Couple Massage Spa in Chennai at Le Bliss Spa

If you and your special someone want to take a day off and rejuvenate your bodies, head to Le Bliss Spa in Chennai. Our massage therapists will help you to drain away all your tensions and worries leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

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couple massage in chennai

Couple Massage in Chennai Le Bliss Spa

At Le Bliss Spa, the best couple massage spa in Chennai, the therapists will arrange to conduct the massage for you and your partner in the same room and at the same time. The two therapists will coordinate their massage in such a way that the two therapists begin the massage, progress and end the session at the same time. 

The couple massage is arranged on two tables which you and your partner can occupy. Our couple spa is elaborate enough to rekindle the spirit of romance between the partners. The massage ends with a bath for two, pedicures, and a steam shower. Our special amenities include chocolates and fruit.

Before the start of the massage, you can ask our therapists any question that you may have. The therapists enter the massage room only after you and your partner are undressed and under the sheets that are provided for the purpose. 

The therapists work on the arms, feet, legs, back, hands, neck and shoulders. In some cases, we use aromatic oils for the massage. This memorable and delightful spa experience has many advantages

The duration of the massage session is 60 minutes and the rest of the activities are completed in the next 60 minutes.

couple massage in chennai

Benefits of Couple Massage at Le Bliss Spa

Benefits of a couple massage spa include the following:

A couple massage spa is undoubtedly the best way to introduce your partner to the benefits of a full body massage.

A full body massage increases the release of oxytocin or the love hormone in the bloodstream and increases the bonding between you two.

A couple massage spa helps you both stay healthy.

The couple massage spa helps you both to relax and unwind at the same time improving the feeling of peace between you two.

It helps you both share a memorable experience.

Le Bliss Spa – The Best Couple Massage Spa in Chennai

At Le Bliss Spa, we have made elaborate arrangements to give you our best during a couple massage spa. The spa is set in the most peaceful settings in our facility and we have trained and licensed massage therapists to give you the best and yet the most relaxing experience during the couple massage spa.

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