Surprising Benefits of Scalp Massage

We all have a busy schedule in this busy world. We have to run after our work to have a well-settled life. But in the busy timeline, we forget to take a rest. Often, there is a perception that having a good sleep equals rest. Yes, it is, however there are other things which could calm your soul and body in a better way. To do this, most of us browse tips for relaxing on the internet but nothing works out. Mostly it will be a temporary solution and not a permanent one. Even today, the majority of people still use head or scalp massage as their remedy for their stress and anxiety. Know the different massage therapies that treat headaches and migraine here.

When it comes to scalp massage, the first thing that strikes our mind is our childhood days, where our mom would give a head massage with her lovely hands. The head massage from our mom will be very relaxing and more affectionate. But as days passed by we didn't have time to get a massage. We almost forgot the health benefits of getting a massage. How many of us know the benefits of this head massage? Don’t worry, in this blog we have discussed the benefits of getting a scalp massage. If you are searching for a Massage Near me, then enter into Le Bliss Spa. Get your favorite scalp massage by entering the best Spa in Chennai

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What is a scalp massage?

Scalp massage is nothing but a head massage in which the scalp is well massaged to improve blood circulation and relaxation. When you get stressed, the tension will remain behind the head and neck. Scalp massage will help you in this case by reducing stress and promoting relaxation. You can get this scalp massage in a spa, parlor, salon or you can try it at home. Getting a scalp massage from the hands of an expert will give you more benefits. The benefit of this scalp massage is enormous and let us discuss it one by one. If you want to get a scalp massage get into Le Bliss Spa and enjoy your massage.

Common benefits of scalp massage

There are many benefits of head massage but here we are going to see about some of the common benefits that you must know.

Treats headache and migraine

When we get tense the blood flow gets increased and a pain signal is sent to the brain which gives you a headache. This leads to a headache and sometimes vomiting. Massaging the scalp using oil will regulate blood circulation and calm down the central nervous system. This reduces the tension in the head and avoids headaches and migraines.

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Good hair growth

Hair fall is a big trouble that every girl comes across. There are two common reasons for hair fall, one is low immune power and the other is weak hair. This scalp massage will reduce dandruff and also increase the hair’s quantity and strength. The oil used during the massage will nourish the hair and promote good hair growth.

Boost up mood

Sometimes we feel sad, depressed, or sometimes tense. Have you noticed why we are feeling this way? This is because of a lack of hormone secretion. This can be treated by increasing the secretion of hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. Massaging the scalp will improve relaxation that leads to boosting your mood.

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Increase the healing property

The healing property is nothing but how fast our body heals the wound. Increase in blood circulation will increase the secretion of white blood cells in our body. The scalp massage helps in increasing blood circulation which results in an increase in the healing property. Getting a regular head massage will improve your immune power.

Now you know about the benefits of scalp massage. If you are searching for a Massage in Chennai, then get into Le Bliss Spa and pamper yourself by booking your appointment today.