Know about the best massages for a sportsperson

For a sportsperson, physical and mental fitness is very important. After a tiring day or a workout, we definitely crave a massage. Most sportspeople get a massage to heal their body ailments faster. Taking a massage on a regular basis will show you a gradual change in your health and performance. For a sports person how a healthy body is important similarly a peaceful and healthy mind is also equally important. A massage can help you gain both a healthy body and mind. A massage is not only applicable for sports personalities but a massage is suitable for normal people as well. If you are looking for a Massage Spa in Chennai, then walk into Le Bliss Spa and know more about massages and the benefits of massage therapy. Here in this blog, we have discussed some of the massages that are effective and highly recommended for a sportsman.

Different types of massages for sportsperson

There are various types of massages. They all differ from each other by techniques, procedure, and benefits. Below are the common massages that are recommended for the Sportsperson and athletes.

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Sports massage

This massage includes techniques that are mainly designed for athletes and sportspeople. Sports massage techniques are shaking, compressing, giving pressure, vibration, stroking, cross-fiber friction, stretching, and kneading. This sports massage is of two types. The first one is if you are going to perform in an upcoming event or game, then the massage therapist will give you a lighter massage. Giving a light massage will rejuvenate your muscles and make you feel relaxed. The next one is if you had a hard game or a tiring day then the therapist will give a deep massage which helps you in reducing the entire body pain. Basically, the sports massage benefits in increasing the body flexibility and boosts up the energy which will be very useful in improving their performance. Other than sports massage there are many massages that are beneficial for the sportsperson.

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Swedish massage

It is one of the most familiar massages among everyone. If you are new to massage definitely you can start up with this massage. This massage is most effective with athletes or people with more physical activity. If you get a Swedish massage after a big day or a tough competition gives you great relaxation and a better feel. The various techniques used in this massage are firm pressure, compressing, hitting, tapping, kneading, fewer strokes, and pressing. The strokes give you muscle relaxation and also remove the muscle knots.

Deep tissue massage

As the name indicates, this massage is practiced for treating the deep layer of the muscles. Compared to a normal person, an athlete will face more muscle-related problems. So, this deep tissue massage will be very useful for athletes or people with more physical activity. It uses high pressure and long strokes to remove the muscle pain and tension. It is most similar to sports massage but varies a little bit in the procedure. This massage is highly recommended by doctors for faster recovery of bone injuries.

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Trigger point massage

If you are concerned more about your health, definitely you should know about these trigger points. Massaging the trigger points always gives you a special benefit. Apart from concentrating on the trigger points, this massage focuses on relieving the muscle knot, pain and inflammation. By triggering the trigger points the hypothalamus part in the brain gets stimulated and the secretion of happy hormones gets increased. This boosts up our mood and clears all the mental blockages that lead to more focus in the game.

By now you would have come to know about the sports massage benefits and their techniques. If you are looking for a sports Massage Near me then get into Le Bliss Spa. It is the best Body Massage Centre in Chennai with a well-skilled therapist and they will give you the best massage experience from their magic hands.