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Le Bliss Spa - Premium Massage in Pallavaram

Are you looking for a professional Body Massage in Pallavaram? Look no further. Le Bliss Spa offers the best body massage in Pallavaram. Call us to book an appointment with us and enjoy a professional body massage at the best Body Massage Centre in Pallavaram.

Are you experiencing lethargy, fatigue and body pain? It may be a sign of your body dying for a rejuvenation. In a country like India, where almost everyone in the corporate sector experiences some sort of mental and physical issue due to tremendous work pressure, only a handful feel comfortable talking about it. It is quite a weird statistic because India has been experiencing tremendous growth in the IT Sector and is expecting to boost the economy even further, meaning more people are expected to face this situation in the future. While you can go for a movie or hang out with friends, it is crucial to detoxify and rejuvenate your body from the inside. The purpose of a body massage is to enhance the flow of blood throughout your body and help in flushing out the toxins. Apart from that, it also involves the usage of different techniques to manipulate and stimulate various muscle groups using various massage therapy techniques. Le Bliss Spa recognizes the importance of bringing international body massage therapies to the people at affordable rates. We offer a wide variety of body massage therapies which suit the various needs of our clients. Some prefer a light and gentle massage which helps them unwind, while some are drawn to the fragrance of natural oils, while others like a hard-hitting intense massage that takes care of injuries- Le Bliss Spa has a solution for all.

Massage Centre In Pallavaram

About Le Bliss Spa

Le Bliss Spa was the brainchild of a group of individuals that believed that Chennai, which is experiencing massive growth in terms of the GDP, deserved a chain of massage centres where people could experience a body massage that meets global standards. Since we began, we have strived for quality and expansion. Our mantra is simple- "Body and Soul". A body massage is not only supposed to take care of your physical health but also your mental health, which is crucial in a country like India. Mental issues like anxiety, tension, stress can be tackled with a body massage, which helps you relax and unwind. Our clients can choose from the Swedish Massage, the Deep Tissue Massage, the Aromatherapy Massage, the Thai Massage and the Balinese Massage according to their needs and give their body a comprehensive solution for all their woes. We offer flexibility on the duration of the massage, and with various packages for our regular clients. Our masseurs have been in this industry for years and they all have been trained to understand the body anatomy, the pressure points and prepared with all the knowledge about modern massage therapy techniques.

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Aromatherapy Massage

Massage In Pallavaram

The fragrance of Natural oils has been proven to be beneficial in tackling mental issues like anxiety, stress, loss of sleep, irritation, bad mood. Our wide range of natural oils have no added preservatives and come directly from flowers and plants. As you inhale these concentrated oils, it will instantly boost your mood and give you a feeling of calmness and comfort. Our masseurs have been trained to use different techniques to stimulate your muscles and enhance blood flow. Apart from this, the natural oils, when applied on the skin, fight many skin problems like acne, rashes, blackheads, scars. An Aromatherapy massage gives you a glowing, spotless, soft skin by providing nutrients needed for rejuvenation. Try our Aromatherapy Massage at Le Bliss Spa, Pallavaram branch today! Book Massage near Velachery here.

Deep Tissue Massage

Body Massage In Pallavaram

A deep tissue massage stands out from the other forms of massage therapy in the sense that it looks beyond the superficial layers of the skin. While many massage therapies focus on the lymphatic stimulation, a deep tissue massage believes in the usage of hard strokes to reach the deepest ends of the muscle fibres and connective tissues. This form of massage is very helpful particularly for people who have been nursing injuries, people with a hyperactive lifestyle, hitting the gym regularly and going out to jog. Deep Tissue Massage works perfectly for muscle soreness, spasms, cramps and joint pain. If you have any of these problems, head to Le Bliss Spa at Pallavaram and try our deep tissue massage! Book Massage in Madipakkam here.

Swedish Massage

Body Massage Centre In Pallavaram

Generally, this massage is a much lighter form of healing therapy which originated in Sweden and got popularized by the Western countries. It includes various forms of stimulation techniques like Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, rolling, flicking, crabbing, Acupuncture to enhance blood and lymphatic fluid flow to help the body regain its flexibility and mobility, reduces muscle soreness and boosts serotonin levels. A Swedish Massage will not only help you move better, but it will also make you feel better, emotionally. Try the Swedish Massage at Le Bliss Spa today and enjoy the goodness of a light massage with natural oils. Book SPA near Velachery here.

Balinese Massage

Massage Parlour In Pallavaram

This form of massage therapy incorporates various forms of muscle stimulation using acupressure, skin rolling, flicking, firm and gentle movements gliding across the muscle groups. According to the ancient practice of this therapy, this massage restores the balance of the body by regulating the "qi" flow(energy flow in ancient Chinese medicinal principles) of the body. This form of a body massage has been popularized in India after the Indian sailors set out on voyages to the Spice Islands(Modern-day Indonesia) in quest of spices and learnt the Balinese massage therapy from there. If you are looking for a massage therapy that improves your sense of well-being, restores your body balance and helps your muscles loosen up and give you a feeling of tranquillity, trust the Balinese Massage at Le Bliss Spa. Book Massage in Adyar here.

