What is a Swedish Massage? Everything you need to know about Swedish Massage

Legend has it that the inception of modern-day massage in India dates back to 600 B.C where the principles of ancient medicinal systems of Ayurveda were followed. Since then, India has embraced different forms of massage and the industry today is one of the most emerging and promising sectors in the economy. 

While the traditional Indian Ayurvedic Massage or the traditional Indian head massage is welcomed by a large section of the population, the choices have increased as India has become globalised. Massage techniques from other countries and embraced them. That includes the Thai Massage, Balinese Massage, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Turkish Bath Massage to name a few. 

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About Swedish Massage:

Swedish Massage is one of the most famous massage therapy techniques in India. "Classic Massage" is another well-known name of the Swedish Massage, making it the most widely practiced type of massage therapy in the whole world. The massage involves the use of elbows, palms, forearms and fingers to stimulate and manipulate the superficial layers of the muscles to improve blood circulation, thus directly affecting physical and mental health. As part of the massage, active or passive movement of the joints may also be stimulated. The massage is known to improve range of motion, reduce stress and muscle tension. Some of the techniques used in Swedish Massage include tapotement, petrissage, friction, vibration, effleurage, light tapping, firm kneading. Get your Swedish Massage in Anna Nagar and get pampered yourself.


It is believed that the roots of modern-day Swedish Massage date back to the 1830s when a Swedish fencing instructor named Per Henrik Ling injured his elbows. Legend has it that he cured himself by tapping strokes around his affected areas. He later developed the technique, currently known as the Swedish Massage. Two brothers- Charles and George Taylor brought the technique to the United States in the 1850s and from there, the therapy gained worldwide popularity. 

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What to wear during the Massage:

After the therapist asks about the health of the client, including the specific areas of tightness, any pain, allergies, health factors. After getting the information, the masseuse leaves the room for the client to undress privately and wrap themselves in a towel. The client is then required to lie down on the massage table, which is often padded for extra comfort. The client does not need to be completely exposed at any point and the nudity factor depends completely upon the client. At Le Bliss Spa - the best massage in Chennai privacy is given utmost importance and if the client is worried about the nudity factor, they are encouraged to let the masseuse know. 

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What to expect:

Generally, a Swedish Massage lasts around 60-90 minutes. After the therapist obtains information about the client, they use their expertise to assess which oil to apply on the client. It depends from body to body. The massage begins with gentle strokes on various parts of the body. The intensity varies from body to body. It can be long, gentle, gilded strokes or intense, hard strokes. Generally, a Swedish Massage lasts around 60-90 minutes.

Effleurage is a widely used massage technique here. The technique follows a slow, gliding movement that traces the contours of the body and moves towards the heart. This is mainly used to warm up the muscles before the actual massage. This calms the nerves, improves blood circulation and aids in lymphatic drainage.

Petrissage is a technique that is almost like kneading dough. The masseuse lifts, rolls or squeezes the flesh between their hands. This helps to reduce muscle tension, improve blood flow.

Friction aims for the deeper layers of muscles. The therapist manipulates the flesh using the hands or fingertips and repeats the strokes. This is mainly used for small areas, where muscle tension can be reduced. 

Tapotement or tapping is a commonly used technique in Swedish Massage. These are quick, choppy movements that aim to stimulate a specific area. We at Le Bliss Spa - the best spa in Chennai have trained professionals from accredited institutions who understand your body the best and offers a combination of all the above techniques to maximize the benefits. 

Throughout the massage, the therapist communities with the client to know more about the body and adjust the pressure to the choice of the client. 

At times, a Swedish Massage is performed with music playing in the background. However, that is completely optional and up to the client. 

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A well-performed Swedish Massage has a multitude of benefits for the body and the mind too. Get all the benefits of Swedish massage by getting a Massage in Velachery.

First and foremost, the massage immediately improves blood circulation, which helps the client feel refreshed and energetic. The flow of nutrient-rich oxygen helps the client regain energy.

The massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which aids in detoxifying the body from harmful toxins.

The massage works wonders if you have cramps or spasms or fatigue and helps to soothe the muscle tissues and relieve the pain. It aims at unclogging the muscle knots, loosening the fibres and stretching the connective tissues.

The loosening of the joints directly results in a much improved range of motion, allowing the client to move more freely. It even aids in improving muscle strength, firming up the muscles and toning the skin.

Since the mix of intense and slow, gentle strokes penetrate deep into the muscles, a good Swedish Massage is reported to have calming effects on the nervous system as well.

A Swedish Massage also enhances mental health. The massage is known to provide mental relaxation, improvement in quality and length of sleep, relieve stress, depression and anxiety. A well-performed massage also elevates the ability to concentrate, and enhances the sense of well-being.

Difference between a Swedish and a Deep Tissue Massage:

This is a common question asked by many. Swedish massage and Deep Tissue Massage stem from the same principles on focusing on muscles but are inherently different. They have different uses and differ in the intensity of pressure.

Swedish Massage is an option primarily for promoting relaxation and reducing muscle tension. This tension can be a result of a plethora of things ranging from running every day to just sitting at a computer. Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, is used primarily to counter chronic pain and muscle injuries from sports or an active lifestyle.

Swedish massages are much gentler and use lesser tension. It used palms and fingers but in a slow, gentle and sustained manner. In a Deep Tissue massage, elbows and forearms may also be used alongside fingers and palms. The pressure is much more, compared to a generic Swedish Massage.

A Swedish Massage focuses on the superficial layers of muscles and focuses on the tension prone areas of the body, such as the shoulders, back and neck. Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, targets muscles and tendons. It tackles pain, stiffness, injuries of these areas.


A good quality Swedish Massage in Chennai ranges from 2500-4000 INR. At Le Bliss Spa, you can avail the 60-minute Swedish Massage for 2100 INR, the 90-minute for 2900 INR and the 120-minute for 3800 INR.