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Le Bliss Spa - Premium Massage in Thiruvanmiyur

Looking for a luxury body massage in Thiruvanmiyur? Le Bliss Spa offers the best body massage in Thiruvanmiyur. Call us @ 7305344552 to book an appointment at the best body massage centre in Thiruvanmiyur.

Our objective behind a full body massage in Thiruvanmiyur branch of Le Bliss Spa is to ease every knot of muscle tension and work on different muscles like the neck, back, arms, legs, torso and shoulders to help you ease the tension, unclog every knot and help you relax. Our whole body massage reaches the deepest tissues to improve blood circulation, taking care of both your physical and mental well-being. We not only focus on your physical needs but look forward to providing a much needed mental relaxation to alleviate stress.

If you are around the Thiruvanmiyur area, looking for a full body massage, then you are on the right page. At Le Bliss Spa, we have expert masseurs who are professionally trained to offer the best massage experience. We provide a variety of massages, ranging from the Thai Massage to the Swedish massage performed by our masseurs who are certified by renowned institutions. There are different types of massages that we offer.

About Le Bliss Spa

Le Bliss Spa is a professional quality, fully equipped spa in Thiruvanmiyur to provide for all your massage and spa requirements. If you are looking for a fully-equipped, hygienic, clean body massage centre which has trained and certified professionals, Le Bliss Spa is the answer.

Le Bliss Spa is organic, nature-inspired, and offers all kinds of massages from bathing in natural oils to working up yoga postures to sweat it out to get rid of body toxins, to aromatherapy, this body massage centre offers a solution for all your woes.

In short, we have it all. A one-stop solution for all your requirements. Our long list of satisfied customers echoes our claim to be the best body massage Centre in Thiruvanmiyur.

Walk into our spa or call us: +91 73053 44552 for an appointment. Today!

Aromatherapy Massage

Massage In Thiruvanmiyur

Our masseurs are trained to practice slow, sustained strokes, which does not have an arduous muscle kneading session, then the Aromatherapy massage is the right choice for you. In aromatherapy, our trained masseurs use the finest oils and lotions like jojoba, grapeseed, sweet almond which are organic and contain essential oils derived from flowers and plants. They can elevate your mood, detox your body from toxins. These oils are highly concentrated and when inhaled or absorbed by the skin, during and after the massage- it brings a sense of calm, well-being for the person undergoing the massage. The relaxed, serene feeling engulfs you. It helps decrease muscle tension and reduces pain. We, at Le Bliss Spa, ensure that the best quality oils are used for maximizing the benefits of a professional Aromatherapy Massage. Book Massage in Besant Nagar here.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Body Massage In Thiruvanmiyur

The objective of a deep tissue massage is to reach beyond the superficial layers of the muscles to the deeper layers of muscles and the connective tissues. If you have an active lifestyle or you are into sports or you recently had an injury, then deep tissue massage is the perfect choice for you. The deep strokes penetrate the deep layers of muscle fibres and the connective tissues and help them to recover from soreness and heal from pain faster. It works perfectly for people suffering from Osteoarthritis pain, Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and other injuries like a fall or a whiplash. We ensure that you have a therapeutic experience that helps you release all the physical and emotional tension and help you heal from injuries faster. If you are around Thiruvanmiyur, looking for a professional deep tissue massage, then Le Bliss Spa - the best massage Centre in Thiruvanmiyur offers the perfect solution. Book Massage in Chennai here.

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Swedish Massage

Body Massage Centre In Thiruvanmiyur

Our Swedish massage experts at Le Bliss Spa Thiruvanmiyur have mastered the techniques that ensure an enhancement of blood circulation in your body, soothe the muscles and attain a state of calm, relaxation. The combination of soft strokes of the Swedish Therapy on the bony parts and the harder, intense strokes on the muscular parts allow you to derive maximum benefits. Our masseurs offer the perfect combination of light tapping, friction, kneading, rolling, stretching the muscles and the inner tissues to ensure that our body is free of tension and you get to experience a blissful massage session. Book Massage in Velachery here.

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Balinese Massage

Massage Parlour In Thiruvanmiyur

We also offer the Balinese Massage here at Le Bliss spa, for a holistic treatment for the clients who specifically want this therapy. The combination of slow, sustained strokes, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy helps stimulate blood flow in all parts of the body. We focus on improving the oxygen supply to all body parts, including the digital extremities, and helps in the spread of the "qi" energy to all parts of the body. Our masseurs know the perfect combination of acupressure, friction, gentle stroking, percussion to help you enjoy the best quality massage. Book Massage Centre in Madipakkam here.

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Traditional Thai Massage

Full Body Massage In Thiruvanmiyur

Our trained Thai Massage professionals at Le Bliss Spa, Thiruvanmiyur branch have mastered the art of traditional Thai massage, combining yoga poses, acupressure and Indian ayurvedic principles. The massage therapy focuses on "Sen-lines'' of the body and moves from the extremities of the body(limbs) to the core and back to the extremities. Our specialists who are experts in Yoga practice will stretch, knead, pull your bodies to ease muscle stiffness and enhance blood flow. "Nuat Phaen Thai" is the name of the therapy in the Thai language. The massage helps to bring a sense of calmness, relaxation and provides a mental and physical tension release. Book Massage Centre in Adyar here.