Traditional Thai Massage

Full Body Massage In Pallavaram

Hailing from Thailand, this massage therapy revolves around the stimulation of the Shen-lines(energy lines as per ancient Thai medicinal system) of the body and believes in the importance of postures, as compared to bodywork and usage of hands to stimulate the muscles. Our masseurs have been trained to tailor the message sequence according to the needs and the physical condition of the clients, incorporating pulling, stretching, kneading movements and Yoga postures. The massage therapy also believes in stimulating pressure points by acupuncture and healing principles of Ayurveda. One of the most striking features about the Thai massage is the absence of usage of any oils or lotions. If you are looking for a professional Thai Massage that provides muscle and joint pain and help you relax, try Le Bliss in Pallavaram today! Book Thai Massage SPA in Chennai here.

About Pallavaram

Pallavaram is a selection grade municipality in the South of Chennai, which has emerged as a major residential area. It was under a part of Alandur till 2015 and emerged as a new Taluk under the headquarters of Pallavaram.

This area is known for its cantonment and residential colonies. The Pallavaram Railways Station, under the Chennai Suburban Railway Network, serves as the transportation backbone of the area. It also accommodates two highways- SH 113A. Pallavaram-Kundrathur-Poonamallee Road and SH 109 Pallavaram-Thuraipakkam Road.

Legend has it that the area has been long inhabited, since the Paleolithic Age and got the name from the Pallava settlement. It is believed that the British were carrying out mining activities on Pallavaram Hill, which was made of charnockite rock, believed to have healing properties. Book Massage in Besant Nagar here

The region is divided into Zamin Pallavaram, Old Pallavaram, Essa Pallavaram and Cantonment Pallavaram.

The Pallavaram Periya Eri is the most famous landmark, once a sprawling water body covering over 189 acres of land. Presently, it has shrunk to patch patches. Book Massage Centre in Pallikaranai

Pallavaram is home to numerous temples like the Lord Muruga Temple, Sri Devi Mangaliamman Temple, Gangai Amman Temple, Panchapandava Cave Temple, Varashakthi Vinayagar Temple.

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Kindly notify any of your disability, physical ailment or allergies to our Spa receptionist before making the appointment. Also, notify about this to your therapists before the massage session. So, you will be kept informed in case if a few treatments are not recommended for you.

Recent Reviews About Body Massage Center in Pallavaram

I have visited various branches of Le Bliss Spa and the best thing about them is consistency. They guarantee quality for money and let their body massages do the talking. The branches are very hygienic and the rooms are spacious and very dimly-lit- just perfect for a body massage. It just sets the mood. Their masseurs are very well trained and know the body inside out. In total, I loved the experience and have been recommending my friends to try them out

- Pandiyan

I came across Le Bliss Spa on google while searching for body massage Centres in Chennai. The receptionist helped me by suggesting the Balinese Massage and gave me a warm welcome. The staff is very friendly. The massage involved a lot of intricate movements and it was very pleasurable. I felt free from stiffness and it felt like my body was feather-light. It also makes you happy and stress-free. It is perfect for occasional detoxification from daily stress. I purchased the Explorist Package so that I can come here regularly

- Ananthi

I'm a professional footballer and quadriceps soreness is something we have to deal with regularly. Icing the place does not always help. I tried various balms too. My coach wanted me to take a deep tissue massage. Le Bliss Spa is the most positively reviewed chain in Chennai. So I went to the Centre and told them about my condition. Their efforts to know about the condition is laudable. They take time to understand your body. After that, the massage began and it was so soothing. The masseuse was well-built and the strokes were hard and it felt like it is working directly on my muscles. By the time I was done, I felt free from soreness. I will take this massage to maintain my health condition

- Kumaran

Pallavaram is experiencing urbanisation only recently and I thought getting a professional massage Centre was almost impossible. When I reach Le Bliss Spa, I was surprised at how luxurious the place was. They also offered many types of massage which are all inspired by international therapies. They suggested the Balinese massage and I am so glad that I made this choice. The massage was for 90 minutes and it felt so good throughout. The massage therapists use different techniques on different body parts and they knew perfectly well how to loosen the muscles. Ky wife and I both have been coming here since then

- Mani

Managing a team of employees in today's world is a difficult job. Coordinating the efforts of different people with different mentalities and pushing them towards a goal is very stressful. It affected my sleep cycle and I was unable to sleep properly a night. My doctor recommended a body massage and his recommendation was Le Bliss Spa. The staff at the centre suggested the aromatherapy massage to tackle my issue. Le Bliss Spa uses organic oils which are chemical-free. The fragrance and the freshness of the oils were delightful. It elevates your mood instantly. I had no idea that a body massage could help you sleep better. I am feeling much better and the daily fatigue is gone. I plan to visit Le Bliss Spa very often and on the recommendation of the staff, I took the VIP package. They helped me a lot too. I highly recommend Le Bliss Spa

- Perumal

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