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Le Bliss Spa - Premium Thai Massage in Velachery

Looking for Thai Massage in Velachery? Le Bliss Spa offers the Best Thai Massage in Velachery. Call us @ 7305344552 to book an Appointment at the Best Thai Massage Centre in Velachery.

Thai Massage in Velachery at Le Bliss Spa

If you are a resident of the Velachery area and want to book an appointment for a Thai massage in Velachery, head to Le Bliss Spa. The Thai massage session in our luxury premium spa will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated and melt away your worries and tension.

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Thai Massage in Velachery

Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient practice that originated in the east. The practitioners of Thai massage use pressure and body stretching techniques to relax the muscles and the nerves in the body.

During Thai massage, the person undergoing the massage will lie on the floor while the masseur will perform a deep tissue massage by moving all around the client. This allows for better control during the stretches and the massage at the acupuncture points.

The benefits of Thai massage are:

Lowered stress

Boost of body energy

Relief from tension headaches

Stimulated blood circulation

Joint mobility and flexibility

The person undergoing Thai massage may experience minimal pain or soreness after a massage which will disappear along the course of the day. Ice packs are recommended to be used to remove any soreness or inflammation.

Thai massage practitioners use assisted stretching for targeting specific muscle groups in the body. The gradual stretches used in Thai massage allow the whole body to relax. This helps the restoration of mental and physical health.

Improved circulation after a Thai massage also improves circulation bringing more oxygen to the muscles and tissues. This improves the abilities to recover quickly after an injury. The Thai massage is, therefore, most suited to those committed to rigorous athletic training or leading a physically active lifestyle.

It is recommended that those with an active lifestyle can undergo a Thai massage once or twice in a week. However, for those who are less active, they can undergo a Thai massage once or twice in a month.

Thai Massage in Velachery

Thai Massage at Le Bliss Spa in Velachery

Our expert Thai massage practitioners at Le Bliss Spa in Velachery are trained to subtly open up blocked energy paths in your body leaving you completely rejuvenated after a massage session. This restores the natural balance in the body and heals it. They are certified and trained to correctly identify acupressure points and provide the correct amount of pressure to those points.

Now it is your turn to experience the relaxing Thai massage at Le Bliss Spa in Velachery. Call us today or walk in for an impromptu appointment.

You can always book your Spa appointments by contacting directly to our customer service number 7305344552

Yes, We at Le Bliss Spa provide offers during special occasions and also we provide Gift Cards to our customers on their regular visit.

You are required to be 10 minutes earlier of the scheduled time of your Spa Services.

Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

Recent Reviews About Thai Massage in Velachery

Great ambiance and excellent massage service which gives relaxation. Le Bliss Spa in Chennai is a great place for massage therapy and extremely stress relieving. I feel very fresh, just go for it and you will be amazed. I am happy with their services.

- Sham Sundar

I took a Thai massage here. I liked the atmosphere most. The massage was good and relaxing.

- Anuj Joshi

As a traveler, I had experienced many massages. But this massage is so different and refreshing. I felt something new here. The massage gave me a wonderful experience. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa.

- Pallavi Sinha

I was looking for a good massage spa near my house for many days. But nothing was up to my mark. Le Bliss Spa was good and I am satisfied with it. Here, my experience of taking a massage was awesome.

- Arun Maurya

I took a massage in Le Bliss Spa. The therapist here is so kind and cleared all my doubts patiently. My special thanks to the therapist who performed my massage.

- Anand Sharma

I felt so restless and stressed for some days. My friend suggested that I take a Thai massage here. After the massage, I felt relaxed and I gained my lost energy back. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa for your service.

- Sonam Yadav

I am a working woman. I face lots of tension and work pressure daily. At last, I felt restless. My manager suggested this massage. For sake, I just tried this Thai massage. But, it gave me an unexpected result. It gave me relaxation and I liked it.

- Divya Krish

I experienced many massages before. But here therapists are professionals and gave me a perfect Thai massage. The ambiance here is pleasant. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa for giving me this wonderful chance.

- Sathish Yudith

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