How does massage therapy help in the recovery of injuries?

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When we hear the word injury, it reminds our childhood days. Because we often fall and get scar as the award. When we are children, our injuries may heal quickly. But as we grow up, the healing capacity of our body get lessened. We usually consult a doctor for a speed recovery. But how of you know massages has the capacity to heal the wound and injuries faster. Even the doctors recommend getting massage therapy for fractures and injuries. In this blog, you will know how does massage therapy help in the recovery of injuries. Book an appointment at Le Bliss Spa, and enjoy your massage. 

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage is a kind of therapy that includes the manipulation of the tissues in the muscles. According to science, when the energy flow in our body gets blocked or imbalanced it results in sickness. Massages can help in balancing them by regulating the seven chakras in the body. These massages are of many styles and many techniques. Massages are performed by a skilled therapist using the hands, legs, arms and foot. Each massage benefits you in a specific way. You can choose your massage according to your need. 

How does the wound get healed?

When we fell down, we cut our skin and it starts to bleed. The platelets in the blood rush out to stop the bleeding. The RBC cells form the collagen which starts to form a white layer beneath the injured area to avoid the entry of germs. It covers up the injury and pushes the skin inwards. White blood cells are called immune cells that fight against germs and protect the wound from germs. Then the wound gets healed in two to five days. This is how the wound gets healed in our body. 

How massages helps in healing the wound?

You will have the question “Is massage good for muscle strain?”. Yes, massage does help in the faster healing of injuries. Massages includes many techniques that help in increasing the blood circulation to all the body parts. Some people will have less capacity to heal their wounds. In these cases, the bleeding won't stop easily, and it continues for a few more minutes. Massages help in faster healing of the wounds. The increased blood circulation to the wounds will reduce the pain and supply more oxygen to the skin. This will heal the wound faster. Treat your wound faster by getting a spa service at the best Spa in Anna Nagar

Massages that helps in faster recovery of injuries

There are many muscle strain massages that help in the faster recovery of injuries and let us discuss some among them. 

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a popular massage method that many people throughout the world prefer. It is the first massage that every therapist would recommend. Because this massage includes many techniques like friction, pressing, tapping, striking, gliding, compressing, kneading and strokes. During this massage, the therapist will apply gentle pressure on the muscle to make it feel relaxed. If you are trying out massage for the first time, then this massage is the best option. This massage highly concentrates on relieving body pain and stress. It increases the blood circulation to the wound and heals them quickly. Get the hot oil massage for body benefits at the best spa.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that uses high-pressure techniques such as strokes, stretches, and compression to target specific areas of the body. The techniques used in this massage are similar to those used in Swedish massage, however, the pressure level gets different. Deep tissue massage focuses on muscle and bone ailments, as well as preventing future injuries. This massage is very beneficial for persons who involve in more physical activities and sportsperson. This massage is primarily for athletes because they will be dealing with a variety of issues such as deep discomfort, muscle knots, strain and ankle pain, and so on. This deep tissue massage is also recommended by doctors for people who have suffered from bone injury. This will also help in maintaining mental wellness. Get your deep tissue massage at the best Massage Spa in Velachery.

Sports Massage

One of the most widely recommended massage therapies for athletes is sports massage. The techniques in this massage may get differ from the other massages. You will have the question “does massage help strained muscles?”. Yes, some high-pressure techniques are used in sports massage to treat the deep layer of muscles and sports injuries. Sports massage is divided into two types: pre-event massage and post-event massage. The pressure level of pre-event massage will be less because the massage should not affect muscle memory. In the post-event massage, the pressure applied will be high, to remove all the muscle knots and muscle inflammation. Sports massage will help in healing bone injuries faster. Treat your ankle injuries by knowing the importance of foot massage by getting foot massage at Le Bliss Spa.

Balinese Massage

Balinese massage is very famous in the place of Bali and benefits physical and mental health. Balinese massage therapy is a type of full-body massage that mainly helps in improving the immune system. The techniques in this massage are similar to aromatherapy and some among them are reflexology, strokes, rolling, stretches, kneading, striking and acupressure. Balinese massage is one of the common massages that includes many massage techniques. Balinese massage focuses on improving the flow of blood, oxygen, and energy to the heart. This massage is the best to reenergize your lost energy. Massaging the body with the special essential oil will help you in healing the injuries. This is the best massage for muscle strain. Know about the physical effects of massage by getting a professional massage.

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point therapy is the process of applying pressure to the trigger points in the body. Trigger point therapy is also known as neuromuscular therapy or myofascial trigger point therapy. This massage primarily helps in the relief of body stress as well as the removal of blockages in the energy pathways. The therapist will apply extra pressure to the specific trigger point two or three times during this massage to enhance proper blood circulation. This trigger point massage helps in increased blood circulation which improves the healing capacity. This is the best massage for injury recovery.

In this blog, we have discussed the massages that improve the healing capacity. Know you will have a clear idea about how massages work on injuries. If you are looking for a Spa in Chennai, then enter Le Bliss Spa.