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Are you seeking a Thai massage in Anna Nagar? Le Bliss Spa gives you the best Thai massage in Anna Nagar. Contact us @ 7305278999 to book an appointment at the Best Thai Massage Centre in Anna Nagar.

Thai Massage in Anna Nagar at Le Bliss Spa

If you are tired after a busy day, and when you are seeking a place to relax and regain your energy back. Step into Le Bliss Spa to soak yourself in the pool of relaxation. Throw out all your stress and tensions by experiencing a Thai massage in Anna Nagar at Le Bliss Spa. Change your stressful day into a pleasant one.

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Thai Massage in Anna Nagar

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a therapeutic treatment which is practised for many years all over the world. It is one of the traditional methods of Thai people to treat muscle injuries and promote relaxation. The therapist includes movements like stretching, rocking, tapping, kneading, hitting, rubbing, pressing, friction, pulling, and giving pressure.

The therapist will give a smooth massage in order to make our body calm and relax. Most of the massages include the application of essential oil but Thai massage only includes stretches, acupressure and some yoga techniques instead of using massage oils. Unlike other massages, Thai massage is performed in full clothed form. The yoga postures included in this Thai massage benefits us in a variety of ways. It clears out blockages, treats headache & migraine, deficiencies, imbalance in the energy flow, and promotes our entire health. This massage is mostly done on the mattress on the floor.

The benefits of Thai massage are:

Reduces stress

Increases muscle flexibility

Removes muscle tension

Eases anxiety

Increases range of motion

Boost up body energy

Stimulates blood circulation

Relieves headache and migraine

Increases the secretion of happy hormones

Promotes good mood

Treats sore shoulders and stiff neck

Increases immune power

Increase skin tone

Balances energy flow

Thai massage includes the practice of yoga which helps people in different ways. The person who is going to take the massage is asked to lie on the bed. The skilled practitioner will give a smooth massage throughout your body to prepare your muscles for further procedure. The practitioners use their arms, hands, palms, thumb, fingers and rarely feet.

The therapist assists many yoga postures which help us in increasing the blood circulation. When the blood flow is regulated the production of new cells will increase automatically. It also increases the oxygen to your muscles which means your muscles are getting more nutrients and minerals.

The therapist applies pressure on the nerves which are the trigger points of some of the parts in our brain which are responsible for emotions. It also regulates hypothalamus which helps in the production of serotonin. The Thai massage increases the production of new cells by increasing the range of motion. It also helps in removing the dead cells and promotes the burning of a high amount of calories.

The various yoga positions during the massage can balance the energy flow in our body. The increase in energy flow can reduce the chance of falling sick. Yoga techniques in the massage increase the Sen energy in our body. Yoga also promotes mental peace, regulates our nervous system, promotes skin tone and whole-body relaxation.

You can ask the therapist to give the level of pressure as per your wish and convenience. If you have any pain points, notify the specialist before going to the massage so that they will focus more on the particular area. It is suggested that people who face more pressure and body pain can take this massage twice a week and the people who face less pressure can take this massage twice a month.

Thai Massage in Anna Nagar

Thai Massage at Le Bliss Spa in Anna Nagar

Thai massage helps you in regaining your lost energy and balances your life energy. It also makes you strong both mentally and physically. The therapists here are skilled and certified to provide you with the perfect solution for all your problems. The practitioners here focus more on your trigger points and perform acupressure to regulate your body systems. If you have any old injuries in bone or in muscle notify that to the therapist before taking the Thai massage in Anna Nagar.

This Thai massage gives you a refreshing feel, boosts up your energy, increases the production of new cells, increases immune power and reduces your pressure. Drop your hearts here by experiencing a Thai massage in Le Bliss Spa. Call us now to experience the delightful Thai massage by booking an appointment in Le Bliss Spa in Anna Nagar.

You can book your Spa appointments by contacting our customer service number 7305278999.

Please be ten minutes before your appointment time. This will help you to arrange yourself and to settle down without any tension.

You can call the receptionist, and inform them or else you can reschedule the appointment according to your available timing.

You can inform your medical issues to the receptionist while booking the appointment. Also, inform this to the therapist before going to the massage room.

Yes, we provide offers during special occasions or for festivals and we also provide gift cards for our customers according to their regular visit.

Recent Reviews About Thai Massage in Anna Nagar

.I took a Thai massage here. It is mesmerizing. It is beyond my expectation. I recommend all to experience this massage once in your lifetime

- Jayesh Kumar

The environment here is so pleasant. I took the Thai massage here for the first time. I liked the atmosphere here.

- Ritvik Chauhan

Le Bliss Spa is near my house. It is more comfortable for me. The therapist here is very kind and verifies all our medical issues before the massage.

- Niharika Mittal

I took a Thai massage here. It was so relaxing and refreshing. Le bliss spa turned over my day into a special experience. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa.

- Harish

The massage gave me more relaxation. I felt so good and this Thai massage made my day.

- Sai

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