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Are you looking for a professional body massage in Vadapalani? Look no further. Le Bliss Spa offers the best body massage in Vadapalani. Call us @7305278999 to book an appointment with us and enjoy a professional body massage at the best body massage Centre in Vadapalani.

The massage industry has been increasing exponentially in India for the last few years. While there are a countless number of body massage Centres and spas, very few offer variety. Today, one of the most crucial factors for a massage centre is to understand that all bodies are not equal. The stimulation and manipulation of different bodies require different massage techniques, the difference in pressure and the underlying principles. Most of the massage Centres opt for the classic gentle massage that works on somebodies. However, many people require other forms of body massage. It is extremely important to sensitize the clients about what they will get out of the massage. A proper body massage offers much more than just a relaxing me-time. The main purpose of a body massage is to align the connective tissues and the muscle fibres, provide the body with oxygenated blood to help the body flush out the toxins and recover from spasms, injuries, cramps, and fatigue. A good body massage is supposed to make you feel lighter, more supple, flexible, mobile.

However, the benefits of a body massage do not end there. Mental health, as often ignored in India, is affected greatly by the body massage. India is a country which is severely affected by mental health issues and the situation is worsening over time. But, till now, even talking about mental health is still a taboo largely. While people try their best to resolve mental fatigue using various methods like an outing with friends, going for movies, they don't offer a good solution. Even going out for a trip is not feasible all the time. A body massage helps the client tackle mental fatigue, enhances the ability to focus, greatly enhances the quality of sleep and increase overall productivity.

About Le Bliss Spa

Since we started, our objective at Le Bliss Spa is to look beyond the traditional classic massage and offer all forms of modern massage therapies which have been inspired from principles all over the world, and provide quality at cheap rates. Choose from our wide variety of body massages that meets global standards. We offer everything from the classic Swedish Massage to the exotic Balinese Massage, the no-oil Thai Massage and the more intense Deep Tissue Massage. "Body and Soul" is our theme and we believe in the goodness of a professional body massage using the best quality natural oils and lotions, the benefits of which go beyond the muscular well-being of our clients. Our clients have their mental issues taken care of and we offer solutions for tension, anxiety, stress which severely affects the mental well-being. Try out a range of body massages and feel the difference yourself.

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Aromatherapy Massage

Massage In Vadapalani

Le Bliss Spa has always been a symbol of global quality at local prices. One of the key factors that set us apart is in the quality of natural oils. We use nature-inspired, organic natural oils which are all derived from plants and flowers. The goodness of the natural oils with the soothing fragrances in an aromatherapy massage has been one of the most demanded forms of massage therapy. As you inhale the oils, it instantly elevates your mood, gives you that calm, tranquil feeling. Our masseurs will ensure that the oils are soaked by your body with the help of various massage techniques. The goodness of the essential oils will reach deep into the muscle tissues and help them recover from fatigue. If you are around Vadapalani and you like the fragrance of natural oils, this massage therapy is the perfect choice for you. Book Massage In Velachery here.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Body Massage In Vadapalani

Different body massage therapies affect different levels of the body. The Indian Ayurvedic Massage or the Swedish Massage generally believe in healing that originates from the superficial level. However, this isn't beneficial for people who are involved in sports or maintain a fit lifestyle, involved in gymming, running and other activities. They are often plagued by injuries, cramps, spasms, soreness. A gentle massage is not beneficial for their bodies. A Deep Tissue Massage is a more intense form of massage which uses hard, sustained strokes that penetrate to the musculoskeletal system and isolates the injury points, helps the body heal from inside. Not only will it heal you from injuries, but also improve your body's flexibility, muscle mobility, range of motion, immunity, mental health, ability to focus. If you feel a gentle massage does not work for you, try the Deep Tissue Massage at Le Bliss Spa today! Book Massage in Ramapuram here.

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Swedish Massage

Body Massage Centre In Vadapalani

Many clients prefer our classic Swedish Massage which is gentle, compared to the other forms of healing therapies. Since this is the most common massage therapy technique, it is extremely difficult to maintain global standards because massage Centres tend to customize it their way. However, the masseurs at Le Bliss Spa have mastered this therapy, learning all forms of modern massage techniques like Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, crabbing, flicking, Tapotement to name a few. This form of massage is the best for relaxation and stress relief. Let your body heal from the inside out with the goodness of gentle, sustained strokes and the goodness of natural oils will help you unwind and relax. If you want a gentle massage, opt for the Swedish Massage at Le Bliss Spa today! Book SPA in Velachery here.

