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Le Bliss Spa - Premium Foot Reflexology in Anna Nagar

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If you are looking for professional foot reflexology in Anna Nagar then visit Le Bliss Spa in Anna Nagar. We help you to throw out all your tension and stress. In Le Bliss Spa we give you the best experience of foot reflexology at an affordable price. The therapists here are well experienced and expert in this field.

Foot Reflexology at Le Bliss Spa

The therapist in Le Bliss Spa gives gentle pressure on your feet to regulate the energy pathways in your body. Taking a foot reflexology service will give you a complete relaxation, nourishment, and refreshment. The Health benefits of foot reflexology are reduced stress, improved immune system, boost up the mood, reduces digestion problems, balances energy flow, eases anxiety, reduces sleeping disorder, eases depression, reduces mental stress and body pain. These are the tremendous health benefits that one can experience by taking a foot reflexology.

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Foot Reflexology Anna Nagar

Theory of Reflexology

Reflexology is a physical treatment in which a different amount of pressure is applied to hands and feet using fingers, thumb, forearms, and elbows. The therapist won't use any extracted oil or lotion during the session. The practitioners concentrate more on the trigger points which helps in stimulating energy and releases blockages in particular areas. Massaging the trigger points can improve health in various ways.

According to ancient people, the qi energy or vital energy flows all over the body to regulate our body system. When a person feels stressed or restless the energy flow in the body gets blocked. This blockage in the flow of energy can lead to illness, deficiency, sleeping disorder, and so on.

The foot massage of the therapist can relax the nervous system in our body and promotes many health benefits. The benefits of this foot reflexology are reduced stress, eases anxiety, boosts up the mood, reduces mental pressure, reduces pain, boosts up the immune system, reduces back pain, reduces digestion problem, balances life energy, and boosts fertility.

In the busy lifestyle, we forget to take care of our feet which leads to a reduction in blood circulation. Massaging the foot can increase the circulation of blood and transport the oxygen to the body cells. Taking Foot Reflexology once a month can improve your overall health. Foot reflexology is a pleasure to a person who spent his whole day standing and massaging the foot before going to bed will promote a healthy life. A massage on the foot will make the muscles stiff and stronger which reduces foot injuries.

Foot Reflexology offered at Le Bliss Spa

Our reflexology practitioners in Le Bliss Spa apply various amounts of pressure at trigger points in the feet and hands. The therapist does the massage by using hands, palm, forearms, and other massaging tools. Only a professional reflexology therapist knows about the pressure points in the hands and foot. The pressure points in the palm and feet are responsible for particular body parts. Foot Reflexology helps in balancing and restoring the lost energy of the body.

After the Foot Reflexology in Anna Nagar, our body parts get relaxed which helps in faster healing of wounds. The skilled Foot reflexology therapist says every sensitive and itching sensation of the foot indicates the irregular functioning of organs in our body.

Tapping and applying pressure to the foot can release the blockages in energy lines and allows the energy to flow freely all over the body which increases the healing power. Most people suffer from swelling in the feet because of many reasons like pregnancy, over stress, alcohol, and climate change. Swelling in feet can be reduced by taking this foot reflexology. This swelling can reduce the blood flow in the feet. The Foot Reflexology session lasts about 30 minutes.

Foot Reflexology Anna Nagar

Why should you visit Le Bliss Foot Reflexology Spa?

Le Bliss Spa provides you with the best foot massage with excellent service. Our skilled therapist knows very well about the acupoints that are connected to each organ of our body. Massaging these acupoints will lead to a healthy life. The therapists here are certified and have more experience in this foot reflexology field. The therapists in Le Bliss are well trained to give you the best foot massage. The foot reflexology is performed in a room that gives you extreme relaxation and mesmerizing feel. You can clarify all your doubts with the therapist without any hesitation before the massage session. The Atmosphere here will give you mental peace and calmness.

You can call our customer service on 7305278999 and book your appointment. You can clarify all your doubts while booking your appointment.

Yes, we will give discounts only on special occasions and we also provide gift cards to our regular customers.

Be ten minutes before your appointment so that you can prepare yourself and clarify all your doubts with the therapist.

You can inform the receptionist while booking the appointment and also notify your medical issues to the therapist before entering the massage room.

Recent Reviews About Foot Reflexology in Anna Nagar

I took foot reflexology at Le Bliss Spa, I felt very good and the foot massage threw my stress and tension away.

- Roopesh

I was looking for a good Spa near my house but nothing was up to my mark. Le bliss Spa gave me a wonderful experience of what I expected and it made my day. Thanks! Le Bliss Spa.

- Gagandeep Singh

I am a working woman and I travel a lot regarding my work. Sometimes, I feel more pain in my feet. My friend suggested me to have this message and it gave a drastic change.

- Ayush Meher

The therapists here are good and clarified all my doubts patiently. I liked the atmosphere here which gave me a pleasant feel at an affordable price.

- Sonya Bhatnagar

During summer my feet absorb more heat and turn pale. I have tried many creams and lotions but nothing worked. Finally, I tried this foot massage which gave me a gradual change.

- Hilasini

After taking a foot massage here, my legs are very soft and looking great. The feeling was mesmerizing and I just loved it. Le Bliss Spa turned my normal day into a special one.

- Ritesh Yadav

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