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Full body massage:

The objective behind a full body massage is to work on different parts of the body like the shoulders, arms, legs, back, torso to ease muscle stiffness, reach to the deepest layers of tissues and muscle fibres and ease the tension to help your relax. Our experts at Le Bliss Spa ensure the best for your body, both physically and mentally.

About Thiruvanmiyur

Located in the South of Chennai, Thiruvanmiyur is a residential area with a rich historical background. The name is derived from Tiru-Valmiki-Ur, which translates to "the temple of Valmiki." In the ancient Sangam Literature, this place was known as "Tiru-aamai-ur" meaning the city of turtles. The town's beach provides shelter to lakhs of turtles every year. 

The area is accessible by Metropolitan Transport Corporation(MTC) buses and has a famous bus station. Jeyanthi Theatre, Thiruvanmiyur Bus Stand, Murundeeswarar temple are some important bus stop landmarks. 

The area is also connected by railway, opposite Tidel Park. The Mass Rapid Transit System flows through the area, connecting Velachery and the Beach, via Chennai Central. 

Thiruvanmiyur is famous for its Software Technology Parks of India- a famous hub of Information Technology companies. 

Some of the attractions in the area include the Thiruvanmiyur Beach(also known as the RTO Beach) which is extremely popular among residents. They rely largely on the beach for their daily activities and entertainment. Recently, with the help of the cotton house, the locals have made a resting spot for the elderly, named after Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. 

Educational institutions like the Shraddha Children's Academy, Kottivakkam, Nellai Nedar Matriculation School, Sri Sankara Vidyashram Matriculation School are famous here. 

Thiruvanmiyur is swarming with temples like the Marundeeswarar Temple, The Valmiki Temple, the Pamban Swamigal Temple, the Puthuranganni Amman Temple, the Thiruveethi Amman Temple, Aarupadai Veedu Murugan temple, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Sarkarai Ammal Temple to name a few.

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You can always book your Spa appointments by contacting directly to our customer service number 7305344552

Yes, We at Le Bliss Spa provide offers during special occasions and also we provide Gift Cards to our customers on their regular visit.

You are required to be 10 minutes earlier of the scheduled time of your Spa Services.

Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

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Recent Reviews About Body Massage Center in Thiruvanmiyur

My friend Adhi recommended the deep tissue massage at Le Bliss Spa. I am a regular jogger and the hamstring pain has been lingering. Thanks to the professional quality deep tissue massage, it is gone now. I highly recommend Le Bliss Spa to everyone has an active lifestyle and is looking for a deep tissue massage

- Govind

I reached the place 10 minutes prior to my appointment. The therapists began asking me questions about my health and if I had any problems. They took the time to understand my body and tailored the massage to my needs. The service was absolutely wonderful. I'm hugely satisfied with the quality offered at Le Bliss Spa

- Anbuselvan

I have been to Le Bliss Spa thrice now. My first experience was the Balinese Massage, followed by the Thai Massage and my last visit was for an Intense Moisturizing Facial. The quality that they offered for the price range is worth every penny spent. I was so satisfied with their services that I recently took their Explorist package so that I can make frequent visits

- Kavitha

I'm a teacher and my job requires me to look down at the books or look up to the board all the time. This resulted in a sustained pain in my neck region. I was looking for a professional full body massage in Thiruvanmiyur. Le Bliss Spa came to the rescue. The masseur made sure that my pain was gone. I feel free and the disturbed sleep due to the pain is gone now. A big thank you to Le Bliss Spa

- Maran

It is extremely difficult to find a massage centre which offers a professional quality Thai Massage in Thiruvanmiyur. I have been practising Yoga for a long time and hence wanted a Thai Massage which complies Yogic postures with a relaxing massage. Le Bliss Spa has professionals with a lot of knowledge about Yoga and I absolutely loved the massage session. I plan to come back here soon

- Vinitha

I have been longing for a Swedish massage where I can relax and enjoy a blissful session without having to spend a fortune. The 90-minute Swedish massage at Le Bliss Spa lived up to its name to be the best massage centre in Thiruvanmiyur. The professionals understand each body and how they are different. They varied their strokes and it was extremely relaxing. It reduced my stress

- Shankari

Be it body massage or exfoliation, my experiences at Le Bliss Spa were absolutely amazing. The rooms are extremely hygienic, well designed and luxurious. The oil that they used in the aromatherapy massage had an extremely soothing aroma and helped me relax. They were organic and unparalleled in quality. The masseurs communicated with me continuously to know if they needed to vary the pressure. Overall, they were extremely professional and the quality was unmatched

- Abhi

There are many SPA massage Centres in Thiruvanmiyur but my favourite is Le Bliss SPA. Worth for money and I had head massage in thiruvanmiyur branch at the reasonable rate and the session also great. Thanks for the wonderful services.

- Suja

I thank Le Bliss Spa for the best therapeutic Thai Massage service offered. The Thai Massage lasted for more than 60 minutes and throughout the massage session, I felt calm and relaxed. During the session, the masseuse ensured that whether I feel comfortable with the pressure points, and if not she changed it accordingly. I truly enjoyed the Thai Massage in Thiruvanmiyur branch.

- Prasanth

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