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Are you looking for a professional Body Massage in Nandanam? Call us to book an appointment with us and enjoy a professional body massage at the best Body Massage Centre in Nandanam.

Did you know that over 50% of the people working in Corporate India experience some sort of stress? Around 75% of them feel uncomfortable talking about stress and feel that the phenomenon is still a taboo. Hence, a huge number of individuals remain untreated. When you are feeling mentally and physically fatigued, unproductive, irritable? Your body is sending you signals that it is time to detoxify and rejuvenate. A movie night might temporarily fix it and trips and treks are not a possibility all the time. A body massage is exactly what you need. Le Bliss Spa offers a wide range of body massage services that have been rated the best by people all around Chennai. Whether they have trouble sleeping, or their lifestyle results in some pain, cramp, spasm- Le Bliss Spa takes care of everything. Our massage therapies focus on restoring the balance of the mind and the body. An imbalance not only affects the condition of your body but may significantly affect the way you work, move, talk, eat. Unparalleled quality is the motto of Le Bliss Spa. While there are thousands of massage centres to choose from, getting masseurs who know the body and have studied pressure points, massage forms, techniques are rare. Our masseurs have been in this industry for years after they have been trained in accredited institutions.

Be it our Swedish Massage or the Thai Massage, we deliver international quality massage at your locality and our success lies in the uncompromising quality that we provide. You can choose various forms of massage with different timing options- like the 60-minute massage, the 90-minute massage and the 120-minute. If you are around Nandanam, looking for a body massage, join Le Bliss Spa to experience the freshness of a well-done body massage.

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About Le Bliss Spa

Since our inception, Le Bliss Spa has strived to provide the best when it came to detox for the mind and the body. We have had customers who are new to the world of body massage or regular ones too. When you visualize a luxurious body massage session, you normally visualize dimly-lit, spacious rooms, scented candles, spotlessly clean massage tables, white towels and cloths, natural essential oils and lotions. Le Bliss Spa brings you all that without burning a hole in your pocket. Our essential oils are exclusive, handpicked and organic. The healing properties and goodness of those oils, combined with the impeccable massage techniques by our masseurs will help you unwind and relax. Everybody is different and their problems are different. Some need a mental detox while some are looking to walk free once again. Our experts have been studying bodies for a long time and will recommend what is best for you. From tackling joint pain, sports injuries, restricted motions, muscle spasms to dealing with anxiety, stress, tension- Le Bliss Spa offers everything. We are a one-stop solution for all your woes.

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Aromatherapy Massage

Massage In Nandanam

Many of our customers also opt for the specialized aromatherapy massage as they are drawn to the aromas of natural essential oils. As our masseurs apply them on your skin, you will instantly feel the benefits of the oils on your body. They provide a range of benefits including recovery from soreness, reduced muscle tension, fighting muscle pain, a softer, shinier skin free from dark spots, rashes, wrinkles. Inhaling these oils would give you an instant boost mentally and uplifts your mood. Whether you are trying to tackle the stress of office deadlines, or familial pressure, relationships- and aromatherapy massage rejuvenates you from inside out. Join us at Le Bliss Spa for a specialized Aromatherapy Massage therapy today. Book Massage Centre in Velachery here.

Deep Tissue Massage

Body Massage In Nandanam

People with a hyperactive lifestyle or sportspersons know just how frustrating injuries and muscle cramps can be. They restrict your movement, reduce your body's mobility significantly, and the mood takes a major hit. Not all exotic massages penetrate through the superficial layers of the skin, deep into the muscle tissues. The deep tissue massage at Le Bliss Spa offers the perfect solution for those who want an intense, hard-hitting massage therapy. The hard strokes travel to the deepest layers to provide blood circulation to the injured body parts and help the muscles recover from injury, soreness, spasm with a sustained flow of oxygenated blood. Not only will your body be free of any injury, but we also guarantee a mental upliftment after you experience our deep therapeutic massage. Book Massage in Manapakkam here.

Swedish Massage

Body Massage Centre In Nandanam

Many of our customers are relatively new. They are not familiar with the concept of a body massage. A gentle body massage therapy with soft strokes help them acclimatise with the therapy. A Swedish Massage, also known as the classic massage is a gentler form of therapy which relies on modern massage techniques like Effleurage(tracing the contours of the body), Petrissage(kneading), friction, vibration, tapotement(tapping). The Swedish Massage at Le Bliss spa will loosen the tight muscles, relieve cramps and spasms, increase blood circulation, firm up the muscles and skin, improve mental health, ability to focus and adds to an improved sense of well-being. If you are around Nandanam and you want a gentle massage, try the Swedish Massage at Le Bliss Spa today! Book Massage in Velachery here.

