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Are you looking for a professional Body Mssage in T.Nagar? Look no further. Le Bliss Spa offers the best body massage in T.Nagar. Call us to book an appointment with us and enjoy a professional body massage at the best Body Massage Centre in T.Nagar.

You must have tried a range of cosmetics to tackle your skin problems like blackheads, acne, rashes, scars, pimples. While it might be a temporary solution, it is often a lingering problem for many. The factors attributed to the aggravation of such issues can be many, ranging from diet to lifestyle or even genetics. But what if you could have a body massage and get rid of these issues? While the main objective of a body massage is to manipulate and realign the muscle tissues, the benefits of a body massage on the skin are often overlooked. A professional body massage can drain out all the toxins to significantly improve skin health. And when it comes to body massage, Le Bliss Spa provides the best quality in all of Chennai. Choose from our wide range of body massage services, and get the flexibility of time slots, duration of massage at various price points to experience a therapeutic healing session that will detoxify your body as well as your mind. Our body massage therapies have been inspired by healing practices from all over the world, and we aim to provide a body massage that meets global standards, but without paying tonnes of money. Since we started, we have been striving to offer quality and choice- with our range of body massage services and also our various branches across the length and breadth of Chennai. We aim to bring global standard body massage to your locality and the long list of satisfied candidates help us reiterate our claim to be the best body massage Centre in Chennai.

Massage Centre In T Nagar

About Le Bliss Spa

We set out on a journey to bring international massage techniques to the bustling city of Chennai, which has experienced massive growth over the last few years, thanks to the Information Technology boom. Lives have become faster, more technology-oriented and we often take our physical and mental health for granted. We wanted to provide a channel for people to come and relax and detoxify their mind and body, to rejuvenate and reset for their daily lives again. Our mission has been to employ the best masseurs who have been trained by accredited institutions, who understand bodies and how the needs differ from person to person. They have been equipped with the knowledge of all the modern massage therapy techniques and will provide you with much-needed relaxation.

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Aromatherapy Massage

Massage In T Nagar

One of the key points of our success lies in the fact that we use the best quality, organic natural oils which are essential for the healing process. Our natural oils are extracted from plants and flowers and when inhaled or applied on the body, the benefits of these oils affect your skin, your mental health and your muscular health. Choose from our wide range of natural oils with fragrances inspired by Mother Nature, and let your body soak in the goodness of the aroma of these oils. Coupled with that, our experienced masseurs will tailor the body massage session according to your needs, integrating various body massage techniques like rolling, flicking, gliding, chopping and kneading. Our Aromatherapy massage is one of the most sought after massage therapies and it is the perfect solution for all your stress. Walk into Le Bliss Spa and try our Aromatherapy Massage today! Book Massage In Velachery here.

Deep Tissue Massage

Body Massage In T Nagar

Are you having a tough time nursing injures, dealing with muscle cramps, spasms, soreness? A deep tissue massage fits perfectly for you. Compared to other forms of massage, this intense form of healing therapy goes deep into your musculoskeletal system and isolates and targets your affected areas. Our masseurs know the right pressure points to help your body enhance blood flow and help the affected areas heal faster. As a result, you will feel much lighter, your range of motion will significantly increase and your muscle health will be peaking. A lot of our clients have a sports background or they go out for regular runs and trust this massage therapy as their routine detoxification session. If you need an injury-free body, try the Deep Tissue Massage at Le Bliss Spa today! Book Massage in Ashok Nagar here.

Swedish Massage

Body Massage Centre In T Nagar

This is the most sought after massage therapy in the world. You might also know it as the Classic Massage. This form of healing therapy relies on gentle strokes that are long and sustained and avoids hard-hitting strokes. This is the perfect fit for people looking for a way to get rid of their stress and enjoy a me-time. Not only does this take care of your muscle soreness, but also affects joint movements by enhancing lymphatic fluid flow. Modern massage techniques like Effleurage(free-flowing gliding movement), Petrissage(kneading movements), friction, vibration, tapotement(tapping) to provide an outlet for detoxification of the body. The benefits of a classic massage can be felt even in terms of mental health. Research has shown that this body massage therapy gives relief to people suffering from tension, anxiety and stress. If you want to relax and unwind, try out the Swedish Massage at Le Bliss Spa today. Book SPA in Velachery here.

Balinese Massage

Massage Parlour In T Nagar

Our masseurs have been trained to deliver the exotic Balinese Massage that was brought to India from the islands of Bali during the times of voyages and trade exchanges. This massage therapy technique has close ties with the medical systems from China, India and other Southeast Asian countries and aims to stimulate the various energy points of the body to dictate the flow of "qi" energy. The most crucial aspect of this therapy is the fact that it aims to restore the balance of your body and your mind. As the masseurs manipulate your muscle tissues, you will feel the energy flow, the enhanced blood flow that will detoxify your body and cleanse your mind. If you are stressed after a busy day at the office, or you need a break from your daily blues, this is the perfect solution for you. Try the Balinese Massage from Le Bliss Spa and give your body the perfect gateway for rejuvenation. Book Massage in Vadapalani here.

