What is a Deep Tissue Massage? Everything you need to know about Deep Tissue Massage

The massage industry is ever increasing, incorporating new methods and techniques following different principles. Some of them are intense and fast, while some are slow and gentle. It boils down to the needs of the client and the expertise of the masseuse.

Massage in Anna Nagar has gained tremendous popularity in recent times and accounts for a significant portion of the massage industry. While the ancient Greeks and Egyptians are credited to have discovered the healing power of massage, Canada and the United States are said to have the roots of modern-day deep tissue massage. While the countries have been using the technique since the 1800s, guidelines and procedures were adopted will after mid-1900s.

Therese Phimmer, a Canadian doctor is credited with establishing the massage technique, in her book "Muscles- Your Invisible Bonds". The book served as a framework and a manual for present-day Deep Tissue Massage Therapists.

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Deep Tissue Massage Procedure:

Deep tissue massage as technique rests primarily on slow and sustained deep strokes that reach the inner layers of the muscles and the connective tissues. The technique focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Many issues are handled by this technique. This may include anything from sports injuries, aches, strains. It is best suited for people with a super active routine, or engage in intense physical activities like sports, running, cycling etc. The slow strokes help in healing faster by spiking up the blood flow and reducing inflammation. Further know the reasons to get a deep tissue massage therapy.

How does it stand out?

Unlike other forms of massages which focus more on relaxation, deep tissue massages emphasize treating muscle pain and stiffness. The benefits of the are not just restricted to physical unwinding, but also mental comfort.

What is the difference between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage?

This is a common question asked by many. Swedish massage and Deep Tissue Massage stem from the same principles on focusing on muscles but are inherently different. They have different uses and differ in the intensity of pressure.

Swedish Massage is an option primarily for promoting relaxation and reducing muscle tension. This tension can be a result of a plethora of things ranging from running every day to just sitting at a computer. Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, is used primarily to counter chronic pain and muscle injuries from sports or an active lifestyle.

Swedish massages are much gentler and use lesser tension. It used palms and fingers but in a slow, gentle and sustained manner. In a Deep Tissue Massage, elbows and forearms may also be used alongside fingers and palms. The pressure is much more, compared to a generic Swedish Massage.

A Swedish Massage focuses on the superficial layers of muscles and focuses on the tension prone areas of the body, such as the shoulders, back and neck. Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, targets muscles and tendons. It tackles pain, stiffness, injuries of these areas.

People with sports injuries, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, sciatica, tennis elbow have also benefited greatly from Deep Tissue Massages at Le Bliss Spa Massage Centre in Chennai and Velachery.

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What to wear during a Deep Tissue Massage Session?

Normally, deep tissues massages involve the client to lie down in their underwear, with towels provided to cover up the areas. Proper privacy is ensured throughout the session. The level of clothing depends totally on the client.


The process starts a short question and answers session asked by the therapist. They want to know the problem areas which need more focus. The trained professionals at Le Bliss Spa - the best Spa in Chennai provides extra emphasis on this process to figure out the problem areas.

The massage might start from the back or stomach, depending on client to client. The therapist begins with a warm-up session of gentle strokes, with lighter touches. Then it proceeds to the problem areas to use deep kneading and stroking with varying levels of pressure. This helps to unclog the problem areas, provide with more blood flow and thus ensuring a speedy recovery.

The science behind this technique is that it helps to break up the scar tissue and break down the muscle "knots" and adhesions physically. Adhesions can limit the range of motion, disrupt blood circulation and cause discomfort and even pain.

Stripping and friction are two factors given important consideration during the massage. Stripping refers to the gliding pressure, deep into the muscle layers which moves along the length of the muscle fibres. It can be given using the elbow, forearms, thumbs and even knuckles.

Friction refers to the pressure which is applied to the "grain" of the muscles for the realignment of tissue fibres and release adhesions.

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Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage:

A more relaxed state of mind is the first benefit deep tissue massages can provide. Muscle pain, adhesions are a concern for many and lingers at the back of the mind. A pain-free body is a blessing and helps the client to remain stress-free. Many users have reported healthier mental health after a deep tissue massage at Le Bliss Spa.

Better workouts. Since the technique focuses on relaxing and de-stressing the muscles, deep tissue massage provides an increased range of motion, which is excellent for workouts, building muscles and even burning calories more efficiently.

Deep tissue massages have a profound impact on sleep. Due to less pain and a serotonin boost, it ensures that you have a good night's sleep.

Several types of research carried out also found deep tissue massages to be beneficial for the heart and lungs. The massage directly results in lower systolic and diastolic pressure.

Finally, the most important benefit of the massage is to eliminate pain. The massage unclog the stressed out, overworked muscles and connective tissues and alleviate pain. Chronic joint or muscle pain- the massage takes care of everything. The promotion of blood flow aids in the recovery process too.

What is the Cost of a Deep Tissue Massage:

A top quality deep tissue massage requires great expertise and hence the message is a mid-range package. The average price of deep tissue massage in Chennai ranges from 2500 to 6000 INR. at Le Bliss Spa, we offer 3 different packages. The 60-minute massage costs 2400 INR, the 90 minutes costs 3300 and 120 minute costs 4200 INR. Le Bliss Spa - the best massage center in Velacheryprovides a professional, comforting massage session from certified professionals by accredited institutions.