The Effect of Massage therapy on lower back pain

Most people in the world suffer from back pain. Do you know how we get back pain? Some people will consult the doctor to get rid of pain, and some will take pills that will give them a temporary solution. How many of you know that getting massages can help treat back pain?. In this blog, you will see the effect of massage therapy on lower back pain. If you are looking for a massage, then enter Le Bliss Spa.

The Causes of Back Pain

Back pain occurs due to improper posture, heavy lifting, workouts, the strain of the back region, and injury in the spinal ligament part. The cause of back pain cannot be found by ourselves. Only a doctor can diagnose the reason by performing some test or examination.

Muscle Strain: Sometimes, we use it to lift heavy things, or a sudden movement can strain the muscles, leading to back pain. If you don't treat your strain, it may result in muscle spasms.

Bulging in the Spine: The disc is the region situated between the bones and the spine. A soft part is present inside the disc region. When this soft region is bulged or disrupted, it may result in severe back pain. This can be found only by taking x-rays/MRIs.

Arthritis: When the swelling occurs in the joints, then it is called "Arthritis". Usually, Osteoarthritis will lead to back pain. The condition of spinal stenosis will also result in arthritis. It is nothing but an imbalance in the space around the spine region. Osteoporosis is a condition where the vertebrae will get fractured or ruptured, leading to back pain.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manipulation of tissues in the muscles. Common massage techniques are compressing, shaking, tapping, pushing, effleurage, stroking, kneading, rolling, and applying pressure. The most popular massage therapies in practice are Hot stone, trigger point, acupressure, Balinese, acupuncture, deep tissue, Thai, prenatal, and Aromatherapy massage. A skilled person who performs massages is referred to as a "therapist" or "masseur". They will be skilled with all of the massage techniques and procedures. Anyone can perform a massage, but a therapist can only provide a professional massage experience. During the massage, the tissues in the muscle will be stretched and performed with many massage techniques. Improve your health by getting a healing body massage and spa at the best massage centre.

How does massage works on back pain?

There are some massages that are especially recommended for back pain problems. The techniques used in massages will increase the blood circulation to the muscles in the back. This will flush out all the stress and pain accumulated in the specific region. Then the stretches and hitting in the muscles will help in relieving the muscle knots and tension at the back. Enjoy your massage at the Massage Near Me.

Various massage therapies that help in relieving back pain
Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a good start for those who are new to massage treatment. It relieves muscle tension all over the body. This soothing massage might also help to relieve slight back pain. A full-body massage is usually included in a standard session. To relieve the back pain, the therapist will use the techniques like kneading, tapping, deep circular motions, passive joint movements, and long strokes.

Deep Tissue Massage

As the name implies, deep tissue massage applies greater pressure on the muscles than a Swedish massage. People with muscle soreness, injuries, or persistent muscle pain may benefit from the extra pressure. Those who suffer from anxiety or high stress levels may also benefit from reducing muscle tension. The massage therapist uses deep finger pressure and slow strokes to treat back pain. The added pressure helps in reaching the muscles and soft tissues at deeper layers. The therapist will use more pressure on the tissues, if you are scared of more pressure, inform the therapist about your pressure level. This is the best oil massage for body benefits

Trigger Point Massage

This sort of massage relaxes the body's trigger points. Trigger points are muscle tightness regions responsible for generating pain in the body. A trigger point in the back, for example, can cause neck pain. Pressing these trigger points will increase blood circulation and treat muscle contraction. The therapist works on the majority of the body during a trigger point massage, paying more attention to the regions that cause you pain. These trigger points can be relieved with flowing strokes and deep pressure. After just one session, you may notice tremendous pain reduction. Get your trigger point massage at the best Spa in Anna Nagar.

Therapeutic Massage

The techniques practiced by the therapist will reduce the symptoms, such as tense shoulders, neck stiffness, or lower back spasms. Instead of providing you with a full-body massage, the therapist uses a strategy to treat these issues. The therapist will use techniques like trigger point or myofascial release. These procedures can help you relieve pain while also changing the structure of your muscles and other soft tissues. This will reduce the tension and pain in the muscles on the backside.

Shiatsu Massage

This massage helps in the regulation of the neurological, lymphatic, circulatory, and hormonal systems of the body. This massage will treat back and neck pain, arthritis, sprains, sciatica, and chronic stress. The therapist applies pressure to various places of the body with palms, fingers, and thumbs during a Shiatsu massage. This pressure encourages energy flow and aids in the correction of physical imbalances. Shiatsu promotes good health by assisting with coordination, range of motion, and pain alleviation. The various sketches performed in this massage will relieve the pain in the muscles in the back. Know about the best oil for massage therapy by entering the best massage spa.

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage is a type of treatment that has been used for many years. This massage, which combines strokes, stretches, and yoga poses, is also known as "Thai yoga massage". During this massage, the therapist will assist you in various yoga positions that will help you in improving your health. The common poses for back pain are cow, cobra, fish, dog, and bridge postures. Get a traditional Thai Massage in the best Spa in Velachery and get delighted. Apart from relieving back pain yoga strengthens the respiratory system, relieves asthma, improves memory, regulates the operation of the chakras, clears energy blockages, and strengthens the immune system.

In this blog, we have discussed the cause of back pain and the massages that help in relieving back pain. If you are looking for a Massage Spa in Chennai, then enter Le Bliss Spa. Book your favorite massage appointment.