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Le Bliss Spa - Premium Massage in OMR

Are you looking for a professional Massage Centre that offers luxury Body Massage in Old Mahabalipuram Road? Look no further. Le Bliss Spa offers the best Body Massage in Old Mahabalipuram Road. Call us @ 7305344552 to book an appointment with us and enjoy a professional body massage at the Best Body Massage Centre in OMR.

Are you seeking some quality "me time" when you can just lay down and relax and not worry about deadlines? What if you could avail that without burning a hole in your pocket? We, at Le Bliss Spa, offer the perfect solution to get rid of your daily stress and physical discomfort. Our goal at Le Bliss Spa, Old Mahabalipuram Branch is to offer an international quality Body Massage at affordable rates. We do not compromise on the quality of the massage and our team of experts ensure that your body gets the best. Our goal does not end there. Your mental well-being matters to us equally. Whether it is the daily stress or tension or anxiety, our wide range of Body Massages will rejuvenate your mind and your body.

If you are tired of the average quality home massage sessions and a professional massage session is on your mind, you have come to the right stop. Le Bliss Spa provides a haven for utmost relaxation.

Our family at Le Bliss Spa is ever-increasing as we rapidly expand across Chennai, bringing professional Body Massage close to you. Our team of massage experts have been studying about energy lines and bodies for years. They understand your mental and physical needs fully and offer the best combination of different techniques so that you go home feeling re-energized.

About Le Bliss Spa

Since our inception, we have grown in size as well as quality. Today, our long list of happy customers help us reiterate that fact that Le Bliss Spa is undoubtedly the best when it comes to Body Massage. We provide an all-round solution, starting from the very basics- fully hygienic, dimly-lit rooms to expert masseurs who are constantly trying to provide you with a holistic massage therapy session.

Our oils are nature-inspired, organic- made from plants and flowers. They provide a range of benefits as you inhale them or apply them on your skin.

One of the things that stand out from other massage centres is our wide range. For years, we have integrated various massage therapy principles all over the world, providing you with a variety of options to choose from. Whether it comes to getting an intense massage that will help you sweat out all the toxins or a gentle massage with the goodness of natural oils- Le Bliss Spa is the one-stop solution for it all.

Walk into our spa or call us: +91 73053 44552 for an appointment. Today!

Aromatherapy Massage

Massage In OMR

What if your gateway from the daily stress could be amidst the natural fragrances? The aromatherapy massage at Le Bliss Spa offers the perfect combination of the goodness of natural oils with the expertise of massage therapy techniques. You will be engulfed with a feeling of tranquillity and calmness. Whether it is getting rid of anxiety or to elevate your mood, the aromatherapy massage is the perfect solution for your mind and your skin. The natural oils have healing properties that will help your skin glow like never before. Book Body Massage in Medavakkam here.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Body Massage In OMR

Some of our clients demand a high-intensity massage that goes beyond the superficial layers of the skin, deep into the connective tissues. A deep tissue massage is a perfect solution for those who are struggling with spasms, injuries or cramps. Whether it is your hyperactive lifestyle that has resulted in a cramp or it is your sports background that is giving you a tough time nursing injuries- the Deep Tissue Massage at Le bliss Spa will help you get rid of soreness, joint pain, restricted range of motion. Our experts will ensure precision when it comes to applying the right pressure on different parts of the body. Book Massage in Chennai here.

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Swedish Massage

Body Massage Centre In OMR

Are you tired of self-massages? Are deadlines getting to you? It is time that you switch to a professional massage that has been backed by years of scientific research. If you are new to professional massages, the Swedish Massage at Le Bliss Spa is your go-to massage therapy. The various combinations of gentle strokes gliding through your skin will rejuvenate your senses and unclog all the knots in your body. Book Massage center in Velachery here.

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Balinese Massage

Massage Parlour In OMR

For years, we have taken inspiration from the Traditional Balinese method of combining various Massage techniques that focus on the energy points to ensure a sustained flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. Our experts will combine gentle strokes with more intense techniques like percussion, crabbing, stretching, Effleurage to unclog the tightness in your body. By the end of it, you will feel calm and energized and your body will be free of any restrictions on the movements. If a professional Balinese Massage is on your wishlist, step inside Le Bliss Spa if you are around OMR. Book Massage centre in Perungudi here.

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Traditional Thai Massage

Full Body Massage In OMR

Want the goodness of the Thai philosophy of Sen Lines(energy lines) at your locality? The Old Mahabalipuram Road branch of Le Bliss Spa offers you just that. Our experts have been trained with various principles of acupuncture, Ayurvedic teachings and Yogic postures. They will combine all of the principles will not only restore your body's balance but will also re-energize your mind. Book Massage center in Pallikaranai here.

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About OMR

Old Mahabalipuram Road or OMR is one of the most famous highways in Chennai. It is also referred to as State Highway 49A or the Rajiv Gandhi Salai or the Rajiv Gandhi IT Expressway. Running through the middle of an IT hub, the stretch of 45km long highway is a daily transportation route to thousands of IT professionals. Starting from the Madhya Kailash Temple, the highway stretches to the East Coast Road near Mahabalipuram.

