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Spending your day at the spa is perhaps one of the best ways to pamper yourself. At Le Bliss Spa Velachery, we ensure that your stresses melt away and there is energy and enthusiasm coupled with a feeling of health at the end of the day.

Passionate about providing top-of-the-line spa services to our clients, At Le Bliss Spa in Velachery, a majority of our treatments are good for your health. That pampering you is at the top of our minds always, we offer a wide range of services that are meant to make you feel both healthy and beautiful.

We have designed body wraps and scrubs to exfoliate the body in full and leave with healthier and radiant skin, and our different facials have been formulated to give you youthful, plumper and glowing skin. We use the most gentle ingredients for all our treatments and beauty procedures.

The body massages at Le Bliss Spa are designed to remove the deepest aches and pains in your body, improve circulation and relieve stress. For this, we have specialized body massages for different requirements at our massage spa in Velachery.

Our staff at Le Bliss Spa in Velachery are specially trained and certified for the beauty treatments and therapies. They provide the best quality services to our clients.

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Body Exfoliations

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The process of body exfoliations removes the dead skin flakes from the outermost skin layer of the body and leaves it shining, soft and smooth. We offer two body exfoliation procedures: body wrap and body scrub.

Body Scrub

Our trained staff will apply a body scrub that exfoliates your body completely. Made out of the gentlest ingredients, the body is scrubbed with a mildly abrasive agent that leaves it smooth and super soft. We also mix aromatic essential oils in the scrub to make it a more pleasant experience than you can imagine. The body is rinsed at the end with scented water to make the experience very unique.

Body Wrap

A body wrap is a treatment that will temporarily help to tighten sagging skin. This may be due to sudden weight loss. Specialized ingredients are used to create whole-body masks and your body is wrapped plastic sheets and further with a blanket. The body wrap is removed after 20 minutes the body is washed and afterwards covered with a moisturizer. The whole process improves skin quality tremendously and imparts glow and youthfulness too.

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Hands and Feet Exfoliations and Foot Massage

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As you age, it is common for the skin to turn more dry and flaky. This is also true with the skin and hands are they are more exposed to nature and wear and tear. Exfoliations of the hands and feet at regular intervals help to maintain the quality of the skin and promote healthy growth of nails.

Spa Manicure

Our skin-care experts are adept at performing a spa manicure that will leave with smooth and healthy hands and fingernails. The procedure starts with filing your nails, removing extra cuticle, massage of the hands, and application of nails polish to perfection. It is best done fortnightly.

Spa Pedicure

Spa pedicure is the answer if you want good-looking feet. After filing your toenails to the required shape, your feet are washed thoroughly in a whirlpool and the dry skin flakes are removed using a gentle scrub. After a rejuvenating foot massage with a moisturizer, the nail polish is applied to perfection.

The foot massage is the best method to remove any aches or pains after a tiring day’s work. It also helps to relieve the nerve and muscle tension, improves blood circulation and keeps your feet looking good.

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Le Bliss Spa uses the highest-quality materials for facials because we understand that the requirements vary on an individual basis. Our facials are designed to relax you as well. The basis of the different types of facials varies from just unclogging pores to hydrate the skin, improve clarity and lessen hyperpigmentation.

Organic facials at Le Bliss Spa are exclusive in that they are formed with the finest organic and naturally occurring ingredients that will act gently on your facial skin. They are picked individually and are paraben-free and gluten-free. At Le Bliss Spa, we are deeply concerned about animals and only pick products that are not tested on animals. This one is the most gentle of the facials.

We have different Fruit facials at Le Bliss Spa that are suited to the different requirements of our clients. From creating even skin tone to improving clarity, delaying the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, each one has a different purpose. We also have facials that are required for skin with certain medical conditions.

Our Anti-aging facials are specialized and help to tighten sagging skin. Tight skin also delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At Le Bliss Spa, ingredients of every facial are unique and suited to individual requirements. Our skincare experts will suggest facials only after determining your skin type.

The Brightening Facial at Le Bliss Spa tones down excess production of pigments in the skin and the exfoliation during the facial increases cell turnover thereby making it healthier and younger-looking. This improves skin clarity also.

Expert facial massage with a moisturizer and exfoliation using a scrub and masque are part of every facial at Le Bliss Spa. Book Spa in Chennai here.

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You can always book your Spa appointments by contacting directly to our customer service number 7305344552

Yes, We at Le Bliss Spa provide offers during special occasions and also we provide Gift Cards to our customers on their regular visit.

You are required to be 10 minutes earlier of the scheduled time of your Spa Services.

Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

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