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Are you looking for a professional body massage in Ashok Nagar? Look no further. Le Bliss Spa offers the best body massage in Ashok Nagar. Call us @7305278999 to book an appointment with us and enjoy a professional body massage at the best body massage Centre in Ashok Nagar.

Feeling the work blues lately? While there is no time for a short trip, you can take care of your daily stress. A body massage is scientifically proven to be one of the best when it comes to tackling degrading mental health. While we have been sensitized due to the Internet Revolution, we barely look at the mental side of a body massage. A body massage goes way beyond just manipulation of tissues and muscle fibres with the hands, fingers, palms and elbows and even feet. The body massage has a multitude of benefits starting from elevating your mood, to boosting immunity, mental health, skin health and even productivity to some extent. As you experience a professional body massage, you feel the change in terms of ability to focus, the ability to move freely and sleep peacefully at night. Le Bliss has been one of the pioneers when it comes to providing body massages that meet world standards in Chennai. Our wide range of body massage therapies are inspired from healing principles from all over the world, and we strive to provide more flexibility to our clients, in terms of the duration of the body massage, time-slots and pre-booking. Le Bliss Spa also specializes in other forms of services, like body scrubs and exfoliation. Choose from various kinds of body massages that have reached our country from Bali, Thailand, Sweden and all over the world. We also provide flexibility in our massage therapies in terms of pressure, underlying principles, types of techniques, body parts used for manipulation and the pressure points.

About Le Bliss Spa

Our motivation to come up with a body massage Centre stemmed from the need to provide a professional body massage to help people deal with body pain, cramps, spasms, injuries, lack of flexibility, mobility as well as mental issues like anxiety, tension and stress. "Body and Soul" is the watchword of Le Bliss Spa. While our body massages affect muscle health, we focus greatly on the mental rejuvenation and relaxation for our clients. Our long history of satisfied customers has been our prime source of motivation to strive for better services and also expand with various branches across the length and breadth of Chennai. Our goal is to ensure that a professional body massage reaches everyone, and it remains affordable for everyone.

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Aromatherapy Massage

Massage In Ashok Nagar

Our clients love the wide range of fragrances of natural oils and lotions, that are nature-inspired, organic, without any preservatives. We understand the importance of natural ingredients that will elevate your mood, and give you that joyful and blissful feeling. An aromatherapy massage is a relatively modern form a massage which relies on the goodness of the fragrance of natural oils, combined with the massage techniques like gliding, tapping, chopping and slow strokes gliding over the body. If you are looking to elevate your mood, and immerse yourself in some quality one-time, step inside Le Bliss Spa and try the aromatherapy massage today! Book Massage near Velachery here.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Body Massage In Ashok Nagar

A deep tissue massage stands out from all other forms of body massage therapies, simply since it looks beyond the superficial layers of the skin. While the exotic forms of massage look after your muscular and mental health, a deep tissue massage is the best choice when it comes to injuries, spasms, cramps, soreness. A major chunk of our clients have a sports background, or go for a walk or jog regularly. Even IT professionals who sit in front of the computer for hours have a risk of experiencing neck and back pain regularly. The deep strokes of this therapy reach the musculoskeletal system and heal the body from within. The increased oxygenated blood flow reaches the affected areas and helps them heal faster. This massage is also perfect for filtering out the toxins from the body and rejuvenate the muscles and provide enhanced mobility and flexibility. After you are done with this message, you will feel light and supple, and free from tension and your injury woes will be taken care of. Join us at Le Bliss Spa to experience the wellness of a Deep Tissue Massage. Book Massage in Thiruvanmiyur here.

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Swedish Massage

Body Massage Centre In Ashok Nagar

Also known as the Classic Massage, this massage therapy was introduced to the world by Sweden, and popularized by Western culture. Compared to the other massage therapies, this form of massage therapy is more gentle, with lighter and soft strokes, and techniques like percussion, friction, effleurage, petrissage, flicking, rolling movements. A lot of our clients prefer a gentle massage without hard strokes, to indulge in a feeling of utmost joy and happiness. The strokes will reach to the ends of the connective tissues and the muscle fibres and detoxify the body. Our masseurs have perfected the art of Swedish Massage through training from accredited institutions and years of practice. They will hit the exact spots with the right amount of pressure, and communicate with you throughout the massage session, and ensures that your mental and physical well-being is taken care of. Try out our Swedish Massage from Le Bliss Spa today! Book Best SPA in Velachery here.

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Balinese Massage

Massage Parlour In Ashok Nagar

If you are looking for exotic massage therapy from the islands of Bali, this is the perfect choice for you. A Balinese Massage Therapy has its roots in the traditional medicine systems of Southeast Asia, China and India and involves various techniques like skin rolling, flicking, firm strokes, gently massaging, friction and percussion. We, at Le Bliss Spa, use our wide range of natural and organic oils, handpicked and will enhance the benefits of a body massage. Not only will this massage enhance your blood flow, but this will significantly enhance your mental health and give you that stress-free, tranquil feeling. If you are around the Ashok Nagar area, and you are looking for something exotic, walk into Le Bliss Spa and try our Balinese Massage today! Book Couple Massage in Chennai here.

