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Are you seeking a quality Body Massage in Mylapore? Le Bliss Spa offers the best quality body massage. Call us to book an appointment at the Best Body Massage Center in Mylapore.

People from different places have different requirements. Le Bliss Spa provides you with all varieties of massage with wonderful service. Our special massages are Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, Head massage, Facial massage, Balinese massage, Ayurvedic massage, Traditional massage, and Thai massage.

Le Bliss Spa is always prepared to fulfill all your needs. The rooms here are well designed and are hygienic. The infrastructure here makes you feel relaxed and calm. The therapists here are from the topmost universities of our country and are well experienced to provide you with the best solution to all your problems. The therapist here will have a clean study of all your medical issues before offering you a massage.

Massage Centre In Mylapore

Full Body Massage

Massages are of various types and one of them is full body massage. Massage is the manipulation of the tissues of our body by stretching, pulling, hitting, stroking, tapping, and applying pressure. Massages can be done by using palms, hands, fingers, forearms, and rarely feet. Various types of massage are Hot stone massage, Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Head massage, Facial massage, Aromatherapy massage, Balinese massage, Thai massage, and traditional massage. Some of the massages use essential oils during the massage. Firstly, the therapist applies low pressure on the muscle to remove the muscle tension. Secondly, the therapist applies higher pressure to treat the pain points in our body. Facial massage is a type of massage that benefits us in anti-aging, skin glow, facial rejuvenation, wrinkles, and removes scar tissues. The health benefits of massage are reducing stress, eases anxiety, improves mental strength, improves blood circulation, increases the secretion of happy hormones, helps with the sleeping disorder, and energizes the body.


Aromatherapy Massage

Massage In Mylapore

Aromatherapy is a natural treatment that uses pure extracts from plants to cure illness and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This aromatherapy massage is a therapeutic massage that is practiced all over the world by many people. This massage uses some special types of essential oils. Essential oils are extracted from medicinal flowers, root, stem, and bark by the process of distillation. During the massage the pores in our skin get open and the scented essential oil removes all the dirt. The essential oils used in this aromatherapy massage makes our skin glow like a moon. These oils can also regulate our lymphatic system which is responsible for emotions and nervous systems. This massage benefits us in various ways and some of them are good blood circulation, reduced stress eases anxiety, and balances our body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Body Massage In Mylapore

Deep tissue massage is an ancient therapy for treating the inner part of the muscles in our body. This massage mainly reduces muscle tension, muscle inflammation, and muscle-related issues. Deep tissue massage is mostly recommended for sportsperson and professional athletes. This massage treats sports injuries, sciatica, maintains blood pressure, treats pain in the muscle, and reduces stress. This massage increases the range of motion and muscle flexibility. Deep tissue massage can be done on the mattress, bed, couch, or on the floor. The massage includes movements like stretching, pulling, hitting, friction, soothing, and applying high pressure. The therapist gives step by step pressure in particular injured areas to treat the injury. Deep tissue massage helps us with reduced muscle tension, reduced stress, increased muscle flexibility, and maintains our body both internally and externally.

Swedish Massage

Body Massage Centre In Mylapore

Swedish massage is a general type of massage which is practiced all over the world. This massage involves stroking, stretching, tapping, soothing, and applying low pressure. Swedish massage can be done using palms, hands, forearms, fingers, and feet. This type of massage is most suitable for people who are suffering from chronic pain. The therapist massages in a circular motion in the pain point to increase the blood circulation. The increased blood circulation helps our body to produce more new cells and helps in burning a high amount of calories. The health benefits of this Swedish massage is Increased flexibility, promotes blood circulation, increases the secretion of happy hormones, and reduces the secretion of cortisol hormone.

Balinese Massage

Massage Parlour In Mylapore

Bali island in Indonesia is mainly known for this Balinese massage. Most people visit Bali especially to experience this massage. Balinese people believed that this massage can cure illnesses and disorders. This massage includes acupressure, stretches, and aromatherapy. Balinese massage uses a rare type of pure essential oil like frangipani essential oil which can be found only on the island of Bali. The commonly used plant oils are Lavender oil, Lemon oil, Ginger oil, Coriander oil, Bergamot oil, Geranium oil, Rose oil, Chamomile Oil, and Orange oil. The smell of the essential oil makes us feel good and at peace. This Balinese massage helps us with energizing our body, reduces stress, reduces muscle tension, boosts up the mood, gives mental peace, and balances our body and mind.

