Top five best massage therapies to boost up your mood

When we have a long day, we feel tired, stressed, and restless. We do many things to get rid of body pain, mental pressure, and depression. Most of us crave relaxing moments in our busy schedules. But we are not ready to spare our working time. In this case, you can relax your body and mind by getting massage therapy. Massages are like a body treatment that is followed for almost thousands of years. Getting a massage will give you a lot of benefits. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top five best massage therapies to boost up your mood. Let us discuss them further. If you are seeking a Massage Spa in Anna Nagar, then enter Le Bliss Spa and book your appointment today!.

Why should I get a massage?

When we talk about massage, the first thing that you should know about massage is why we prefer massage therapy. Massage is the process of manipulating the muscles in the body to promote good health. A healthy lifestyle is a dream of many people but they don't have time to work out and exercise. Massages help you out with health issues and maintain your body fit and strong. Massages are of many types and they differ in procedure, techniques, and benefits. And some of the massages include the practice of essential oils which benefits you enormously. Massages are almost like mood therapy. Get into the best Spa in Chennai and enjoy your massage.

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The theory behind massage

In the olden days, people believed massages are art that treats and heals the body internally and externally. Chi energy is nothing but the energy flow in our body. When this energy flow gets disturbed or blocked, it may result in health issues. People believe massage has the capacity to boost your energy level and also maintains the chi flow. Some of the massages are designed only for regulating the chi energy in our body.

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Massages that boost up the mood

Nowadays people often experience mood swings and they occur due to overwork, stress, lack of sleep, pressure and it may be a disorder. Energizing massages can help you in boosting up your mood and also regains your lost energy. You will have a question that “Does massage release endorphins?”. Endorphins trigger the brain and help in boosting up the mood. Le bliss spa is the best Best Spa in Velachery, that offers you all massage services.

Swedish massage

This is a common massage that is preferred by everyone. If you are scared of high pressure and strokes then this massage suits you well. This is the only massage that includes many massage techniques. Lack of blood circulation in the body will also affect your mood. This massage helps in increasing blood circulation and keeps your body energized. This massage is more beneficial for the adrenal gland so, it is also known as “adrenal gland massage”.

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Thai massage

Thai massage originated from Thailand and the people treat this massage as their traditional massage. This massage is based on the seven chakras in the body. The sacral chakra is responsible for emotions and mood. During the massage, regulating this chakra will boost up your mood.

Deep tissue massage

This massage includes high pressure, long strokes, compression, pulling, and hitting. Deep tissue massage is the best one for muscle and bone-related problems. The strokes included in this massage will relax the muscle and the mind. This increases the secretion of happy hormones and boosts up the mood. 

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is similar to Thai massage apart from the acupressure points. The therapist will give mild pressure on the acupressure points which will relieve you from body pains. Pressuring the specific points will promote a good mood and re-energize your body. 

In this blog, we have discussed the massages that promote mood in our body. If you are looking for a body Massage in Chennai, then step into Le Bliss Spa. They render you with all the massage and spa services.