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Le Bliss Spa - Couple Massage in Velachery

Searching for a perfect Couple Massage Center in Velachery? Le Bliss Spa offers you the Best Couple Massage in Velachery.Contact us @ 7305344552 to book an appointment at the Best Couple Massage Center in Velachery.

If you want to make your loved one feel special, step into Le Bliss Spa in Velachery. Our massage therapist will help you reduce your stress and tension. Make your choice to relax and experience the breeze of romance.

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couple massage in velachery

Couple Massage in Velachery Le Bliss Spa

At Le bliss spa, you can receive the best quality couple massage. Massage is one of the best ways to reduce all your pain and throw out your depression. 

Couple massage is nothing but a massage between you and your partner in two separate beds in the same room. Couple massage will be performed in a special room provided with two tables nearby. The therapist will enter the massage room only after you are settled in the bed and covered with a bedsheet that is provided.

This couple massage benefits you physically, mentally and in your relationship. There will be two therapists, one for you and the other one for your partner. The two therapists will begin and end the massage session at the same time. Advantage of taking a couple massage instead of taking a solo massage is that your soulmate will be right next to you. You both can relax your muscles, relax your mind and enjoy the pleasant moments together.

You can take this massage with your friend, partner and girlfriend or boyfriend. This massage is done on arms, hands, palms, fingers, leg, feet,and shoulder. The couple massage is finally completed with a shower bath, pedicure and a vapour bath.

Couple massage includes mild music, smooth massage, candle lights and aromatherapy which makes your pleasant moments so romantic. This massage creates a bonding between you two by secreting oxytocin which is also known as the "hormones of love" in our body which make you feel lovely and affectionate. This oxytocin hormone is produced in the hypothalamus part of the brain which benefits in physical health like increasing blood flow to the heart, reduces stress, eases anxiety and intestinal issues. When our mind and body are relaxed, it promotes a better mood and makes us feel happy.

If you are the couple who haven't spent most of the time together, then this couple massage can help you to spend more time with your partner. Experiencing something new or some new adventures with our loved one will make the bond deeper than before. The relaxing experience with your partner will make your relationship more deeper than before.

The massage session takes about 60 minutes and other tasks are completed in the other 60 minutes. You can ask all your doubts to the therapist before going to the massage room. Massage makes your partner feel special and romantic. Couple massage is a good choice to make your day lovely. Gift these delightful moments for your loved one on this valentine's day.

couple massage in velachery

Benefits of Couple Massage at Le Bliss Spa

Benefits of a couple massage spa include the following:

The couple massage is one of the best ways to give your partner a healthy lifestyle.

This couple massage increases the secretion of oxytocin, the love hormone in our blood.

A Couple massage makes you both relaxed and feel the mental peace.

It increases the affection between you two and makes your relationship stronger than before.

Increases the secretion of love hormones like dopamine, and serotonin which helps in relaxing our body, calming our mind and reduces stress level.

This couple massage helps in boosting up your energy and the high production of hormones increases the energy flow in our body.

Gives you a chance to spend more time with your loved one.

Couple massage can reduce family stress, work pressure, anxiety, and depression.

The relaxing experience with your soulmate can make a healthy relationship.

This massage increases healing power, increases blood circulation, increases blood circulation, reduces muscle tension, reduces muscle inflammation, relaxes the muscle, and acts as an energizer of our body.

It can turn over your normal day into a romantic one.

Le Bliss Spa – The Best Couple Massage Spa in Velachery

Le bliss Spa is all prepared to give you the best experience of a couple massage. The atmosphere in Le Bliss Spa provides you a pleasant feel. The infrastructure of the LeBliss Spa makes you feel relaxed and more delightful. The therapists here are professional and well trained to provide you with the best experience of couple massage. Le Bliss Spa provides you a fabulous service with world standards. Step into Le Bliss Spa to make your day special with your special one.
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Contact us @ 7305344552 for appointment in Le Bliss Spa Velachery. Call the receptionist and confirm your dates and timing.

Mostly it is preferable to avoid talking during the massage session. Because it may divert your focus and concentration on talking instead of relaxing.

Yes, you can book appointments on both Weekdays and Sundays according to your feasibility.

Please be ten minutes before your allocated time. As you may need some time to get prepared and settle.

You can contact the receptionist, and inform them about the timing you are comfortable at.

While booking the appointment you can inform the receptionist about your skin issues. Also, notify the therapist about your skin problems.

Recent Reviews About Couple Massage Spa in Velachery

Myself and my partner took a couple massage here. It gave us a wonderful experience. It made us feel more affectionate and refreshed.

- Priya AshokSelvan

The environment here is so pleasant. My wife and I enjoyed the atmosphere over here. Also, the couple’s massage was soothing and we loved it. We are looking forward to once again the couple massage here @ Le Bliss spa!

- Vijay Krishna

I surprised my boyfriend by gifting this couple massage. We never spent more time together but this massage session gave me a lot of beautiful moments that made us forget all our worries. Thank you Le Bliss Spa!

- Merl Esther

I have never experienced this kind of Couple massage before. This couple’s massage made our relationship stronger. The Couple Massage @ Le Bliss is worth your money! Do try here if you are looking for the Best Couple massage!

- Ashwin R

The Couple Massage started and ended at the same time also, the massage service was so professional and therapeutic. I will never forget these sweet moments in my life. My wife also liked the gift which I gave here!

- Kiran Kureshi

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