Best Massages to get rid off Back Pain

Causes and Reasons for Back pain

About 80 percent of the people in the world have lower back pain. And it has become one of the major health problems worldwide. People generally have many reasons for getting back pain. Some may experience lower back pain due to different causes. The reasons may be chronic or temporary. One may spend a lot of time driving either a bus or car or seated on an office chair or doing some heavy weight lifting work using their back. These reasons may cause lower back pain. It also includes some of the other factors like weight gain, depression, aging, pregnancy, and many more. If normal stretching doesn’t work out, then you have to take an alternative way to get rid of the back pain. In recent years, people are looking for Massage therapy as the best alternative to alleviate their back pain. Experience the best Massage at Le Bliss Spa, Full Body Massage Spa in Chennai

Best Types of Massages for Back Pain 

To treat chronic pain, Massages are one of the best options. There are some special types of massage therapy to cure back pain are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, Trigger Point therapy. Massage may include various types of techniques like kneading, rolling, friction, hacking, etc. All these methods and treatments vary according to the patient’s condition. Le Bliss Spa, Massage Spa in Velachery offers various Massage therapies to their clients.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the popular forms of massage therapy to treat lower back pain. Therapists use typical and gentle techniques in the lower back area. They apply required pressure on the troubled body part to provide relaxation which reduces muscle pain. This is an effective method to relieve mental and physical tension. The main intent of this therapy is to remove toxins present in the body and improve the oxygen flow. Swedish massage involves some different techniques like petrissage, effleurage, friction, tapotement. This massage is an excellent choice for people who suffer from arthritis pain and high blood pressure. Regular Swedish massage can provide several benefits such as,

Enhances muscle flexibility

Increase oxygen and blood flow in the muscles

Reduce pain both physically and mentally

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is best for those who have chronic upper back pain and neck pain. This massage also follows similar techniques as Swedish massage. It is much-preferred therapy to release the knotted muscles, sprains and removes muscle stiffness. This massage is focussed on lengthening and relaxing the muscle tissues to enhance flexibility and overall body function. The purpose of Deep Tissue Massage is to work deeply into the muscles and make them active.

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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point massage is also called neuromuscular therapy, this type of massage is recognized to treat soft tissue injuries and back pain. Trigger points refer to the tight affected areas within the body that stimulates pain in another part of the body. (i.e)a trigger point in the back may cause neck pain or one in the thigh that may lead to radiating back pain. By adding deep pressure using fingers or elbows over the affected area will release the pain and spasms in muscles. Some of the benefits that trigger point massage includes are,

Strengthens the connective tissues

Boosts up the immunity level

Increase Endorphins

Decrease tension

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