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Le Bliss Spa - Premium Spa in Guindy

Are you looking for a Spa in Guindy? Le Bliss Spa is the best quality Massage Spa in Guindy which offers you all massage and spa services. Call us to book an appointment at the best Body Massage Spa in Guindy.

After spending our whole day with stress and work pressure we all crave relaxation. We all work hard daily to lead a happy and healthy life. But we forget to give relaxation to our body and mind. Lack of relaxation can unbalance the body and make us fall sick. Relaxation refreshes our body and mind which is one of the reasons to stay healthy and fit.

Massage is a therapeutic treatment that can give us mental peace and relaxation. We all think massage is only for luxurious people but Le Bliss Spa at Guindy offers us massage services at an affordable price. They have the best-experienced experts and high qualified equipment to give the best massage service.

At Le Bliss Spa Guindy they provide all types of exfoliations like hand, feet, and body exfoliations. The Exfoliations include body scrub and body wrap which can make your skin smooth, shiny, and good-looking. They also offer a variety of massage services that are remarkable. Get into Le Bliss Spa to lead a healthy lifestyle. Visit us or call us to book your massage appointment.

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Body Exfoliations

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Exfoliation involves removing dirt, removing dead cells, and removing toxins from the surface of the skin. Shedding the dead cells is the natural process of our body that takes place every 30 days. This process keeps our skin healthy and also good-looking. Le Bliss Spa in Guindy provides you with the best exfoliation services.

Body Scrub

A scrub is the one that helps in removing all the dirt and dead cells. It gives a deep cleansing of our skin. The expert will scrub the entire body with exfoliants which helps in increasing the blood flow towards the heart. Exfoliants are of two types and they are chemical and natural exfoliants. Chemical exfoliants are something that includes chemical acids that are harmless such as citric acid, galactose, glycolic, lactic, carbolic, and so on. Natural exfoliants include natural products like ground sugar, cinnamon, coffee beans, fined sea salt, etc.

Body Wrap

After the process of body scrub, the expert will continue with a body wrap. Wrapping the whole body with a plastic sheet is called body wrap. Body wrap not only helps in healthy skin it also helps in reducing body weight. You can reduce the unwanted waist fat faster through which you can look slim and fit. Earlier, the body wrap is called herbal wrap in which the wrapping is done using linen sheets. Nowadays the experts are using plastic sheets to cover the body. The exfoliants used before the body wrap are brown sugar, salt, coffee, and so on. If you want to lose your body weight faster then this is the best method for you.

Hands and Feet Exfoliations and Foot Massage

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We are used to taking care of our faces compared to our hands and feet. But if we forget to take care of our hands and feet it may lead to rashes, itching, allergy, and other skin-related problems. At Le Bliss Spa Guindy we offer you both manicure and pedicure services at your affordable price.

Spa Manicure

Manicure is a process of cleansing, scrubbing, and exfoliating. It can make your hands smooth, clean, bright, and shiny. The main purpose of doing a manicure is it can help with a suntan. For most of us, our utmost problem is a suntan. We don't know how to treat these suntan marks from our hands. This Manicure is the best solution for our suntan and other skin-related problems. The expert will start the manicure by cleaning the hands and then give a scrub using the exfoliants. Then they will give moisturizer to nourish the skin and finally complete the session by applying the nail polish. Getting a Manicure at Le Bliss Spa is affordable and your hands will be gorgeous.

Spa Pedicure

Pedicure is the same as manicure which is done for the legs. Feet are the most sensitive part of our body for which we have to give more care. There are many trigger points in the feet so getting a pedicure is worth it. Some of the spas include foot massage with the pedicure which helps in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. The tools used in pedicure are nail cutter, cuticle remover, foot bath, nail brush, nail buffer, pumice stone, and toe separator. The expert will start the procedure by cleaning our feet. Then the extra cuticles are removed and the nails are getting shaped up. Then the exfoliation is done and finally completed with the application of nail polish. At last, the expert will give you a mind relaxing foot massage which will give you a heavenly feel.


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Everyone in this world wants to look good and gorgeous. A facial is a skincare treatment that makes our face dirt-free, smooth, and beautiful. There are many types of facials that are suggested to people. People select the facials according to their skin type.

Fruit facial is the one which is preferred by most people because it is unique. If you don't know about your skin type and are not ready to take any risk with your skin then you can simply select this facial because it does not give any side effects. 

An organic facial is a facial that includes only organic products and is well suited for oily skin. This facial will help in reducing the oil secretion and makes the face look brighter. 

An anti-aging facial is a quite popular facial because the result of this one is awesome. This facial tightens up your skin and closes the large pores and also makes you look five times younger than your original age. Get a facial at Le Bliss Spa in Guindy and make your skin smooth and shiny.

You can always book your Spa appointments by contacting directly to our customer service number

Yes, We at Le Bliss Spa provide offers during special occasions and also we provide Gift Cards to our customers on their regular visit.

You are required to be 10 minutes earlier of the scheduled time of your Spa Services.

Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

Recent Reviews About Spa in Guindy

I have sensitive skin. I consulted a doctor but my friend suggested Le Bliss Spa in Guindy. I took a Swedish massage here. The massage was quite good. It gave me a wonderful result. Thank you, Le Bliss Spa.

- Dhanya

I am working as a Site engineer. I have work even on Sundays. I am stressed and I have no time to relax. I tried a body massage in Le Bliss Spa. The body massage gave me mental relaxation and relief from all my body pain. I really enjoyed it. Thanks to the expert who did my body massage.

- Tharan

Le Bliss Spa is the best place to take a massage. I took a body massage here. I enjoyed the massage which gave me a pleasant feel. The therapists here are very kind and their service is very good. The therapist verifies all our medical issues before suggesting a massage.

- Darsha

I took a pedicure here. My feet are glowing and very soft. I recommend everyone to experience it. The therapist used standard methods and tools for a pedicure. I didn't feel any itching or irritation after the pedicure. Thanks to the expert who did my pedicure.

- Hasini

I enjoyed the body massage here. The infrastructure is so good and the ambiance here is very relaxing. The therapist suggested me a deep tissue massage for my chronic back pain. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa for making my massage so special.

- Steffie

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