Popular Massages and their Techniques

Most of us have a dream of experiencing a massage. There are many varieties of massage and they all differ by techniques and benefits. If you are confused about choosing them, then this blog would help you out in choosing the massage that suits your needs.

As mentioned above, there are many types of massages but here we are going to discuss some popular massage types. Massage is classical art with different techniques and methods to relieve stress, depression, and mental pressure. Getting a massage puts you in a relaxed state and refreshes your body and mind. So, walk into the best Massage Centre in Chennai and get all the health benefits. Try Le Bliss Spa in Chennai that offers you the best massage services that are therapeutic.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a kind of massage that includes many massage techniques mainly for relaxing our muscles and boosting up our immune system. In this massage, the muscles are rubbed in the same direction to increase the blood flow towards the heart. The techniques involved in this massage are gliding, kneading, tapping, and hitting. If you want to try all massages in one, then this massage is best suitable for you.

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Deep Tissue Massage

As the name implies, this massage is practiced for the inner or deep layer of the muscles. It includes high pressure and long strokes to remove the blockage and knots in the muscles.

This massage is mainly to treat stiff neck, back pain, lower back, and other muscle-bone-related problems. The massage will be done very slowly to relax the muscles and prepare them for further massage. Deep tissue massage deals with specific physical and muscular issues in order to relieve pain and restore normal movement. If you are not comfortable with high pressure during the massage, then you can inform the therapist about the pressure level. The techniques involved in this massage are high pressure, long strokes, hitting, and pressing. This helps in removing the muscle tension, muscle knot, and muscle inflammation.

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Sports Massage

For athletes, both sports massage and deep tissue massage are highly recommended. This sports massage is mainly designed for sportspeople in which the techniques are to treat a sports injury. You should have a lighter massage if you have a race or competition coming up. A light massage will cleanse your entire system and aid in recuperation, relaxation, and pain relief. Sports massage also helps you in reducing your stress, depression, and pressure which can increase your focus in the game and also improves your performance. This is the main reason why most athletes get this massage.

Head Massage

This is the common massage that everyone loves to take. When we are stressed, depressed, or in tension, we crave a head massage. Getting a head massage improves our overall health. This massage is practiced for many years, as our ancestors knew about the healing power of head massage. Massaging our head is a kind of reflexology because our head has many trigger points. Massaging them helps us in maintaining our entire body in a healthy way. Head massage also helps in regulating the function of chakras in our body. This massage is recommended for everyone.

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Aromatherapy Massage

As the name indicates this massage uses aromatic compounds during the massage session. If you wanna get extreme relaxation, then this massage is the best choice for you. Many types of essential oils are used in this massage such as lavender, peppermint, rosemary, chamomile, and lemon. The fragrance of the oils gives you a pleasant feel and each oil has its own health benefits. The techniques involved in this massage are gliding, pressing, compressing, and soothing the muscles. It is also a kind of full-body massage that helps you in relaxing the body and mind.


Getting a massage regularly will make way to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Further, you can enjoy these massages by stepping into Spa in Chennai.