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Le Bliss Spa - Premium Massage in Siruseri

Are you seeking for the Best Body Massage Centre in Siruseri?. Yes, you are in the right place. Le Bliss Spa Massage centre offers you the Best Body Massage in Siruseri. Contact us to book an appointment at the Best Body Massage Center in Siruseri.

Le Bliss Spa offers you all types of massages and our special ones are Thai massage, Traditional massage, Deep tissue massage, Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Ayurvedic massage and Balinese massage. Each massage has its unique health benefits.

Le Bliss Spa is always here to support you with the best services. We give you a therapeutic service with higher standards. The rooms here are well designed and more hygienic. The Environment here makes you feel extremely relaxed and calm. The Therapists in Le Bliss Spa are well experienced and are from the best universities in our country. Before offering you a massage the massage therapists will have a clean study about your medical issues and problems you face. .

Massage Centre In Siruseri

Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage is a therapy of applying pressure, vibration, stroke to the tissues in the muscle. Massage can be done for a particular area or for the whole body to reduce stress and tension in muscles. People of all ages can have a massage for their well being. Massage increases muscle flexibility and range of motion. It helps in the production of new cells and burns a high amount of calories which makes our body fit and healthy.

Massage is usually done by laying you on mat, chair, bed and sometimes the floor. The Therapist uses hands, forearms, palm, feet, elbow and rollers for massaging. Massage mainly helps us to reduce stress, improves blood & oxygen circulation, reduce body pain, eliminate toxins, improve muscle flexibility, improves your sleeping cycle, enhance immunity, reduce muscle inflammation, fatigue and helps in improving your memory.

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Aromatherapy Massage

Massage In Siruseri

Aromatherapy is a massage therapy which is known for fragrance that comes from the essential oil. The therapist mixes the lotion with the essential oil in the correct proportion to tranquilize your mind. The Essential oils that are used most commonly in the aromatherapy massage are lavender, rose, cedarwood, chamomile and bergamot. Every essential oil has its unique properties. Our skin absorbs the scented essential oil through the pores. The Essential oils stimulate our lymphatic system which is responsible for emotions, sense, memory and behavioural changes.

Deep Tissue Massage

Body Massage In Siruseri

Deep Tissue Massage is a massage therapy used for treating deep tissue injuries in the muscles. It is very helpful for the people who have chronic pain in shoulders, legs, arms, upper and lower back. These types of massage help you in a range of motion during a workout. It helps our body to produce more new cells and burn a high amount of calories. This massage especially helps with reducing pain, stress, low blood pressure, breaks up scar tissue, and promotes happy hormones.

Swedish Massage

Body Massage Centre In Siruseri

Swedish Massage is a widely used therapeutic massage by most of the people. This massage helps with the higher production of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin which are known as hormones of happiness. This massage is best suitable for the person who has lots of tension and craving for relaxation . Swedish massage is a full body massage which is the most gentle massage compared to any other massage. The Therapist gives a gentle stroke which includes rolling, pulling, kneading and squeezing to relax the muscles.

Balinese Massage

Massage Parlour In Siruseri

Balinese Massage is the traditional massage of Bali in Indonesia. It is most commonly carried out on a massage couch or floor mattress by the therapist. This Massage includes some rare types of essential oils which can be only found in Bali of Indonesia. The Therapist uses a slight deep pressure to remove the muscle tension, knot and scar tissues in our body. This Balinese massage is especially for the sportsperson who has a long time injury in the joints, muscle and connecting points.

Traditional Thai Massage

Full Body Massage In Siruseri

Traditional Thai Massage is followed by the ancient people of Thailand. This Massage is said to be a dry massage because it does not include oils or lotion-like any other massage. It promotes the flow of energy, reduces anxiety, increases muscle flexibility and motion, helps with stiff muscles, reduces muscle inflammation, increases blood and oxygen flow to the body and gives relaxation. It is performed using palm, forearm, thumb, finger feet, elbow. The Therapist makes us sit in various yoga positions which helps our body to regulate our blood circulation.

