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Le Bliss Spa - Premium Spa in Madipakkam

Seeking a Spa in Madipakkam? Le Bliss Spa renders you the best Spa services in Madipakkam. Call us @ 7305344552 to book an appointment at the Best Massage Spa in Madipakkam.

This is the right time to relax. Getting a massage will make us more relaxed and refreshed. In our day-to-day life, we are always busy with something. We are all craving for mental peace. Most of us forget to take care of our physical and mental health. Le Bliss Spa is a Massage Spa in Madipakkam that offers you a variety of massages and exfoliations.

At Le Bliss Spa in Madipakkam, you can get your favorite massage and pamper yourself. The therapists here are skilled with standard techniques. The different massage exfoliations offered at Le Bliss Spa in Madipakkam are hand exfoliation, feet exfoliation, and body exfoliation. These exfoliations can make your skin smooth and brighter. Le Bliss Spa in Madipakkam will fulfill all your requirements without any grievances.

We also offer you a variety of facial massages which can lead to healthy skin. We have all the facilities like standard equipment, quality massage oils and lotions, hygienic restrooms, and clean rooms. The therapists here are certified and professionals in this massage field. The infrastructure here is very pleasant and mind relaxing. Visit Le Bliss Spa and experience the Best Spa in Madipakkam

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Body Exfoliations

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Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead cells from the skin surface. Removing dead cells benefit us in many ways. Our skin gets rid of dead cells every thirty days. The instruments used during the exfoliation are the exfoliation brush, gloves, sponge cloth, and loofah. If we don't remove the dead cells it may lead to skin rashes, itching, and black dots.

Body Scrub

The therapist will ask you to lie down on a table or bed. The therapist will start by scrubbing the body with a scrubber. Then they will give a gentle rub all over the body. The ingredients used during the Body Scrub are exfoliant, essential oils, and massage oils or lotions. The main purpose of this body scrub is to remove the dead cells and healthy skin. The other benefits are smooth skin, increased skin tone, removes suntan, removes black dots, adds nutrients to the skin, and increases blood circulation. Apart from physical benefits, body scrub also promotes relaxation and mental peace.

Body Wrap

The body wrap is like a body mask that helps with improving the skin tone, healthy skin, and reduces fat. The therapist uses some unique components with nourishing oils before the wrap. The therapist will continue by wrapping the whole body with a plastic sheet and cover you with a bedsheet. After the time period of 20 minutes, the therapist will remove the wrap over your body and clean it with water. Finally, The therapist will finish by applying the moisturizer to hydrate, nourish, and smooth your skin. This process helps us in increasing the skin tone, removes skin tan, and avoids shrinking of the skin.

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Hands and Feet Exfoliations and Foot Massage

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We don't give importance to our hands and feet compared to our faces. In our routine life, our hands and feet are affected more by the UV rays of the sun which results in dull skin, rashes, suntan, black dots, and other skin problems. The exfoliation process can protect you from the sun and maintain your skin healthy.

Hand exfoliation

Hand exfoliation is the process of cleaning and the removal of dead cells in the hands which is also called Manicure. The Manicure process involves shaping, cutting, clipping, pushing, and filling up the nails. The therapist starts the manicure by removing your nail polish and cleaning up your hands with hot water or steam. Then they will continue the manicure by giving a scrub to our hands. During the scrub, the dead cells and the tan in our skin are removed. As the last step, they continue with the moisturizer which nourishes your skin and makes it smooth. Finally, the manicure is completed by applying nail polish to your nails. It makes your hands more attractive and beautiful. Manicure helps us in increased blood circulation, soft skin, good nail growth, and healthy skin.

