. K.K.Nagar is a popular residential place that has many residential apartments, Schools, Shopping malls, Theatres, and Stores. The Neighbourhood newspapers of K.K.Nagar is Trendy Talk, Pillar talk, Arcot Road Talk, and Pillar talk. K.K.Nagar is a well-designed township with 15 sectors and more than 102 streets. K.K.Nagar is separated into 12 rectangular blocks, 15 sectors, and more than 105 streets.

The famous temples in K.K.Nagar area are K.K.Nagar Ayappan temple, Bhuvaneshwari Amman temple, Sri Muthu Maari Amman temple, Sri Rajarajeshwari temple, Durgai Amman temple, and Vinayagar Kovil. K.K.Nagar has a bus depot and runs more than 4500 buses connecting major areas of Chennai. The Major stations near K.K.Nagar is Mambalam which is of 3km from K.K.Nagar, Chennai Egmore which is of 7kms from K.K.Nagar, Perambur which is of 8.85kms from K.K.Nagar.

The Parks in K.K.Nagar is Ashoka Park Inn. MGR Nagar, Bobbli Raja Salai Park. Sector 13, KK Nagar, Chennai Managarachi Seruvar Velayathuthuial park, Sivan park, 12th sector park, and 11th sector park. The Restaurants near K.K.Nagar are Stories Library cafe, New Desi Tadka, Eggslusive, Flower drum, and so on. The Malls near K.K.Nagar are the Forum Vijaya mall, Chandra Metro mall, Matrix mall, Skywalk, and so on. People used to visit these malls once a month to relax and spend time with their friends and family.

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Massage is the combination of giving pressure, soothing, hitting, pulling, stroking, kneading, and friction. In the olden days, people used to treat injuries and some disorders using massage therapy. Even they used massage therapy for babies for their well-being. Massaging a newborn baby may increase relaxation for the baby, helps with good sleep, reduces crying, regulates the baby’s mood, makes their bones stronger, and reduces stress hormones. Even the ancient Hindu's practiced massage in Ayurveda to treat injuries. Nowadays people do massages only for overcoming work stress and depression.

The Health benefits of massage are beyond our thinking. Massage is of many kinds and each kind has its health benefits. For example, Deep tissue massage helps with injuries in deep layers and strains, facial massage helps with poor skin, Aromatherapy massage helps with regulating the lymphatic system, and so on. Massage not only benefits the physical system of our body but also benefits the psychological system. Massage treats insomnia, lower stress, reduces depression, decreases anxiety, promotes good mood by higher secretion of happy hormones, and increases relaxation.

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You can always book your Spa appointments by contacting directly to our customer service number 7305278999

Yes, We at Le Bliss Spa provide offers during special occasions and also we provide Gift Cards to our customers on their regular visit.

You are required to be 10 minutes earlier of the scheduled time of your Spa Services.

Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

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Recent Reviews About Body Massage Center in K.K.Nagar

I was looking for a good center for a long day. But many places are not up to my expectations. At last, I tried Le Bliss Spa. It was what I expected. The rooms are clean and the service is good. The environment made me feel relaxed.

- Ramesh

I had an injury 3 years ago in my leg. I have tried many medicines but they gave me some temporary relief but I need a permanent solution for this. One of my sisters suggested me to have a Deep Tissue massage @ Le Bliss Spa and it recovered faster than I thought.

- Suresh

I am a housewife. Being a housewife I have lots of things to sort out. Every day of my life is so busy and at a point, I was craving for some rest. Then I had a Swedish massage @ Le Bliss Spa which made me feel so good and relaxed.

- Veena

I am an athlete and I faced many injuries and strains as an athlete. Then my coach recommended me to have a deep tissue massage. I felt so good and I felt lite. Now I am free from my pains. Great Work Le Bliss Spa!

- Rocky

The Atmosphere here is so nice and the therapists here are kind. They ask about our medical problems and disorders we have before suggesting a massage. I took an aromatherapy massage here and the fragrance of the oil is awesome and gives me full relaxation.

- Anu priya

I often take a massage. Whenever I get bored I use to have a massage. Here the environment is so nice and the services are good. The therapists here suggest massage based on our disorders.

- Ram Kumar

I am a software engineer. I have a sleeping disorder. I took sleeping pills for some time, then my doctor suggested me to try a massage. Then I took a Swedish massage @ Le Bliss Spa here which gave me a wonderful sleep and reduced my stress.

- Arun Kumar

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