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Le Bliss Spa - Premium Spa in Anna Nagar

Searching for a Spa in Anna Nagar? Le Bliss Spa provides you the Best Spa Service in Anna Nagar. Call us @ 7305278999 to book an Appointment at the Best Massage Spa in Anna Nagar.

If you are stressed out for the day, Le Bliss Spa is the best place to relax and make time for yourself. Le Bliss Spa Anna Nagar is an ideal choice where you can burn out all your stress and turn over the day into a memorable experience.

The treatments at Le Bliss Spa remodel your appearance as a gorgeous one and provide you complete mental relaxation. We offer you many services which are good for your physical and mental health. We exist with the motto to provide the best massage service and to fulfill all your needs.

Le Bliss Spa offers you body wraps, scrubs to exfoliate the whole body to provide you healthy skin and glowing skin. The different variety of facials provided make your skin glow, and make you young.The rooms in Le Bliss Spa are well designed and maintained. The infrastructure gives you extreme relaxation and mental peace. Le Bliss Spa has all beauty equipment for all kinds of massages and facials.Our Massage specialists in Anna Nagar are well skilled and qualified for therapies and facial treatments. They provide the best quality service for our customers.

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Body Exfoliations

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Body Exfoliation is a method of removing the unwanted and dead cells on the surface of the skin. This method uses tools like Loofah, Granular scrubs, Exfoliating gloves, and Dry brushes. Naturally, for every thirty days, our skin eliminates the dead cells in our body. During the process, some of the dead cells may remain in the skin which may result in itching, white patches, and blocked pores.

Body Scrub

Our skilled therapist will exfoliate your body with a scrub that is made of gentle components. The surface of the skin is scrubbed with the most gentle rubbing material which makes our skin glow, refreshing, and feel smooth. The therapist also uses some common type of essential oil like Lavender essential oil and Rose essential oil which makes your skin calm, moisturized, and nourished. Finally, the body is cleaned with odorous water which helps in relaxing your mind.

Body Wrap

The body wrap is a treatment for the person who has sagging skin which may occur due to vitamin deficiency, lack of collagen secretion, weight loss, and age. This Body wrap includes some unique components through which our body is fully wrapped using a plastic sheet and also covered with a blanket sheet provided. Then after fifteen to twenty minutes, the wrapping is removed and the whole body is rinsed using clean water. As a final step, the therapist applies moisturizer to the whole body. This Body Wrap method helps in healthy skin, improves skin tone, and promotes skin glow.

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Hands and Feet Exfoliations and Foot Massage

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In our day-to-day life, we are always busy with something but we forget to take care of our hands and feet. As the ages pass, our skin gets tired and turns scaly and dry. Daily our skin is affected by pollution, waves from the sun, and so on. Exfoliation can help in maintaining your hands and feet healthy, helps in the growth of nails and smoothness.

Spa Manicure

Manicure is nothing but exfoliating our hands which includes step by step procedure. Our trained specialist will start the procedure by cleaning your nails, arranging your cuticles, exfoliating your hands, moisturizing your hands and cuticles, cleaning up the rough edges, and applying nail polish. The Nail polish is applied at the last as the final touch of the manicure which makes your hands so attractive. This manicure process will give you healthy skin, removes dead cells, and gives you a healthy growth of nails.

Spa Pedicure

If you need beautiful feet, then a pedicure is the best choice for you. First of all our specialist will remove the nail polish in the nails and further continue with the removal of cuticles. Our feet will be washed, the unwanted tissues are removed and then scrub with a gentle massage. At the final process, the specialist will apply moisturizer and then a nail polish to make your feet so attractive. If you had a stressful day, then a foot massage will surely throw off your stress. Foot massage helps us in increasing blood circulation, removes muscle tension, gives mental peace, and makes your feet beautiful.

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Le bliss Spa has all kinds of facial equipment that you require. Facials are not only done to remove dead cells and for skin glow, but it also plays a major role in relaxing our mind. Facials help us in cleaning our clogged pores, removing dead cells, softening our skin, removing dark circles, and wrinkles in our face.

