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If you are looking for the Best Body Massage Centre in Tambaram? Le Bliss Spa gives you the best experience of massage. Contact us to book an appointment at the Best Body Massage in Tambaram.

People in every corner of the world are seeking a good massage center. Le Bliss Spa provides you with the perfect experience of a massage with world standards. We offer you all kinds of massage and some of them are Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy massage, Traditional massage, Thai massage, and Balinese massage.

Le Bliss Spa is here to fulfill all your needs. The rooms here are well designed with more hygiene. Infrastructure in Le Bliss Spa gives you extreme relaxation and calmness. The therapists here are well experienced and are from the top universities in our country to give you a proper solution for all your problems. Our therapist will have a clean study of everyone's medical problems.

Massage Centre In Tambaram

Full Body Massage

The purpose of doing full body massage is to relax both body and mind. Massage helps us with the increased flow of blood which results in many ways. The increased blood flow helps with our skin tone, production of new cells, and burning off more calories. Massage can be done for newborn babies to regulate their sleep, energy around their body and make their muscles strong. Massages are of many types and some of them are Balinese massage, Deep tissue massage, Head massage, Traditional massage, Ayurvedic massage, Trigger point massage, Aromatherapy, and Swedish massage. In some of the massages, they use essential oils like lavender, lemon, cedarwood, chamomile, and so on. The essential oils used in the massages help us with reduced stress, ease anxiety, promote the secretion of happy hormones, give mental peace, and balance the energy around our body.


Aromatherapy Massage

Massage In Tambaram

An aromatherapy massage is a massage therapy associated with the pure essential oils extracted from the medical plants. Aromatherapy is considered as an art that is drawn using the essence of medicinal plants and flowers. In the olden days people used essential oils for curing the sick. In India, people used these essential oils in Ayurveda which has a history of around 3000 years. The name Aromatherapy was given by a Frenchman called Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. He was the one who researched the plant oils and discovered the healing powers of the plant oils. Nowadays people started to use the scented essential oils in massage more specifically. Essential oils have the ability to reduce stress, boost up the mood, regulates blood circulation, promote better sleep, and relieves pain from headache and migraine.

Deep Tissue Massage

Body Massage In Tambaram

Deep Tissue Massage is mostly preferable massage therapy for sportspersons. This massage treats our deep tissue strains and injuries of our muscles and regulates our musculoskeletal function. This Massage helps our body with healing sports injuries, limited mobility, maintaining blood pressure, musculoskeletal pain, inflammation in tissues, postural problems, sciatica, leg muscle tightness, treats back pain, and leg pain. This massage involves higher pressure in a particular area to remove the muscle and treat the muscle inflammation. During the massage, the therapist starts with less pressure and then moves with higher pressure to treat our interior muscles. Sportspersons often have this deep tissue massage because they face lots of pain, injuries every day on the ground.

Swedish Massage

Body Massage Centre In Tambaram

Swedish massage is a common type of massage that most people prefer. Swedish massage includes rolling, giving pressure, friction, kneading, stripping, tapping, and soothing. Swedish massage is done on the mattress, bed, floor, and couch. This massage is an effective therapy for chronic pain, muscle knot, sleeping disorder, muscle tension, stress, muscle inflammation, and less immune power. This massage is done in a circular motion in particular areas to improve our blood flow to our heart. The circulation motion massage opens up the blood vessels in our body and regulates the blood flow. When our blood flow increases our muscles get more oxygen and fiber which removes unwanted contaminants in our body. Swedish massage is most suitable for people who have more work pressure, stress, tension, and craving for relaxation. Swedish massage is the best massage for massage lovers and those who are new to massage.

Balinese Massage

Massage Parlour In Tambaram

Balinese massage originated from the place called Bali in Indonesia. As this massage is the traditional massage of Balinese people they take this massage often. This massage uses essential oils according to our wish and skin type. Balinese massage uses coconut oil, vegetable oil, and pure essential oils. Some of the essential oils like frangipani essential oil are very rare and we can get this essential oil only in Bali or in Indonesia. This Balinese massage involves deep pressure in tissues to remove our muscle knot and muscle tension. The benefits of Balinese massage are improving blood and oxygen circulation, removes muscle tension, improves range of motion, reduces muscle inflammation, improves immune power, and increases muscle flexibility.