Tidel Park is one of the major IT hubs in Chennai, the situation in the Old Mahabalipuram Road. Prominent educational and technical institutions can also be found along the stretch.

The area has been developing at a rapid pace over the last few years and recently, the State Industries Corporation Tamil Nadu(SIPCOT) has developed a Cyber City, which spreads over 2000 acres in Siruseri, passing through the IT corridor.

The OMR corridor has been broadly divided into two zones. The region from Madhya Kailash Temple to Sholinganallur is named Zone-1 and the region from Sholinganallur to Kelambakkam. Book Massage in Thiruvanmiyur here.

There are many toll plaza throughout the corridor, including plazas at Seevaram, Egattur, Thoraipakkam-Pallavaram radial road, Sholinganallur-Medavakkam radial road.

The SIPCOT IT Park is home to several IT companies including Tata Consultancy Services, Amtex System, Signals and Systems India Pvt Ltd, Sensiple Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Kumaran Systems Private Limited, Capgemini, Apollo, Steria, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Excelacom, Reliance Jio, Jean Martin Inc to name a few.

Prominent educational institutions like the Chennai Mathematical Institute, Mohamad Sarthak A.J College of Engineering, Institute of Technology and Management(ITM), PSBB School, L&T Eden Park Township can be found throughout the corridor. Book Massage in Adyar here.

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You can always book your Spa appointments by contacting directly to our customer service number 7305344552

Yes, We at Le Bliss Spa provide offers during special occasions and also we provide Gift Cards to our customers on their regular visit.

You are required to be 10 minutes earlier of the scheduled time of your Spa Services.

Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

Recent Reviews About Body Massage Center in OMR

I'm a regular user of herbal products. Reading about the harmful preservatives in everyday products has made me aware of the impending dangers of those chemicals. I want a relaxing massage session but was a bit sceptical about the substances that they use. At Le Bliss Spa, there was full transparency on what oil they used. The massage expert also explained the benefits of the different components in the oil. It was a completely new experience for me. I loved it

- Cavery

Being a government employee, time is extremely crucial for me. I booked an appointment at the Old Mahabalipuram Road branch of Le Bliss Spa. Not only was the massage session on time, but the quality of the massage was also unparalleled. The expert seemed to know about the exact pressure points. The Balinese Massage was up there with the professional spa centers in Bali in terms of quality. I am so glad that I can avail an international quality massage right here in Chennai

- Aroush

Being a student of Biology, I have learnt extensively about muscle tissues, fibres. The massage experts at Le Bliss Spa are very knowledgeable when it comes to knowing the anatomy of the body and applying the best technique for each body part. The 90-minute Swedish Massage did wonders to my body. Surprisingly, I have been sleeping better since the massage. The quality of sleep has improved dramatically

- Daiwik

Since I moved to Chennai two years back, I have been looking for a massage Centre that provides many options to me. The conventional massage sessions that they offer in parlours do not help me in any way. They are a temporary feel-good factor. I wanted a massage which took care of the soreness. I came across Le Bliss Spa while travelling through the OMR Highway. They suggested that I should take the Deep Tissue Massage. The 90 minute massage session was extremely intense. When I woke up the next morning, all the soreness just vanished. I will take come back here

- Harvinder

Being a footballer means you have to be up for horrible tackles all the time. I sprained my ankle last week. The commercial ointments did not work well. I was extremely worried because it was the month of the district Games. My friend suggested that I should try the deep tissue massage at the Le Bliss Spa Old Mahabalipuram Branch. For a good 15 20 minutes, they asked about the intensity of my injury. Although the massage was a full body massage, they put a lot of emphasis on my injury. Right after the massage session, I felt the pain subsiding. Within a day, it was gone. I will be taking the Explorist Package since I will be needing the massage again

- Hardik

My wife and I have been planning for a massage session for a long time. We stumbled upon Le Bliss Spa on your way to work on day. The interiors of the centre really appealed to us. It was extremely well maintained and hygienic. Both of us took the aromatherapy massage. The oils that they used were extremely soothing in fragrance and we both felt extremely peaceful throughout the massage session. We intend to come here more often

- Hemant

Being an IT employee means you have to be up for all sorts of challenges. Presentations, paperwork, sitting in front of the computer round the clock- it is mentally exhausting. So, during the weekend, I headed to Le Bliss Spa to get a breath of fresh air. The 120 minute Thai Massage was heaven. All the stress from work was gone. I will recommend Le Bliss Spa to all my colleagues

- Kaushik

While there are many massage parlours around the OMR corridor, only a handful offer a professional massage. I have tried almost all of them. I think Le Bliss Spa offers the best quality massage. For anyone looking for variety- Le Bliss Spa is the place. Not only do they specialise in body massage, but you can also avail body exfoliation, feet reflexology sessions

- Evyavan

I think Le bliss is the best Saloon I have seen in the Chennai city, I am generally a lover of Massage so I tried massages in many places and much impressed in Le bliss SPA saloon and had an excellent time at there.

- Karunanithi

The massage treatment was excellent. Massage Therapists are well practiced professionals. Le Bliss Spa has an extensive range of Massage treatments that would suit almost anyone. I had a great time relaxing @ Le Bliss Spa in OMR. A special appreciation to the team.

- Jebastin

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