Balinese Massage

Massage Parlour In Nandanam

This massage therapy was popularized by the voyagers travelling to the islands of Bali. The meditational retreats were learnt by the voyagers for exchange of spices and that is how the Balinese Massage came to India. At Le Bliss Spa, experience the exotic form of therapeutic healing which focuses on your body's qi energy lines with a mix of Ayurveda. Our masseurs have mastered the massage technique after hours of learning. They will provide you with the goodness of our organic essential oils, combined with various techniques of massage including skin rolling, kneading, flicking, firm stroking, gentle stroking and percussion. Experience the goodness from the volcanic islands of Bali at your locality. Step inside Le Bliss Spa today! Book Massage Centre in Thiruvanmiyur here.

Traditional Thai Massage

Full Body Massage In Nandanam

The ancient massage therapy of Nuat Phaen Thai is believed to have been founded by the founder of Thai Medicine- Chiwaka Komaraphat, who was Buddha's physician over 2500 years ago. Since then, the practice has constantly evolved with medicine and science playing a pivotal role. Indian Ayurveda and Yoga have been closely associated with this massage therapy technique and that is precisely what Le Bliss Spa offers. Our Thai Massage will focus on your body's Sen lines(energy lines) and the combination of stretching, pulling, kneading will help your body loosen up the knots. The enhanced blood flow will help you recover from soreness, muscle pain and make de-stress your mind, providing a much-needed rejuvenation. If you are in Nandanam, join us at Le Bliss Spa and enjoy a Thai Massage session. Book Thai SPA in Chennai here.

About Nandanam

Nandanam is a famous neighbourhood in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, known for its calmness. Being a bit distant from the hustle and bustle of the city, the area is a favourite when it comes to residential towers and real estate. Nandanam is also home to many commercial institutions. Some of the famous landmarks around the area include the Nandanam Arts College, the Nandanam junction- on the arterial road Anna Salai(commonly known as Nandanam Signal) which is known to be one of the busiest junctions in Chennai.

Legend has it that Nandanam originated from a piece of land owned by Chief Justice John Gambier, who owned this land from 1836 to 1850. The township, also known as Gambier's Gardens, is believed to be known by this name as a result of the housing development efforts instituted during the Chief Ministership of Rajagopalachari, who had a plan for a green Chennai. 

The most famous educational institution in Nadanam is the Nandanam Government Arts College, which was established 1901. It was originally a Madrasa which was upgraded into a college with the objective of accommodating Muslim students. It is presently affiliated with the University of Madras.   Book Massage Centre in Adyar here

The area is well connected with MTC Bus routes with stops at Anna Salai. This junction connects many areas to various places. The nearest suburban railway stations around Nandanam are Mambalam and Saidapet. The area also has a metro station.

Some of the religious sites around the neighbourhood include the Balavinayar Bhaktharkal Sangam, Sakara Vinayar Temple, Sri Radha Krishnan Temple, Sri Raman Temple, Madhya Kailash Temple, Arulmigu Sri Muppathamman Temple, Karthikeya Guruka, Bala Vinayagar Temple, Sri Periya Palayathu Amman Temple. Book Massage Centre in Medavakkam

The Nadanam branch of Le Bliss Spa has been a centre of relaxation to hundreds of happy customers who have become part of our family. As we continue to expand more throughout Chennai, our list of happy customers is our source of pride and motivation.

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You are required to be 10 minutes earlier of the scheduled time of your Spa Services.

Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

Recent Reviews About Body Massage Center in Nandanam

A neck pain for a college student is not something new. I have been experiencing neck pain for a long time. It would come and go. There was no permanent solution. While reading an article, I found out that a body massage would help. Le Bliss Spa was the nearest to my place. The receptionist suggested the 120-minute Swedish Massage. The masseur was extremely friendly and helpful. The massage was sublime. The neck pain seemed to be gone. I feel extremely stress-free and it helped me focus on studies once again

- Amutha

I have been looking for a Thai Massage Centre in Nandanam. Most of the body Massage Centres do not offer traditional Thai Massage. I have been to Thailand and the massage that I got there was distinct. I read up about Le Bliss Spa on google. It was highly rated and the reviews seemed good. I wanted to try it for a long time. The massage session yesterday was so good. The masseurs know the technique properly. I was glad that it was available at such cheap rates. I will recommend Le Bliss Spa to my colleagues at work

- Selvam

I've been staying in Nandanam for three years now. Handling your business is a tedious job. It is extremely stressful. I wanted a break from all this. I was not possible for me to leave my office and head somewhere right now. So I wanted a solution in my locality. I came across Le Bliss Spa while returning from the office one day. It was an impulsive decision but I took the Aromatherapy massage. The oils that they used were all-natural and without preservatives. The masseuse communicated with me and asked what I wanted throughout the session. The customer service was top-notch. I will be coming here regularly

- Aggarwal

The best thing about Le Bliss Spa is the rooms. Spotlessly clean, extremely spacious. It just sets the mood for a massage therapy session. I have tried various forms of massage available here. The Thai Massage and the Balinese Massage are my personal favourites. I even took the Bliss VIP package so that my family can come here often and enjoy the range of services Le Bliss Spa offers

- Kamaran

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