Boost your immunity by getting a Swedish Massage Therapy

We all want a fit and healthy lifestyle without working for it. Our immune system plays a key role in our health. Some people will lack immune power which may lead to many health problems. Do you know something, you can increase your immune power naturally. One of the methods is getting massage therapy. Boost your immunity by getting a Swedish massage in the Best Spa in Chennai. Let us discuss how Swedish massage therapy helps in boosting our immunity.

Swedish Massage Therapy

This massage is the traditional massage of Swedish people. It is the only massage that includes all types of massage techniques. The Father of Swedish massage is Per Henrik Ling who was the first one to design this massage. The various techniques used in this massage are kneading, effleurage, hitting, tapping, soothing, rolling, strokes and applying pressure. This massage benefits you in treating indigestion, flush out the toxins from the body, improves blood circulation, reduce stress and eases chronic pain. Swedish is the best massage to boost your immune system. Get a healthy body massage at the best Body Massage Centre in Velachery. Know the Benefits of a Body Spa and try out a massage.

How Swedish massage is performed?

As the first step, the therapist will start the massage by applying the massage lotion and massage gel. The therapist will begin the massage from the arm then move to the shoulders, back, neck and legs. The expert will work on the muscle region step by step. The first technique performed is soothing which will increase the blood flow and gives a warm-up to the tissue for further massage. Let's discuss the techniques further

Effleurage: In this technique, the therapist will give you long strokes to remove the muscle knots and joint pain. The pressure level is increased step by step during this technique.

Petrissage: This technique includes kneading the muscle in our body. It will remove all the pain accumulated deep inside the muscles. This technique is effective with chronic pains.

Tapotement: During this method, the expert will give a fast tapping in the muscles that will remove the blockages in the energy flow and improve the blood flow. 

Friction: As the name indicates, the therapist will create friction in the muscles by rubbing his/her hands. This will make the muscle warm and also relaxes them.

Vibration: Finally, vibration is nothing but shaking the muscle using the palm of the therapist. This technique will loosen the tissues and aligns the cells. 

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How do massages help in improving your immune power?

The immune system is one of the major systems in our human body that helps in destroying foreign viruses and bacterias. The white blood cells are called the immune cells which flows in the bloodstream that fights against the virus cells. There are many kinds of massage therapies and all the massages commonly include strokes and soothing techniques. When the therapist massages your skin the blood flow to the heart gets regulated and also it increases the secretion of immune cells. Higher secretion of red blood cells will regulate the function of the internal organs. While massaging the tissues in the muscles will squeeze out the old blood and the fresh blood is allowed to flow inside them. 

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In this blog, we have discussed the function immune system and how does Swedish massage help in improving the immune power. If you are looking for a Body Massage in Chennai, then walk into Le Bliss Spa. They offer you all the massage services at a reasonable price.