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Traditional Thai Massage

Full Body Massage In Ashok Nagar

If you are looking to unclog the knots in your body, and you are averse to the usage of oils and lotions, a Thai Massage is the best choice for you. This massage therapy technique has been around for thousands of years, and legend has it that it was Buddha's physician who invented this practice of healing therapy. A Thai massage combines principles of Yoga, Ayurveda and Acupuncture and has its roots in the medical systems of India, China and other parts of Southeast Asia. The striking feature of this massage therapy is the fact that it focuses on the Shen lines of the body, which are believed to be energy lines flowing through our body. The massage session generally has a lot of pulling, kneading and involves the client to follow a lot of postures, and unclogs all the knots in the body, manipulate muscle tissues. After you are done with the massage, you will feel the difference in your body and your mind as well. This therapy enhances blood flow and lymphatic flow and helps with the body's mobility and flexibility. To experience a professional Thai Massage, join us at Le Bliss Spa today! Book Thai Massage in Chennai here.

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About Ashok Nagar

Ashok Nagar is one of the most demanded residential localities, situated at the Southern Part of Chennai. Right at heart of the neighbourhood stands the Ashok Pillar. The pillar is very similar to the one erected at Sanchi, with the four-headed lion stump, erected by King Ashoka in the 3rd Century BC.

The Tamil Nadu Housing Board has taken care of the place extensively, and to promote this suburban locality, they constructed flats during the 1970s for the middle-income group, covering an area of 7 square kilometres, including the neighbourhood of K.K.Nagar. Even back during 1974, they constructed a shopping mall, right beside the pillar. The place was urbanized with ration shops, banks, grocery stores. Then came the Anna Community Hall and the sports clubs. Later on, the neighbourhood saw the emergence of the Udhayam Theatre complex and ESI hospital.

Today, Ashok Nagar has emerged as one of the most demanded neighbourhoods, with luxury bungalows, banks, flats, educational institutions, commercials, parks, hotels. Book Massage in Pallikaranai here

Locationally, Ashok Nagar is situated to the west of Mambalam, and surrounded by KK Nagar on the West, Vadapalani on the North and Saidapet on the South.

Ashok Nagar is extremely well connected with a detailed plan of intra-city connectivity. Government city buses and share autos are some famous modes of transport to the North, Mid and South Chennai. Book Massage Centre in Madipakkam

There is also a metro railway station, opposite Udayam, which is supposed to be the tallest in all of Chennai. The metro station also has four floors of a shopping area.

Ashok Nagar has educational institutions like the Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Govt Girls Higher Secondary School, Velankani Matriculation Higher Secondary school, Police Training College, Jawahar Vidyalaya, Dr K. K Nirmala Girls Higher Secondary School, Vidya Niketan, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pudur High School, Brindavan Institute of Commerce, GRT Matriculation school, Little Flower Matriculation Higher Secondary School to name a few. Book Massage in Perungudi

Some famous places of worship include the Ashoknagar Anjaneya Bhakta Sabai, Sri Kurumari Amman Kovil, Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar Aalayam, Sri Navasakthi Kaaliamman Thirukkovil, Sri Sidhthi Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Sri Nagathamman Kovil, Sri Mallikeshwarar Temple, Sri Swarnapoorishwarar Shiva Temple.

The area also has several play parks like the Corporation Park, the Kids Play Park, The Manthope Colony and the Pudhur High School ground.

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Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

Recent Reviews About Body Massage Center in Ashok Nagar

The deep tissue massage at Le Bliss Spa is the best in the city. For someone involved in sports regularly, the other massage therapies do not help so much. I needed something firm, with hard strokes. The masseurs know about the pressure points very well and they can take care of your injuries. By the end of the massage, I felt stress-free and my injury healed much faster. I recommend Le Bliss Spa to everyone having to nurse injuries or soreness

- Mohan

My wife and I tried Le Bliss spa on the recommendation of a relative. Their aromatherapy massage is blissful. The oils that they use are natural and they just boost your mood instantly. The fragrance of the flowers is calming and helps you relax. The masseurs give you gentle strokes throughout the body, and it makes you feel like you are about to fall asleep. It keeps stress at bay. I recommend Le Bliss Spa to everyone who asks me about a body massage

- Ragav

Le Bliss Spa provides quality service and value for money. No matter which massage therapy you choose, they have the best professionals for the job. They understand your body well and helps you relax throughout the session. They are very friendly and communicate with you throughout the massage session.

- Vijayan

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