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Head Massage at Le Bliss Spa

Are you tired of the day and carving for relaxation, then step into Le Bliss Spa in Anna Nagar. If you are located near Anna Nagar and have a thought to experience a good Head massage in Anna Nagar. By taking a massage in Le Bliss Spa you feel relaxed and refreshing.

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head massage in Anna Nagar

Benefits of a Head Massage

Head massage can turn out your tiring day into a refreshing one. Head massage is nothing but massaging the sensory nerves in the brain. Head massage is one of the best ways to relax. Most people are addicted to head massage. The specialty of this massage is we can do it by ourselves or we can get it from a massage expert. The masseur will start the head massage with few basic steps like giving wet heat, application of hair oil or massage oil, disentangling the hair, and slight head movements.

As a first step of the massage, the masseur will clean their hands with soap or a lotion to remove the dust and dirt. Then the therapist will give a wet heat to our head by using a microwave to provide heat or else they will cover your head using a wet towel for almost ten minutes.

Then the therapist will remove all the tangles in the hair by using a brush or comb. If the tangles are big, they will use their hands instead of a comb, because it can turn out into a bigger one than before. If they see any tangles after starting the massage, they won't remove them because it might disturb the person in relaxation.

As the last part, the masseur will apply oil to the head during the head massage. The oils used in this head massage are coconut oil, vegetable oil, avocado oil, and almond or mustard oil. The practitioners will take a small amount of oil and heat it up in their hands and then they apply it to us. The oil massage is performed using hands, fingers, and thumb.

The basic procedure of head massage starts by allowing the person to lie on a table or bed. Some of the masseurs won't ask us to lie, they will make us sit in a chair. Then continues with gentle pressure, little strokes in the head, and some slow movements. Generally, massaging with slow movements can promote more relaxation and mental peace compared to fast movements. The therapist will apply pressure in a circular motion up and down across the head. They will apply lite pressure in front and back and then back to front which promotes relaxation to our entire body. As the next step, the practitioner will give a neck massage by gently rubbing the neck with the thumb on one side and the other fingers on the other side of the neck.

The movement of rubbing the neck up and down can reduce tension and neck pain. This movement is also done at the backside of the neck.Then the masseur will massage the head with the help of their palms up and down which will activate the energy lines in our body. At the last, the masseur will give a deep pressure massage on our forehead to remove all our tension, stress, depression and to promote relaxation, and mental peace.The therapist mostly concentrates on the scalp of the hair to improve blood circulation. Healthy blood circulation will promote thick and long hair. Head massage also reduces tension and stress. Massaging the head will also reduce neck pain, and shoulder pain. Massaging our head twice a week helps in strengthening our hair and reducing work tension.

The advantages of a head massage are:

Improves hair growth

Relieves tension

Treats Headache

Improves blood circulation

Reduces hair fall

Strengthens hair

Reduces Stress

Balances Blood Pressure

Eases migraine

Promotes relaxation

Reduces depression

Improves body energy

Releases blockages

Boost up our mood

Avoids white hair

At Le Bliss Spa our practitioners are skilled to use all the methods for head massage. They are well-practiced to apply the correct amount of pressure at particular points on the head. The therapist will apply a step-by-step pressure that opens up our energy lines and removes the blockages if any. It will help in increased blood circulation and relieves tension and stress.

head massage in Anna Nagar

Head Massage at Le Bliss Spa in Chennai

The Head Massage in Le Bliss Spa in Anna Nagar will take around twenty minutes. The trained practitioners in our Le Bliss Spa know about all the nerve points connected to the brain which helps in promoting relaxation and mental peace.

The therapist massage your head by giving a gradual amount of pressure at different stages of massage. You can inform the therapist about the level of pressure that you are comfortable with. The step-by-step pressure will help in the relaxation of a million nerves that are connected to the brain.

At Le Bliss Spa our masseur uses a special type of massage oil which you can't find with the other ones. This special type of massage oil will make you feel refreshed and give complete relaxation both mentally and physically. We also provide you with a standalone head massage session, neck massage, shoulder massage, and massage for back pain. Some massages include a steam session which provides a perfect experience of a massage. It benefits in boosting up our mood and relaxation.

If you are searching for the best Head massage in Anna Nagar, Book a Head Massage in Anna Nagar, or take your phone and just give a call to Le Bliss Spa in Anna Nagar.

You can book your appointment by just calling our customer service number 7305278999.

Call the receptionist and change your appointment timing according to your availability.

You should be ten minutes before your appointment time. This may help you in settling without any rush.

Inform your medical history to the receptionist while booking an appointment. Also, notify the therapist before the massage.

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- Anish Tripati

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- Atul Chauhan

The therapists here are very kind and answering all my doubts patiently. This made me more comfortable. Thank you Le Bliss Spa!

- Sophia

I took a head massage here. I never experienced this kind of massage before. I really liked it.

- Garima Chadha

The Head massage here changed my stressful day into a pleasant one. I liked the way of massaging. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa.

- Vimal Nemical

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