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Balinese Massage

Massage Parlour In Vadapalani

This exotic massage therapy is a holistic approach to healing, combining various massage therapy principles like reflexology, acupuncture, gentle stretching, skin rolling kneading and stroking, pressure-point stimulation. Balinese Massage Therapy was introduced in India by the sailors who would set out to the islands of Bali for trading spices. In turn, they learnt the massage therapy and that was the starting point. Our masseurs have been trained in accredited institutions and have mastered the art of a Balinese Massage through years of practice. Their expertise combined with the goodness of our natural oils is the total solution for your mind and your body. Not only will this massage help to enhance your body's mobility and flexibility, but it will also enhance your mental health, boost immunity, help you sleep better and make you more productive. If you are feeling the work blues and you need a break, walk into Le Bliss Spa and try our Balinese Massage today! Book Massage in Madipakkam here.

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Traditional Thai Massage

Full Body Massage In Vadapalani

Originating during the times of Buddha, this Massage therapy has been inspired by years of traditional medicinal systems. A Thai Massage draws inspiration from the ancient Indian, Chinese medicinal systems and believes in the healing properties of the systems. The Thai Massage or the Nuat Phaen Thai, as it is known in Thailand, is a massage therapy which begins from the extremities of the body towards the core, and again moves out from the core the extremities. The ancient concepts of energy flow through the "Shen-lines" of the body is pivotal in this massage therapy technique. Our masseurs will combine the principles of Indian Yoga, Acupuncture and Ayurveda to provide our body with an integrated solution for all your physical and mental woes. The enhanced blood flow will reach your muscle tissues and help your body to flush out the toxins and rejuvenate. If you are around Vadapalani, try our Thai Massage to feel the difference yourself. Book Thai Massage in Chennai here.

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About Vadapalani

Vadapalani is a famous neighbourhood in Chennai, known for its pomp and grandeur. The neighbourhood is swarming with film studios and shopping malls and has been a symbol of growth and prosperity in Chennai.

The place is situated in the Western Part of Chennai as serves as a junction to several important locations in the city. The bus terminus in Arcot Road is one of the most important locations in all of Chennai as serves as the backbone for the busy, densely populated city.

The Vadapalani Andavar Temple is a landmark pilgrimage centre in Vadapalani and has thousands of worshippers coming in to pray. Book Massage in Medavakkam here

The neighbourhood is full of shopping malls, with the Forum Vijaya Mall being the most famous one. Developed by Prestige group, this mall has approximately 6,50,000 square feet of retail space and has over 100 shops occupying 4 floors. Some of the most famous brands include Mark's and Spencer, Sony, Skechers, Peter England, Biba, Max, Flying Machine, Palazzo, Westside.

Vadapalani is famous for its film studios and other cine infrastructure. Some famous studios include the Vinaya Vauhinj Studios, Vikram Studios, Prasad Colour Lab EFX studios, AVM Studio Book Massage in Besant Nagar

Vadapalani also has many famous educational institutions like the old Saraswati Vidyalaya, Karthikeyan Matriculation, Vadapalani Senior Higher Secondary School, Ramalinga Mission Middle School, Kendriya Vidyalaya.

SRM Institute of Science and technology is the most famous college in the area. Book Massage in OMR

Vadapalani also has a modern health infrastructure with hospitals like the SRM Institute of Medical Science, Vijaya Hospital, Sooriya Hospital, Akash Institute of Fertility and Research, Vasan Eyecare, Vadapalani Multispeciality Hospital, P&G Nursing Home.

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Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

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Recent Reviews About Body Massage Center in Vadapalani

It been 4 years since I have shifted to Vadapalani and the place has undergone tremendous growth. While there are many spas in the shopping malls, they are very expensive and often out of reach. I wanted an aromatherapy massage which matched the quality available outside India. Le Bliss Spa was the name that came up on Google. My experience with them was superb. They are extremely friendly, offer value for money. You will not get better deals on body massages anywhere else. I highly recommend their aromatherapy massage for relaxation

- Ajay

Le Bliss Spa is the name that comes to mind when I think of luxury body massage. I have tried many massage Centres in Vadapalani, but no one matches their quality. And the best part is that you don't need to spend tonnes of money. They offer 3 duration slots, and you can choose accordingly. The masseurs are well trained and very professional. They also have other services that you can avail with the body massage. They have focused on customer satisfaction

- Sathiya

I had to shift to Chennai due to my job and as you know, corporate life is extremely hectic. There is barely any time for relaxation and the pressure breaks you. You have to find solutions for your regular fatigue. I maintain a healthy lifestyle but I needed something that would take care of my mental health. The specialists at Le Bliss Spa suggested the Balinese Massage. It was worth every penny spent on. Not only do they take care of your muscle soreness, but the stress vanishes. You feel calm and peaceful. I need this massage once a while to tackle my work deadlines

- Tyagi

Being a housewife is not easy at all. The daily chores resulted in lingering lower back pain and it did not subside. My doctor suggested a massage to help unwind the knots. The Thai Massage at Le Bliss spa helped me a lot. The masseurs are very well-informed and they are experts at this therapy. My back pain was almost gone. A big thank you to Le Bliss Spa

- Lalitha

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