What are the Differences Between Thai and Shiatsu Massage Therapy?

In our day-to-day life, we come across stress, tension, and pressure. To get rid of these things, people meditate, do yoga, fill their plates with diet foods, and take medications. Here comes massage therapy, which can be the best option for you.

Instead of taking pills for your stress, you can go with massage therapies which can benefit you in many ways. Massage therapy is an old practice that includes soothing, rolling, and similar techniques on the skin surface. There are plenty of massage therapies, and they all differ in styles and benefits.

The muscles in our body are accumulated with more tension and stress, which is removed by applying pressure and rubbing them. These techniques will improve the blood flow to these muscles and make them healthy. In this blog, let us discuss "what are the differences between Thai and shiatsu massage therapy?". If you are looking for Massage in Velachery, enter Le Bliss Spa.

What is Thai Massage Therapy?

The birthplace of this massage is Thailand, and there it is popularly called " nuat phaen thai or nuat phaen boran".

Traditional Thai massage includes techniques like acupressure, yoga poses, and Ayurveda. This massage does not include any practice of essential oils.

Thai massage means a yoga massage, thousands of years old medical system, but it is still practised in Thailand due to its mental and physical therapeutic abilities. This massage highly concentrates on regulating the energy circles in the body. The climatic change or the environmental factors, sometimes the energy flow in the body gets imbalanced. People believed that massages have the capacity to regulate the energy channel. So, they practised massage therapy regularly.

Know more about the myofascial massage therapy and its benefits at the best spa.

How is Thai Massage Performed?

Some massage methods vary depending on the pressure levels. You can wear some loose clothes in which you are comfortable. This massage is performed on the floor, mat, or table. In place of Thailand, the therapist will give this massage to many people in a single large room. You can also get this massage in a solo manner. The therapist will assist you with many yoga positions with different pressure levels during the massage. The therapist will perform the massage using their hands, fingers, palm, and also legs.

A proper Thai body massage lasts for almost two hours and comprises compressing, pressing, and stretching the body surface. The therapist will include cracking knuckles, pulling the toes, fingers, and ears, hitting the back, giving strokes on the leg joint, and pressing the forearm. Experience a Thai Full Body Massage in Anna Nagar and get delighted.

Benefits of Thai Massage

There are many Thai massage benefits, and let's discuss some among them:

Treats headaches and migraine

Reduces back pain

Removes joint and muscle pain

Improves the muscle flexibility

Increase the range of motion

Reduce anxiety

Boost up energy

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage is a kind of alternative therapy that involves applying manual pressure on the body surface to reduce stress and discomfort. Shiatsu massage can be performed both manually and using tools like shiatsu massager. This massage is also called "finger pressure". Getting a massage regularly can maintain the health of your body. Check out how often should I get massage therapy at the best spa.

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese healing method that uses thumbs, fingers, elbows, and knees to apply pressure to specific energy channels in the body called meridians. This traditional massage, also known as acupressure, is used to relieve muscle tension and exhaustion and increase blood circulation and lymphatic system function. Book your shiatsu spa body massage at the best Massage Spa in Velachery.

How is the Shiatsu Massage Performed?

Shiatsu massage therapy involves applying pressure to various parts of the body's surface using the fingers, thumbs, and palms. This will help in healing the injuries and helps in balancing the energy flow. Shiatsu helps reduce stress, manage pain and sickness, contribute to general health and welfare, and be a wonderfully relaxing experience. Especially, shiatsu helps in relieving lower back pain.

Shiatsu therapy helps stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic, and hormonal systems and the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. Shiatsu can help with many physical benefits.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage benefits in many ways, and some of them are listed below:

Treats poor posture

Faster recovery of joint problems

Reduces headaches and sinusitis

Treats chronic back pain

Treats sprain and arthritis

Good sleep

Increases the blood circulation

The Difference Between Thai and Shiatsu Massage

The primary distinction is the clothes you wear. Wear loose, comfortable attire to a shiatsu therapy session.

The next difference is the use of lubricants. Shiatsu therapists do not use creams, lotions, or oils to facilitate strokes and protect the skin from friction. The clothes act as a barrier when then the stretches and compression are performed.

Then the area of focus for both of the massages differs. The Thai massages concentrate more on the muscle and pain regions. But the shiatsu focuses on the joints, tendons, and fascia region.

The next difference is during the Thai massage; you can get it on a bed or table. But shiatsu massage is performed only on the floor, mat, or ground.

Many people say, after getting a massage, they feel tired and exhausted. But after getting a shiatsu massage therapy, you will feel energetic and enthusiastic.

The next difference is the techniques used in the session. In Thai massage, many yoga poses are practised. During the shiatsu therapy, the therapist will stretch the legs and hands and pressure the neck and back.

Now you will know about Thai and shiatsu massage and their difference. Massages are a wonderful therapy that works for all aged people. There are no restrictions on getting massages. Even though consult your doctor once if you choose a high-pressure massage, if you are planning to get a Body Massage in Chennai, enter Le Bliss Spa. They offer all kinds of massage services, book your favourite one now!.