Traditional Thai Massage

Full Body Massage In T Nagar

Love body massage but do not want the hassle of oils and lotions? A Thai Massage or Nuat Phaen Thai as they call it in Thailand is the perfect solution for you. This massage therapy technique has close ties with India, Hinduism and Buddhism. Various medicinal principles from Ayurveda, Yoga have inspired his ancient healing therapy. A Thai Massage combines Yoga, Ayurveda and Acupuncture to offer a comprehensive solution, not only for the body but also for the mind. This massage therapy involves stimulating the muscle tissues with various postures and the use of hands, elbows, palms and even fingers. If you are around T.Nagar and you are looking for a body massage without the usage of oils and lotions, try the Thai Massage at Le Bliss Spa today! Book Thai Massage in Chennai here.

About T Nagar

Thyagaraya Nagar, famously known as T.Nagar is one of the prosperous and affluent commercial and residential neighbourhoods in all of Chennai. The Doraiswamy Road to T.Nagar stretch is one of the poshest areas of Chennai, and the real estate prices have been shooting up for the last few years. T.Nagar is known to be constructed by the Raja of Panagal during the town planning project under the Madras Town Planning Act, 1920.

It is believed that T.Nagar is the first properly planned urban neighbourhoods in all of Chennai, resembling the European style of architecture, with the Panagal Park resembling the famous Arc De Triomphe in Paris. Initially, it was built as a residential area, but now it is believed to be the largest shopping district in India in terms of revenue. The place is known for its famous saree, jewellery retailers, with Pothys, Nalli Silks and Saravana Stores being the most famous shops.

T.Nagar is very well positioned when it comes to transportation, with the Mambalam Railway station serving as the backbone. Aside from being a shopping area, T.Nagar is also one as one of the most important business districts. Book Massage in Thoraipakkam here

It lies around 10 kilometres away from the Chennai Airport and around 8 kilometres away from the Chennai Central railway station. It ha Mambalam to the West, Kodambakkam to the North-West, Nandanam to the South and Teynampet to the East.

When it comes to business, Pondy Bazaar serves as the Satellite Commercial Hub of T.Nagar and the shops in the neighbourhood have an annual turnover of over 20,000 crores. Book Massage Centre in Perumbakkam

There are many places of worship around the area, like the Sri Balaji Temple, Sringeri Saradha Peetam Temple, Krishnan Koil, Sri Sakthi Vinayagar Temple, Agastiyar Temple, Shiva-Vishnu Temple, Muppathamman Temple, the Roman Catholic Church, Missionaries of Charity, the Anjuman Mosque.

There are many parks in the area, like the famous Panagal Park and Jeeva Park. Book Massage Centre in Sholinganallur

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Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

Recent Reviews About Body Massage Center in T Nagar

I had no idea about aromatherapy and its effects on mental health and even the skin. I had a tough time managing my daily work life and the stress was overwhelming. The aromatherapy massage at Le Bliss Spa uses natural oils that are very aromatic and it just elevates your mood and helps you relax. The masseurs were extremely good too. They divided the body into different segments and used different types of massages to stimulate them. My skin felt much smoother too. It was an amazing experience and I wholeheartedly recommend Le Bliss Spa to everyone

- Rao

My father is posted in the army and we can’t have regular trips. I wanted something for relaxation after my semester exams got over. Google recommended a body massage and Le Bliss Spa was the nearest to our locality. The staff was extremely warm and welcoming and they suggested the 90-minute Balinese Massage. The masseurs are very experienced and they tailor the massage according to your needs and focus more on sore areas. It was extremely comforting and I felt light and stress-free after the massage. Their quality is top-notch and they are very reasonably priced. It is an affordable luxury

- Vinitha

I had a hamstring pull while playing football with my friends. There was a lingering pain and balms offered temporary relief. The general physician in my neighbourhood suggested that I should get a body massage. I headed to Le Bliss Spa on the recommendation of a friend. They suggested the deep tissue massage which is more intense. The masseur took 15 minutes just to know about my injury and customized the massage focusing on my hamstrings. The strokes were hard and it targeted the muscles directly. After the massage, the pain subsided. I'm so grateful to Le Bliss Spa for helping me out

- Kumaran

I had an idea of taking thai massage in Chennai, Gone through many research in internet and also with friends, many suggested Le bliss and saw good reviews and massage set up environment in Google, Had a wonderful service and I am totally satisfied ,felt happy and relax.

- Naveen

The Aromatherapy at Le Bliss Massage Spa in T Nagar was so alleviating that it made feel so comfortable and revitalized. Overall it was a very nice experience also the ambiance of the Spa was well maintained.

- Renu

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