Top 4 Benefits of Getting a Body Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the methods for relaxing our body and mind. Most of us don’t have clarity about relaxation. The exact meaning of relaxation is relaxing both body and mind. The only way that helps you to relax both body & mind is through massage therapy. It is a kind of treatment for our body, which is practiced for almost thousands of years. In this blog, you will know the top 4 benefits of getting body massage therapy. If you are looking for a Massage Spa in Anna Nagar, then get into Le Bliss Spa and book your massage appointment today!.

Principle of massage

Massage is manipulating the tissues in the body which improves your health. People believe the energy flow of the body will get blocked or unbalanced sometimes. This will definitely lead to both physical and mental issues. The techniques involved in massage will balance and unblock the energy signal. When the energy flow in our body is regulated, our entire body will be healthy and fit. Let’s discuss the importance of massage more in this blog. Get into the best Spa in Velachery and get your dream massage.

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Types of massages

There are different types of massages and let us discuss some common massages. 

Swedish massages:

Swedish is the common massage that everyone prefers. It is the only massage that involves all the massage techniques. It includes techniques like stroking, kneading, tapping, hitting, compressing, pressing and applying pressure. You will know more benefits of massage on muscles further.

Deep tissue massage:

This massage is highly recommended for muscle and bone-related problems. If you are a person scared of high pressure and strokes, then inform the therapist before your massage session, so that they will maintain the pressure level as you wish.

Aromatherapy massage:

An aromatherapy massage is practiced with essential oils and soothing techniques. The best part of this massage is the fragrance of the essential oil that will give you extreme relaxation. The common essential oils used during the massage session are lavender, chamomile, peppermint, vetiver, and rosemary. 

Balinese massage:

Balinese massage has its origin from the place called Bali and the people there treat this massage as their traditional massage. The strokes involved in this massage will remove the body pain. This massage is practiced with some rare essential oil called "Frangipani".

Sports massage:

If you are a sportsperson, then this massage is the best choice for you. If you practice hard definitely you will come up with muscle aches and joint pain. Getting a sports massage will improve your game performance.

Top four benefits of massage therapy

There are many benefits of body massage and let us discuss the top four benefits. Get into the best Massage Spa in Chennai and get all the benefits of body massage.

Improve blood circulation

Blood circulation is the most important thing for a healthy body. Lack of blood circulation to the internal organs will affect the function of organs. Soothing the muscles will squeeze out the old blood in the muscle and allow the fresh blood to enter the muscle. 

Calm down the nervous system

The central nervous system is one of the main parts of our body that controls the entire functionality of every organ. The massages that highly concentrate on this part are Aromatherapy, Balinese, and Thai massage. The strokes and manipulation of the tissues will improve blood circulation and calm down the nervous system.

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Boost up mood

Nowadays, mood swings have become a normal thing. During the massage, the hypothalamus part in the brain gets activated. This will increase the secretion of happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. These hormones will reduce the count of the stress hormone and boost up your mood.

Relieves body pain

When you have a hard or long day, you will have body pain. The techniques involved in the massages are designed for relieving body pain. The massages that are highly recommended for body pain relief are Thai massage and Deep tissue massage.

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In this blog, we have discussed the massages and their top four benefits. If you are looking for a Body Massage in Chennai, then step into Le Bliss Spa. They render you with all the massage and spa services.