Top 3 common massages and their techniques

Most of us think massages are only for rich and luxurious people. But massages are quite affordable for everyone. When it comes to massage we know only about foot, head, and full body massage apart from that there are many kinds of massages. Each massage is different in its techniques, procedures, and benefits. You can choose the best massage that suits your style. There are many kinds of massages but in this blog, we are going to discuss the top three popular massages. A massage is mainly used for relaxation and maintaining our body physically and mentally fit. If you are confused about what to choose let me give you a clear view about massage. Let us discuss the common massages and their techniques further. Also, if you are looking for the best Body Massage in Chennai then step into Le Bliss Spa.

Swedish massage

It is a standard and most preferred massage that involves many types of techniques. When you choose Swedish massage you will get to experience all types of massage techniques. The techniques involved in this are Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, Friction, and vibration. The effleurage is nothing but the gliding strokes that give relief from your muscle pain. Petrissage is a method of kneading or massaging the muscles. This helps in relaxing the deeper part of the muscles. After these two techniques, the therapist will move towards the tapotement which is nothing but tapping and hitting the muscle. This technique is widely used by athletes and sportspersons. Friction is nothing but rubbing the hands top to bottom by using the two palms of the therapist. The last technique is vibration which is nothing but applying pressure to the muscle using the palm and some stretches are also included with it. This once again loosens up the muscle and improves blood circulation.

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Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is the massage that focuses more on the deep layer of the muscles. One of the techniques of this massage is cross-fiber friction in which the therapist will give pressure on a specific area using the palms in a cross manner. This method helps to relieve the muscle pain in the deep layer of the muscles. The second technique is the active release technique in which the therapist will give gliding pressure in hands, legs, shoulders, and the backside. This eliminates the muscle knot and blockage in the nerves. Then the therapist will move with the muscle energy technique which can only be performed by a professional therapist. This can relax your muscles, regulate muscle capacity, and strengthen the muscles. The other two techniques are trigger point therapy and myofascial release. These two techniques help in relaxing the muscle and aligning the cells in the muscles.

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Thai Massage

It is a kind of massage that includes yoga, acupressure, and some gliding strokes. This kind of massage can only be performed or done by a well-practiced therapist. The first yoga technique is bridge pose in which the therapist will assist you to sit in a bridge pose in the backward position. It helps you in removing the blockage in the chest and backside of the shoulder. Then continued with the back press, king cobra, butterfly pose, spinal twist, shoulder stand, fish pose, and half locust. These poses help you in regulating the respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous, and immune systems.

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Here we discussed some of the massages and their techniques. Now you will have clarity about which massage you should choose. Get into the Massage Spa in Chennai to get the delightful experience of your favorite massage. Book your appointment at Le Bliss Spa today.