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Le Bliss Spa - Premium Massage in Guindy

Are you looking for a professional Body Massage Centre in Guindy? Look no further. Le Bliss Spa offers the best Body Massage in Guindy. Call us to book an appointment with us and enjoy a professional body massage at the best body massage Centre in Guindy.

Is stiffness restricting your body movements? Do you feel uncomfortable walking freely? It might be your body asking for some relaxation. A professional body massage is a solution. We, at the Guindy branch of Le Bliss Spa, aim to provide a world-class body massage that will take care of any restrictions your body might be going through. Our aim at Le Bliss Spa is to provide the best body massage in Guindy, in terms of both physical and mental rejuvenation. For years, we have grown as a family of expert massage therapists who come from accredited from well-known institutions. If you feel you need a break, step inside Le Bliss Spa today!

Our long list of happy customers is our motivation. From being just another body massage Centre to being the best, we have come a long way. We aim to bring professional quality body massage to your nearest location. We have been expanding our branches throughout Chennai.

Massage Centre In Guindy

About Le Bliss Spa

Le Bliss Spa is a nature-inspired, fully equipped body massage centre which is well-known across all of Chennai. We use the best quality natural essential oils which are extracts from plants and flowers. Our clients have a wide variety of oils to choose from, each with different benefits. Our experts at Le Bliss Spa take time to understand your body and your needs and will recommend the best combination for you.

If you are looking for variety, Le Bliss Spa offers Body Massage Therapies from all over the world, be it the traditional Thai massage or the Swedish Massage or the Balinese Massage. In short, whatever your problem is, Le Bliss Spa has a solution.

Walk into our spa or call us for an appointment. Today!

Aromatherapy Massage

Massage In Guindy

We also offer a special aromatherapy massage for our clients who are drawn to the nature-inspired fragrance. Our wide range of natural oils provides a long list of benefits for the mind and the body. As our experts run their hands through your body, you feel more peaceful than ever. Our luxurious rooms provide the perfect setting for a massage therapy full of tranquillity. If an aromatherapy massage is on your wish list and you are around Guindy, walk into Le Bliss Spa today! Book Massage Centre in Nanganallur here.

Deep Tissue Massage

Body Massage In Guindy

Our list of clients include sportspersons, people with a hyperactive lifestyle who nurse injuries regularly. The thing about injuries is that if you do not take it seriously, they may escalate any time. A deep tissue massage penetrates the superficial layers of the skin, deep into the muscle tissues to realign them. As our masseurs perform hard, intense strokes, oxygenated blood travels throughout the body. The lymphatic flow is also regulated. Your body experiences enhanced flexibility and mobility and recover from injuries, cramps and spasms much faster. If you are having to nurse such injuries, step inside the Guindy branch of Le Bliss Spa today. Book Massage Parlour in Chennai here.

Swedish Massage

Body Massage Centre In Guindy

The masseurs of Le Bliss Spa have also mastered the modern therapy techniques of the Swedish Massage. The combined strokes with palms, fingers, elbows and knuckles will detoxify your body from harmful toxins and help your muscles relax. This massage is perfect for those who want a gentle, relaxing massage session with no intense strokes. If you are new to professional massages, book an appointment with Le Bliss Spa to enjoy a soothing Swedish Massage session. Book Massage in Velachery here.

Balinese Massage

Massage Parlour In Guindy

Did you know that "qi lines" played an essential role in how you move? The Balinese Massage therapy has been passed on from the island of Bali to the Indian provinces during the expeditions. Since then, science has backed the therapy. Our experts at Le Bliss Spa, Guindy will provide you with different massage therapy techniques like crabbing, kneading, percussion, Effleurage to provide you with an idyllic therapy session. You will feel the benefits on your mental well-being too. Book Massage in OMR here.

Traditional Thai Massage

Full Body Massage In Guindy

The therapy of Nuat Phaen Thai has been practised for thousands of years. The modern Thai massage is an integration of the principles of Acupuncture, Indian Ayurveda and Yogic postures. Our masseurs have perfected the combinations to provide your body with a medium to unclog all the stiffness in your body. Step inside Le Bliss Spa for a relaxing Thai Massage today. Book Thai Massage in Chennai here.

About Guindy

Being one of the main hubs of small and medium industries, Guindy is one of the most important neighbourhoods of Chennai. It is the Junction of the Kathipara area where Anna Salai, Mount-Poonamallee Road, Inner Ring Road, Jawaharlal Nehru Road and the GST Road meets. It also serves as one of the most important nodal points of road traffic in metropolitan Chennai. Guindy is also the entry point into the metropolitan from the suburbs. The area is surrounded by Saidapet towards the North, Kotturpuram and Adyar in the East, Velachery to the South and Adambakkam and St. Thomas Mount in the West.

Guindy is famous for the Governor House- St. Fort George- a palatial residence during the British Raj.. 

When it comes to transportation, Guindy has many options. The area is well connected by road and train services. There are several bus routes. Guindy also has the MRTS train station and a subway station. It is also 10km away from the airport. 