About Siruseri

Siruseri is located in Muttukadu village in Chengalpattu district in Tamil Nadu. Siruseri is in between Navalur and Kelambakam. Siruseri is situated 25 km south of the city centre and 6.9 km from Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR). There is a famous IT park called State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu Ltd., SIPCOT IT Park is located in Siruseri which is home to many IT companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Reliance Jio Infocom Ltd, Hexaware Technologies, Cognizant Technology Solutions etc.

This SIPCOT IT park has an individual power supply station, along with high-speed Internet connection and individual telephone facilities. Siruseri is mainly known for its real estate projects. Srinivasa Nagar is one of the popular areas that consists of more NRI people in Siruseri.  

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Massage is followed around 5,000 years by our ancestors. Massage is a natural healer which heals our injuries as fast as it can. Massage is of many types - Balinese massage, Head massage, Traditional massage, Deep massage, Sports massage, Aromatherapy, Face massage, Trigger point massage and so on. One can choose any of the above-mentioned massages to their preference, as it helps our body to balance physically and mentally. Each massage has a unique health benefit. The Health benefits of massage are increasing blood circulation, reducing stress and anxiety, helps in the production of endorphins and serotonin, maintains blood pressure, burns calories, improves range of motion and muscle flexibility, reduces muscle inflammation, increases energy flow in our body and improves the immune system. In some massages, the therapist uses lotions, essential oils to make our mind calm. The Essential oils used in the massage are directly extracted from the medicated plants, herbs and flowers. Every essential oil has its own health benefits. The Therapist will recommend the essential oil based on our wish or on our health issues. The fragrance of the essential oil keeps our mind in a calm and relaxed state. Massaging once in a month gives us complete peacefulness and refreshment. .

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Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

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Recent Reviews About Body Massage Center in Siruseri

I have suffered a lot with my back pain for many days. Because of my back pain, I cannot travel. I can't even attend my own family function which made me so depressed. Then I took the deep tissue massage @ Le Bliss Spa which the therapist suggested to me. It's really good and the therapists here are so kind.

- Sulochana

Many days I was looking for a place to relax. I have heard about Bode Massage Centres, but I have never experienced it. For the first time, I took a massage here and I felt like heaven. It was really awesome.

- Akash

Six months ago I met with an accident. I had an injury in my elbow. It is hard for me to shake my hands. It made me so depressed. To get relaxation I just tried massage and it healed my injury to a great extent. I never knew that massages can cure injuries. Thank you Le Bliss Spa

- Madhan

I was looking for a massage centre in Siruseri for a long time. Le Bliss Spa is very near to my home and it's affordable. The therapist asks about the medical issues before suggesting a massage. For me, a month is incomplete without taking a massage. So, I often visit Le Bliss Spa for a massage service and I find it more relaxing.

- Nila

I had a scar on my hand from my childhood. All are scared of my scar, which made me feel embarrassed. Then I decided to try a massage. After having the first massage I felt some relaxation and it showed some result on my scar too. I am going to take the Massage service continuously at Le Bliss Spa so that it would reduce the trace of my scar.

- Zoya

I do massages twice a month. Yes, I am a massage addict. I have tried every massage. After my marriage, I stopped taking massages because it's hard to find a massage centre here. The first centre near my home is Le Bliss Spa. I thought it would cost more but it's affordable. I tried all the massages here, it feels extremely good and calm.

- Ram

I thought massage was a waste of time. Then one of my friends compelled me to have a massage @ Le Bliss spa. After having a massage I slept very well on that day. It gave me relaxation and mental peace.

- Krish

I am a person who gets angry for silly things. When I consulted a doctor he told me to meditate. My friend told me to take a massage. I didn't believe him before having my first massage. Really it gave me a great result.

- Udaiya

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