Ayurveda Massage and its Health Values

Ayurvedic Massage offers many medicinal values and health benefits. The word “Ayurveda” which means “Science of Life” and this ayurvedic massage involves natural essential oils and unique massage techniques to treat various health issues. Ayurvedic medicine improves the internal power of our body, mind, and spirit. Massage done through Ayurveda method helps to increase blood circulation, nourishes your skin, prevents aging, generates positive feelings to make us feel mentally and physically healthier. It aids in relieving stress, anxiety, and boosts up your immunity level. Le Bliss Spa, Massage Center in Chennai which offers different types of Ayurvedic Massages to their customers. There are several types of massages in Ayurvedic Massage, they are,

Srotabhyanga Massage

Marma Massage

Champi Massage

Padabhyanga Massage

Srotabhyanga Massage

This is the perfect type of massage which is treated to remove toxins in the lymphatic, arterial and venous systems. It balances and reactivates the body's metabolism. This Massage is suggested in cases of overtiredness, water retention, excess toxins present in the body, and circulatory problems.

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Marma Massage

The term “Marma” means the “main energy points of the body”. It is a comprehensive massage that strengthens the brain's function and stimulates hormones. It improves the functions of neuromuscular junctions. It reduces body tension and gives a calm, relaxing effect on the soul, mind, and body. Feel relaxed and calm yourself in the Body Massage Velachery at Le Bliss Spa.

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Champi Massage

Champi Massage therapy involves the Head, Shoulder, neck, face, and scalp Massage. This massage therapy is beneficial for those who are suffering from severe headaches, migraines, baldness, mental disorders, and insomnia. The head and shoulder massage give you a tense free feel.

Padabhyanga Massage

In India, it is a traditional foot massage. This Padabhyanga Massage has highly relaxing power and it is recommended to treat backaches, leg sprains, reduce nervousness, and strengthen foot tissues. It also helps in faster recovery of injuries.

Other types of Ayurveda Massage

Shiro Abhyangam: Oil is applied on the scalp

Murda Taylam: Applying oil on the head

Shiro Vasti: Using a hat, the oil is applied on the head for a certain period of time

Sir Pitchu: Using an oil-soaked cloth and applying it over the head.

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Benefits of Ayurveda Massage

Gives lubrication to the bones, joints, and muscle tissues.

Improves endurance level

Increases longevity

Eliminates facial wrinkles

Nourishes your skin

Alleviates stiffness, fatigues

Roughness, and coarseness in the body

Helps in detoxification

Calm down your body and mind

Tones your muscles

Promotes better sleep at night

Refreshes sensory organs

Strengthens vision power

Increases growth of your hair

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