Traditional Thai Massage

Full Body Massage In Tambaram

This Traditional Thai massage is generally originated from Thailand which concentrates more on the energy flow of our body. During pregnancy, women face more stress, tension, anxiety, pain, and so on. This Traditional Thai massage helps pregnant women with reduced stress, back pain, hip pain, maintaining blood pressure, improves blood circulation which helps in the healthy growth of the fetus. This massage includes acupressure, yoga positions, and ayurvedic techniques. During the massage, the therapist asks us to do some yoga positions which improves our range of motion and muscle flexibility. The Yoga practice during the massage helps us with the increased production of happy hormones, new cells and removes dead cells and scar tissues from our body. The Benefits of Traditional Thai massage are relieving headache, increased range of motion, regulated blood circulation, relieves migraine, treats muscle knots, relieves stress and anxiety, increases immune power, and controls energy flow.

Massage in Tambaram:

Tambaram is located in the Southern part of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Tambaram is divided into West Tambaram and East Tambaram. It has an Air Force station which is the Indian Air Force Station. This Air Force Station plays a major role in training pilots as a professional flying instructor. The nearby localities of Tambaram are Chitlapakkam, Mudichur, Manimangalam, Perungalathur, and Sembakkam. There are two public libraries in Tambaram one is in the West and the other one is in the East.

The Parks near Tambaram are Gandhi Park in East Tambaram, Tirupur Kumaran Park in Selaiyur, Krishna Nagar Park, Muthurangam Park in West Tambaram. These parks have the facilities of light, a footpath, a playing area for children, seating arrangements, a fountain, water taps, and a garden. The Rajagopala Perumal temple which is located in Manimangalam near Tambaram is a popular temple which was constructed by medieval Cholas. The Temples in Tambaram are Shiva Vishnu temple, Anjaneya temple, Raghavendra mutt, Sri Lakshmi Satyanarayana temple, Arulmigu Kanniamman Aalayam temple.

Tambaram has a bus terminal that connects major areas of Chennai. The terminal has more than 700 buses which are operated by the MTC drivers. Tambaram Railway Network is the second-largest suburban network by length and third-largest by commuters in India. According to the survey of 2019, around 1.12 million people use this network daily. The Tambaram Railway Station network connects the major areas like Chrompet, St.Thomas Mount, Egmore, and Chengalpet.

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Massage is an ancient practice that is followed from generation to generation. In the ancient period, people practiced massage for their well-being. They have treated many sicknesses using this massage therapy. Olden people thought the energy imbalance in our body is the reason for our sickness. So, they believed massage is a technique to balance our external and internal energies. They practiced massage for various purposes like disorders and injuries. The olden people used many essential oils to treat injuries, strain, and to regulate mood. Nowadays people take massages only for their mental peace.

But the health benefits of massage both physically and psychologically are high. There are many types of massages and every massage has its own unique health benefits. Various types of massage are Deep Tissue massage, Swedish massage, head massage, Balinese massage, traditional massage, Thai massage, Trigger point massage, and Aromatherapy. Massages help us with increased blood circulation, reduces stress, ease anxiety, removes muscle knots, helps with the sleeping disorder, maintain health conditions of the fetus in pregnant women, promote the secretion of happy hormones, removes scar tissues, and improves immune power.

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I had a bad opinion on massage before knowing its health benefits. I just tried once, you won't believe it. I am just addicted to it. I am taking massages thrice a month. It gives me mental peace and reduces my body pain. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa!

- Harish

I am a housewife and I don't have more time to look for a spa. This is very near to my home. So I just tried for the first time. But it's amazing. I never felt this kind of magic before. It reduced all my stress and made me feel the freshness.

- Sivagami

I always care about my beauty. I have oily skin and I use to apply many facial creams to avoid the oiliness in my face. Then I tried Aromatherapy massage @ Le Bliss Spa. It gave me an awesome result. I got a permanent solution.

- Latha

I am a sportsperson and I had lots of injuries and strains. One of my friends suggested me to have a massage. Then I took a deep tissue massage here. It gave me some relief and my injuries are recovering faster than I think.

- Aari

I am a traveler. I used to have massages wherever I go. The environment here is very good and gives me more peace. Good Work Le Bliss Spa!

- Arya

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