Traditional Thai Massage

Full Body Massage In Mylapore

Thai people practiced this Traditional Thai massage from generation to generation. This massage is a mixture of stretches, Ayurvedic methods, and some yoga positions. Like any other massages, this massage won't use any lotions or oils instead it uses the yoga positions. The therapist makes us stretch our body and makes us sit in some of the yoga positions. This increases the blood flow to the heart in our body. This massage helps us in relieving headaches, improves oxygen supply, cures migraine, reduces stress, reduces anxiety, and improves the energy flow in our body.

Massage in Mylapore:

Mylapore is the central part of Chennai city, Tamil Nadu. Mylapore is also called Thirumayilai. The great Tamil philosopher Valluvar born in Mylapore. The nearest localities of Mylapore are Triplicane, Teynampet, Royapettah, Adyar. The Schools near Mylapore Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School, The Oxford School, Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya Senior Secondary School, Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed(J.B.A.S) Memorial Matric Hr. Sec. Boys School, Lady Sivaswami Ayyar Girls Higher Secondary School, Rosary Matriculation Higher Secondary School, P. S. Senior Secondary School, and so on.

The colleges near Mylapore are Lava Education, Ramakrishna mission Vivekananda college, Academy of fashion, Mindscreen Film Institute. The temples near Mylapore are Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Malleeswarar Temple, Velleeswarar Temple, Virupaksheeswarar Temple, Karaneeswarar Temple, Valeeswarar Temple, Virupaksheeswarar Temple, Theertha Pale Eswarar Temple. The Shopping malls near Mylapore are Chennai City Centre Mall in Mylapore, Ramee Mall in Teynampet, Apple shopping Mall in Triplicane, S Mall in Mandaveli, Express Avenue Mall in Royapettah.

The parks near Mylapore are Nageshwar Rao Park, Krishna Park, Meena Annamalai Garden, Tholkappia Poonga, Roshini Gardens park, Adyar Poonga, Aameen Atho park. The parks have facilities like light, water facility, cemented benches, one-way path, and chairs. People usually visit these parks on Sundays to enjoy their precious time with their friends and family. The bus facilities to reach Mylapore is high. The Bus numbers 12, 21C, 27D, 29C, 41G, 45E, M21C will reach Mylapore. The nearest bus stops are Valluvar Silai, LUZ Corner, AVM Rajeswari Kalyana Mandapam, Mundakanni Amman Koil Mrts Station, and Y.M.I.A.

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Massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment which is practiced for many years. Ancient people believed that massages can cure them and can give them a healthy lifestyle. In this day to day life, people are busy with their stress and work pressure. They do massage only for body relaxation and mental peace.

The health benefits of massages are beyond what we think. Massages are of many types and they are Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Hot stone massage, Aromatherapy, Thai massage, Traditional massage, Face massage, Head massage, Bone massage, and so on. The benefits of massages are reducing muscle tension, reduces stress, boost up the mood, decreases the secretion of stress hormones, treats sports injuries, cures strain, increases the secretion of happy hormones, and balances the life energy.

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Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

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I am a software engineer. I face lots of work pressure daily. One of my friends suggested me to have a massage. Then I had a Swedish massage @ Le Bliss Spa. It gave me more relaxation and peace.

- Siva

It is very difficult to find a good massage center. After searching for a long time, I finally came here. I took a deep tissue massage here. It's really awesome. Nice job Le Bliss Spa.

- Krishnan

I liked the environment @ Le Bliss Spa. I have taken an aromatherapy massage here. The fragrance of the essential oil made me fly in the air. Definitely, I will suggest this massage to everyone.

- Charile

I love to travel. I have traveled to many countries. When I was in Bali, I had a Balinese massage there. I just loved it. But I have tried the same massage in many places, but it's not up to my mark. Then, I took a massage here, which is the same as the massage in Bali. I am really impressed. Good Work Le Bliss Spa!

- George

I am a working woman. Sometimes I have alternative day and night shifts, which gives me more stress and tension. My manager suggested me to have a massage. Really, my first massage gave me a wonderful feeling. It drained out my stress and anxiety.

- Meena

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