What are the various body massages and their benefits?

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It's time to say goodbye to all your body pain and health-related issues. Massages have the ability to maintain your body health. Massages include many types of techniques that vary for every individual massage. It is a process of treating the muscle with pressure and strokes that gives you a strong physical body. In this blog, let us discuss what are the various body massages and their benefits?. If you are seeking a Massage Spa in Chennai, then walk into Le Bliss Spa and get pampered and rejuvenated.

Full Body Massage Therapy

Body massage is a kind of medical treatment that comprises many massage techniques, acupressure and ayurvedic treatments. Massage is an ancient practice that can be performed for a particular part or for the entire body. The massage is performed using the fingers, palms, hands, elbows and rarely feet. They almost give pressure on every tissue in the muscles to relieve them from pain and tension. Most of the massages are done using massage oils, essential oils, lotions and carrier oils. Some of the full-body massages are Swedish, Deep tissue, Thai, Hot stone and Sports massage. Let us see one by one further in this blog.

Various types of massages

Let us discuss the various full-body massages that benefit us a lot. If you are seeking a Massage in Velachery, then book your appointment now!.

Swedish Massage

This is the only body massage that includes a number of massage techniques. Swedish massage is originated in Sweden and it is also treated as an ancient massage. The techniques in this massage make it a unique massage compare to others. The gliding technique included in this massage will remove all the muscle pain and inflammation. The massage is continued with other techniques like strokes, pressing, tapping, hitting, giving pressure and soothing. These techniques benefits in treating indigestion, muscle-related problems, boost up energy and increasing RBC count. This is the best massage for relaxing the body and mind.

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Thai Massage

The uniqueness of this massage is it does not include the practice of massage oils and lotions. The three main techniques of this massage are strokes, yoga asana and pressure points. Usually, this massage is performed on the floor or ground, to allow our body to absorb the energy from the ground. The yoga positions used here are fish pose, king cobra, bridge pose, cat pose, needle pose and eagle pose. During the massage, the therapist will assist you with breathing exercises which will help in improving your respiration. This is considered the best stress-relief massage. Get into the best Massage Spa in Velachery and enjoy your massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

The massage techniques mainly concentrate on treating the deep layers of the muscles. Deep tissue massage is one of the massages that is suggested for the sportsperson. During the massage, the therapist will increase the pressure gradually to treat the muscles. This massage is best suited for the person who has muscle and bone-related problems. Even doctors suggest this massage for their patients for faster recovery of injuries. If you feel uncomfortable during the massage, you can inform the therapist without any hesitation. Get Deep Tissue Massage Therapy at the professional massage spa in Chennai. 

Hot Stone Massage

It is also a full body massage therapy that is based on the chakras in the body. The entire massage is done using stones like limestone, sedimentary rock and volcanic rocks. Basalt is a volcanic stone that is most prefered during massage. In this massage, both hot stones and cold stones are used. When the stones are kept on the skin surface, the pores absorb the heat from the stone. This will give you a relaxed feel and also increase cell productivity. Get your hot stone massage at the best Massage Spa in Anna Nagar

Sports Massage

As the name indicates this massage is for sportsperson, but it can also be suggested for a person who involves in more physical activities. If you are facing pain, muscle ache and tension, then this is the best massage for you. Sports massage also helps in improving the focus, increasing the secretion of happy hormones and boosting up the game performance. It is of two types light massage and deep massage. The difference between the two massages are the pressure in the light massage will be less and the pressure in the deep massage will be higher. 

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In this blog, we have discussed the various massages and their benefits. Enter Le Bliss Spa, the best Massage Centre in Chennai. Enjoy your massage service by booking your appointment now!.