Feet exfoliation

Feet exfoliation is a process of cleaning your feet and maintaining healthy skin. This foot’s exfoliation process is also called Pedicure. The procedure of this pedicure is the same in manicure, the only difference is pedicure is done on the feet. First of all, the therapist will remove the nail polish with a nail polish remover and clean your feet with steam. Then the extra cuticles are removed with the cuticle remover. The tools used in Pedicure are a Foot spa soaker, Toe separator, Cuticle remover, Cuticle pusher, Nippers, Nail buffer, and Bamboo sticks. Pedicure is finally completed with the application of nail polish. You can also choose your nail polish color or you can also have a nail art which will be very attractive.

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Facial is nothing but cleaning up the tissues in our face. There are various types of facials offered at Le Bliss Spa. The different types of facials are acne facial, fruit facial, organic facial, aromatherapy facial, golden facial, collagen facial, and anti-oxidant facial.

Facials benefit us with removing dead cells, smoothing the skin, cleaning the skin, removing dark circles, removes wrinkles, and treats dull skin. The tools used in the facials are facial rollers, gua sha stones, facial brushes, scrubbers, and dead skin remover.

An organic facial is a facial that does not include inorganic creams and lotion. If you are a person who doesn't want to use unwanted chemicals on your face, then this facial is the right choice for you.

A fruit facial is a facial which includes only fruit-flavored organic creams and lotions. This fruit facial benefits us by cleans the pores, treats acne, avoids pimples, boosts up blood circulation, improves skin tone, improves skin texture, and refreshes the skin.

An anti-aging facial is one of the facials which is most preferred by every woman. It reduces wrinkles in the face, dark circles under the eye, black dots in the nose, treat dull skin, and improves skin tone. The main purpose of this facial is to show you younger and beautiful.

You can choose the facial which suits your skin type or you can ask your therapist to suggest a facial. Le Bliss Spa is the Best Spa in Madipakkam that renders you all types of facials and exfoliations.

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Call our customer service @ +917305344552 and book your appointment. You can clarify all your doubts with them while booking your appointment.

You should be ten minutes before your appointment time. It may help you to prepare yourself and settle down.

If you are not comfortable or facing any inconvenience inform the therapist, they will help you.

Fruit facial is highly recommended for oily skin. In fruit massage, the kit contains papaya exfoliator or scrub, lemon cleanser, grape face mask, strawberry cream which help in reduced secretion of oil in the face.

You can reschedule your massage appointment for the next day by contacting the receptionist or customer service.

We will provide offers only during the festival session and we also provide gift cards to our regular customers.

Yes, you can reschedule your appointment by making a call to the receptionist. Please inform us before 24hrs because we can schedule it for another person.

The main purpose of body exfoliation is to remove the dead cells on the surface of the skin which helps in reducing the dark patches and tan in the skin. It also makes your skin soft and smooth.

Recent Reviews About Spa in Madipakkam

I am a working woman and I usually don't have time to concentrate on my hands and legs. I booked an appointment for a pedicure and manicure in Le Bliss Spa in Chennai. Now, my hands and feet are very attractive. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa.

- Vaishnavi

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a good massage center with hygiene, a skilled therapist, and a calm environment. Le Bliss Spa is the best massage center in Chennai, offers all types of massages and exfoliations at an affordable price.

- Nithin

I have oily skin. I don't know how to treat my skin. Once I did a facial in a parlor nearby but it gave me dark patches on my face. After that, I was afraid to take a facial in any of the parlors. My friend suggested Le Bliss Spa in Madipakkam. I took an aromatherapy massage here. It gave me a wonderful result. Thank you, Le Bliss Spa.

- Annie

The rooms in Le Bliss Spa are clean, and the infrastructure is good which I like the most. They offer the best body massages in Chennai. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa for your service.

- Aarav

I took a pedicure in Le Bliss Spa. The session was about 30 minutes. The therapist used the best quality lotions and creams. The result of the pedicure was amazing. I ever felt my feet so soft and smooth. I liked their service very much. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa.

- Varshini

I enjoyed the body massage here. The infrastructure is so good and the ambiance here is very relaxing. I almost slept during the massage. The therapist suggested the right body massage that suits my skin type. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa for giving me a wonderful experience.

- Banupriya

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