Know about Thai Massage Therapy and its Benefits

Most of us have experienced stress, pressure, body pain in our day to day life. We concentrate more on our work than our health. Relaxing the body and mind benefits our overall health. Many people search for a temporary solution for relaxation but they don't know a permanent solution is effective. Massage is one of the permanent ways to maintain our health. It has been followed for thousands of years. In this blog, you will know about Thai massage therapy and its benefits. If you are seeking a Massage in Velachery, then step into Le Bliss Spa.

What is a Thai Massage?

Massage is a kind of treatment for our body in which the tissues in the muscles get manipulated by various massage techniques. This Thai massage is also called a "Thai Yoga Massage". Thai massage techniques include only acupressure, stretches and yoga poses, this is why Thai massage is called Thai yoga massage. This is a special massage that is fully based on yoga and stretches. This unique massage does not include the practice of massage lotions and oils during the massage. Thai massage is practised on the mat and floor. This massage concentrates on the energy flow in our body. Not every therapist can perform a Thai massage, only a skilled therapist can perform this massage.

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The principle behind Thai massage

Thai massage is a massage therapy that is entirely different from other massages. There are lots of trigger points all over the body. Pressing these trigger points will boost the energy flow and blood flow to the body. There are seven chakras that regulate the energy flow of the body. Giving pressure on trigger points will improve the flow of chi that regulates the overall health. The imbalance in energy flow may result in sickness. The stretches, yoga positions, and strokes remove the blockages in the energy channels and regulate them. Thai traditional massage is very helpful in maintaining the chi energy in the body. Know more about Thai massage further in this blog. Get the best Thai massage by entering the Massage Spa in Anna Nagar. Book your appointment for your massage.

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Benefits of Thai massage

There are many benefits of Thai massage and let us discuss some of them. If you are looking for a Massage Near Me, then enter Le Bliss Spa.

Relieves headaches

Headache is due to the imbalance in the energy flow in the body. The blockage in the energy flow or uneven blood flow leads to headaches. The soothing technique included in the Thai massage will help you in treating headaches.

Reduces back pain

Nowadays, most people suffer from back pain. Getting a Thai massage will help you in relieving your chronic back pain. The stretches and strokes will remove the pain and tension in the muscles that help you in reducing back pain.

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Increases flexibility and range of motion

This Thai massage highly benefits the athletes, sportsperson and the person who is involved in more physical activities. Muscle flexibility and range of motion is the most important factor for the sportsperson. Lack of muscle flexibility can affect your game performance. 

Eases anxiety

Anxiety is the major problem that may lead to the sleeping disorder. Methods like yoga, morning walk, meditation and diet can help you treat anxiety. Thai massage eases anxiety and also helps in reducing stress. So, you can ease your anxiety by getting a Thai massage at the best Spa in Velachery.

In this blog, we have discussed Thai massage and its benefits. If you are looking for a Massage Centre in Chennai, then walk into Le Bliss Spa. Get all the massage and spa services.