Surprising Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

In the amid of stress and tension, we all dream of a vacation to relax. But the actual point is, you can get relaxed by getting a massage. Don't wait for your weekend or vacation; get into the best Spa and get your favourite massage therapy. People love to get massages, but some are allergic or uncomfortable with oils and lotions used during the session. Thai massage includes only massage techniques and yoga. Get your Thai Massage in Chennai by entering into Le Bliss Spa.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is originated from a place called Thailand, where this massage is very famous. This massage is unique because it does not use any massage oils or lotions during the session. This massage concentrates more on the body's healing power and energy flow. Sometimes, due to the stress, the energy pathway gets blocked up, and it may result in illness. The techniques in this massage will regulate the channels and promote energy flow. This massage is practised in a huge room for many people.

Chi Energy Flow

The energy in our body passes through an energy channel. The chi or qi energy is another name for the energy flow. When the energy flow in the body becomes imbalanced, the blood supply to the internal organs gets affected. It may also lead to sickness. The seven chakras in our body regulate the energy flow in and around our body. The primary seven chakras in the body are heart chakra, solar plexus, root chakra, sacral Chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown Chakra. The energy flow will be regulated after removing the blockages from these chakras. Thai massage techniques are designed to regulate the energy channels. Improve your chi energy flow by getting massage therapy at the best Massage Spa in Velachery.

Seven Chakras
Root Chakra

This Chakra is responsible for muscle strength, flexibility, and movement. The colour red represents this Chakra. The blockage in this Chakra will result in thirst, bone issues, mental tension, and muscle problems. The techniques in Thai massage can be used to clear the blockage in this Chakra.

Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra is located above the abdomen region. The colour orange represents the Sacral Chakra, which is responsible for hormone secretion, creativity, and fat storage. When this Chakra is blocked, it causes mental issues such as tension, stress, and sleeping disorder.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This Chakra is located in the region of the belly. The yellow colour represents this Chakra responsible for courage and motivation. Getting a regular Thai massage can help with stomach pain, indigestion, and positive thinking.

Heart Chakras

This Chakra is placed in the heart, as its name suggests. Green, which represents love and devotion, is used to depict the Chakra. This Chakra blockage can result in a lack of oxygen to the heart, weight loss, asthma, and high blood pressure.

Throat Chakra

This Chakra is located in the area of the throat. The blue Chakra, which is essential for good communication, is indicated. Communication and speech will be affected if this Chakra is blocked. Get traditional Thai massage at the greatest Spa. Get delighted by getting the anti-ageing facial massages at the best Spa.

Third Eye Chakra

This Chakra is called "brow chakra" because it is situated between the two eyebrows. This Chakra controls dreams and emotions. Headaches, migraines, hearing problems, and vision impairments can be helped by massaging this chakra point. Balance your Chakra by getting a massage at Massage Spa in Chennai.

Crown Chakra

This Chakra is situated at the head region, that why it is called the "crown chakra". This is represented by white colour and is responsible for memory and intelligence. The irregularities in the Chakra will lead to negative thoughts and sudden angriness. Getting a Thai massage at the best Spa in Velachery might positively help you think.

Yoga Poses in the Thai Massage

There are plenty of yoga poses, and let us discuss some of the essential poses here. Get your Thai massage at the best Spa Near Me.

Bridge Pose

This is the first pose that the therapist assists during the Thai massage. Here, you will sit like a bridge, which will relieve muscle pain, knots and stress. You can do this pose for two to three minutes, which removes the pain in the back pain.

Back Press

In this pose, you will hold your hand's backside, and the pressure will be applied to the hands by the therapist. This will help treat the pain in the hip backside and remove the knots in the muscles.

The King Cobra

The king cobra is one of the most important positions in this massage. The therapist will assist you with sitting in a cobra pose. The muscles in the shoulder, back, and chest will be treated.

Benefits of Thai Massage

There are many benefits of Thai massage, and let us discuss some of them further.

Relieve Stress

When we suffer from stress, we don't know how to alleviate it. The secretion of stress hormones can be reduced by practising specific yoga poses. The yoga poses performed in this massage will help in relieving the stress.

Improved Muscle Flexibility

Our muscles will be weary after a long day, and stress will accumulate under the muscle surface. Due to stress accumulation, the range of motion and muscular flexibility will be affected. Enter the best Massage Spa in Anna Nagar to improve muscle flexibility.

Regulates the Energy Flow

Sometimes, the energy flow in our body gets imbalanced. The poses included in this massage will regulate the seven chakras responsible for the "chi flow".

This blog has discussed Thai massage, its techniques, yoga poses, and its benefits. If you plan to get a Thai massage, enter Le Bliss Spa. Book your appointment now!.