Guindy is home to several important landmarks. One of them is the Guindy Race Course. Set up in 1777, it is the oldest racecourse in India. The Madras Race Club was constituted officially in 1837. The club has survived tumultuous times and was revived by Lt. Colonel G.M.Moore. Today, the club has over 625 horses and boasts of being the best race track in the country. The racing season starts during Winter, from November and ends at March.  Book Couple Massage in Chennai here

Guindy National Park is another important landmark here. Having an area of 2.7 square kilometres, it is the 8th smallest national park in India. Situated at the extended grounds of Raj Bhavan, the park is host to over 400 blackbucks, 2000 spotted deer, 24 jackals, a wide variety of snakes, tortoises and geckos. It also boasts of having over 130 species of birds, 14 species of mammals and over 6p species of butterflies and spiders each.  

The Guindy Lodge is believed to be constructed by Governor William Langhorne around the 1670s. The earliest residence is now known as the Parade Square.

Guindy is also home to many educational institutions like the College of Engineering, Guindy- India's oldest technical institution. The college was founded in 1794. It also remains as the oldest technical institution outside Europe. It was ranked 12th among the Engineering colleges in India by Outlook(2019) and 8th by The Week. Book Massage Centre in Medavakkam here

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras- famously known as IIT-M is situated in Guindy. It is recognized as one of the Institutes of National Importance. The institute was formed in 1959 with the technical and financial assistance of the former government of West Germany. Under the Government of India, this was the third IIT that was established. It was ranked the best institute of technology in India for four years- 2016-2019 by the National Institution Ranking Framework of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

The Guindy Snake Park or the Chennai Snake Park is a park constructed under the Chennai Snake Park Trust by Herpetologist Romulus Whitaker. It is known to be India's first reptile park. It covers an area of 1 acre in the Guindy National Park Campus and is home to over 23 species of Indian snakes, 3 Indian and 4 exotic species of crocodiles, 3 species of Indian tortoises and 6 species of Indian lizards.Book Massage in Madipakkam here

Guindy is also well-known for its estate- Guindy Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate- an active small scale industrial estate which is home to new companies. The central location of the estate has attracted many companies over the ages and has resulted in Guindy's prosperity.

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You can always book your Spa appointments by contacting directly to our customer service number

Yes, We at Le Bliss Spa provide offers during special occasions and also we provide Gift Cards to our customers on their regular visit.

You are required to be 10 minutes earlier of the scheduled time of your Spa Services.

Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

Recent Reviews About Body Massage Center in Guindy

I have tried Le Bliss Spa thrice now. One of the best things about the chain is that all the branches guarantee the same quality of service. Their professionalism is worth noting and the quality of massage is probably the best you can get in Chennai for its price. Both my wife and I have enjoyed our massage sessions

- Banerjee

Le Bliss Spa was an accidental discovery. I was heading to college with my friends and stumbled upon the Guindy branch of Le Bliss Spa. I wanted to try their aromatherapy massage. The massage session was so mentally refreshing. The massage was gentle but firm and the masseuse was very professional. The quality of the essential oils was unmatched. It was a wonderful experience. I will visit the centre again

- Alaka

If you work for an IT firm, you know how mentally draining it is. Sitting in front of the computer and having lots of junk food daily resulted in poor posture. To overcome that, I started running. However, I hurt my knees in the process. A neighbour suggested Le Bliss Spa. The expert at the reception suggested that I take the 90-minute deep tissue massage. The massage session was extremely intense and I was sweating throughout. When it ended, I felt like all the tightness and pain in my body was gone. The next morning when I went for a run, I felt the difference in my movements. I will make it a point to visit this place once a month at least

- Harshavardhan

I was searching for body massage centres around Guindy on google. I found Le Bliss Spa with the most positive reviews and wanted to try it out. I was new to the whole concept of a professional body massage and could not choose from the wide range of services they offer. They suggested the Swedish Massage since it works best for amateurs like me. There were so many different styles of massage and every other body part seemed to have a different style. It was so pleasurable! I took the Preferred package immediately so that I can enjoy some more

- Jagan

I visit Thailand once a while for my business. A Thai Massage over there is a must. I am a fan of Thai massage therapy for a long time. I always wanted a Thai Massage here in Guindy. At last, I found Le Bliss Spa. For those who love Thai Massage, this centre offers a Thai Massage which is on par with the quality that they offer in Thailand. The component of Indian Ayurveda was a bonus. I am so happy that my locality has such an amazing massage Centre

- Murugan

I love herbal oils. Be it shampoo or any lotion, I always go for herbal products. I wanted a massage that would not have artificial chemicals. The aromatherapy massage at Le Bliss Spa offers natural oils that just energize you from within. The rooms were spacious and extremely clean. The service was very prompt and professional. It was so relaxing, I did not even notice how 120 minutes flew by

- Jayantika

Le Bliss Spa is undoubtedly the best massage centre in Guindy. The masseurs know what they are doing. They understand your body and the different muscle groups. You don't even have to say much about your body. They figure it out on their own. It is my favourite out here in Chennai

- Singh

It was just a few days back, I came to know about Le Bliss Spa in Guindy. I was suffering from severe back pain & so I visited Le bliss Spa to get rid of it. I must say that their massage treatment was therapeutic and was also administered in a meticulous manner. Also, the environment of the Spa was so tranquil that I felt so rejuvenating and refreshed. Thank you, team. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

- Jersy

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