Organic facials involve ingredients that are organic or natural components without adding any chemicals or additives which makes your skin healthier and smooth. The deep cleaning organic facial has steam sitting which helps in opening up your pores and removes the extra oil and dirt.

Le Bliss Spa offers you a different variety of fruit facial based on your taste and preference. The Fruit facial helps us in removing our dark circles, wrinkles, suntan, dead cells, and dryness. It also improves blood circulation, skin tone, skin glow, and delays skin aging. This Anti-Aging facial shows your appearance 10 times younger. Usually, aging can promote sagging up our skin which leads to wrinkles and fine lines on our face. This Anti-Aging facial can improve skin tone, improves blood circulation, removes dead cells, and removes unwanted toxin substances.

Also, there is a Brightening Facial therapy for the face which includes a Light chemical peel, Radio frequency ( RF) Skin tightening process, and LED therapy on the affected areas. This facial helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, reduces discoloration, removes black spots, and dark circles. The exfoliation in the facial can improve blood circulation which promotes healthy skin and increases skin tone.

The Facials in Le Bliss Spa provide you a gentle scrub, moisturizing, masque, and exfoliation. Check out Spa in Chennai here

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You can always book your Spa appointments by contacting directly to our customer service number 7305278999

You can book the appointment directly by contacting the customer service number 7305278999. You can also verify all your doubts before booking an appointment.

Yes, We will provide offers during the time of special occasions or festivals. We also provide gift cards for our regular customers.

You can just contact the receptionist and reschedule your appointment later. To reschedule your timings, contact us 7305278999

You can inform the receptionist during the appointment. Also, notify your medical issues to the staff before starting the facial.

You need to be ten to fifteen minutes before the allotted time, so that you settle down and make yourself comfortable. If you have any doubts you can clarify them with the specialist.

Recent Reviews About Spa in Anna Nagar

The therapists here are skilled and the service is good. They are answering all my doubts with more patience

- Ram Kumar

I like the environment here. Le Bliss Spa is affordable. I took a pedicure in LeBliss Spa. Now, my legs are so soft and looking gorgeous and I just love my feet.

- Varsha

I took an organic facial here. It was so good and the ingredients used are fully organic. I definitely suggest this to everyone.

- Mani

I liked the infrastructure here. The rooms are more comfortable. The staff here are so kind. This made me visit Le Bliss Spa again and again.

- Sweety

I took a Manicure here. Now, my hands are so attractive and soft. I never expected this much change. I love this. Thanks, LeBliss Spa.

- Preethi

I am a site engineer. Because of my job I travel more so that my skin gets polluted more. I have no time to take care of my skin. Finally, I took an aromatherapy massage here. It was mind-blowing. The therapist here allowed me to choose the essential according to my wish. The fragrance of the essential oil was very good. I liked their service.

- Saravanan

I love to try different massages. Mostly I will take a massage at least twice a month. I took a body massage here. Really, it's good and I will suggest this to my friends. Le Bliss Spa made my day. I have decided to take another massage here.

- Iyan

Hi! I got a gift card worth Rupees 15000 ( 10 hrs ) for my 50 th birthday from my brother aand sister in law.. Since my dad had passed away just 15 back , I was not in a frame of mind to visit the spa immediately. I had to take care of lot of legal formalities and make arrangements for my mother to come and stay with me.I could visit your spa only in March and I could avail services for 6 hours only.I understand your policies and your commitment to your customers.This is a personal request to let me use the remaining 4 hours of services. I feel bad for missing out , all the more as so much of thought and hard earned money has been invested for me by others. I was told by the staff at your anna nagar branch that they would get back to me but I have not heard from them. I guess they must be busy and this sort of a request is new to handle. I hope you consider my request favorably and needless to say I have thoroughly enjoyed services at your spa everytime and has helped me truly relax during these tough times.Thank you

- Uma Siva

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