Rejuvenate the body and mind by getting an aromatherapy massage

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In the middle of the work schedule, we all need only one thing "Relaxation". Sometimes, when we get a day off, we don't know what to do. There are many ways to get rid of stress and depression but among them, the best way is getting massage therapy. If you are thinking to get rejuvenate then get a professional massage from the magical hands of a therapist. Rejuvenate the body and mind by getting an aromatherapy massage at the best Spa in Anna Nagar

What is Aromatherapy Massage?

When it comes to massage, there is plenty of massage among them aromatherapy massage always plays a key role. Most people prefer this massage because of the unique way of using essential oil. The usage of essential oils are in practice for about many years. This massage concentrates more on improving the blood circulation, boosting mood, increasing the secretion of happy hormones, increasing the memory power, relieving stress, easing anxiety and regulating chakras. During this massage, the therapist will use some techniques like hitting, effleurage, tapping, kneading, soothing and petrissage.  As the name indicates this massage includes the usage of essential oils. Aromatic oils are nothing but the pure extract of medicinal plants. The essential oils are not directly applied to the skin surface due to their high concentration. Get your aromatherapy massage by entering Le Bliss Spa.

The common techniques used in aromatherapy massage


Effleurage is one of the massage techniques that include long and gentle strokes. This technique is used in specific parts of the body, such as the arm, back, thigh, and neck. Effleurage is a stress-relieving and calming therapy that can be utilised after surgery or injury. Benefit the full-body oil massage benefits by entering the best spa.


Petrissage massage therapy is the most effective technique, including high-pressure strokes. This technique targets more on the deeper part of the muscles. This will increase blood circulation, increase muscle flexibility, relieves muscle pain, removes muscle knot and increase range of motion.


Tapotement includes hitting, beating, hitting, tapping, and cupping. This technique stimulates the central nervous system and makes you feel relaxed. This technique increases the blood flow to the tissues in the muscles. 

How does an aromatherapy massage work?

The essential oils used during the massage stimulate the nose's smell receptors, which send messages to the limbic system, which is responsible for consciousness, emotions, and instincts. The olfactory cells are responsible for recognising odours and activating nerve cells. This will enhance your mood and lower your stress hormone levels.

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Treats muscle knots

Muscles help a lot in movement. When it comes to muscle, people face issues like muscle knots, muscle inflammation and muscle strain. The therapist will use essential oil to treat these things in the body. The essential oils used for relieving muscle strain and inflammation are lavender and eucalyptus. Massaging the body with these oils will avoid future injuries. This is one of the physiological effects of massage that improves blood circulation to the tissues. 

Increase healing power

When a person has strong immune power, then they will have strong healing power. The lack of healing power will affect the wound. Getting a massage can improve the immune system and also the healing power. The essential oils that increase immunity are tea tree and chamomile. 

Increase blood circulation

One of the advantages of aromatherapy massage is that it increases blood circulation. When our body's RBC count drops, it might cause some health problems. Blood circulation can be improved by massaging the body with essential oils such as rosemary, black pepper, cypress, and lemon. This can also help in improving the immune system.

Boost up mood

There are a lot of essential oils and they differ in fragrance and benefits. When the body surface is massaged with the essential oil, the dirt is removed from the skin pores. The cells are also aligned and the dead cells are removed. The smell of the essential oils stimulates the hypothalamus part and increases the secretion of happy hormones.  

Relieves chronic headaches

Most of us have problems, so we search for remedies on the internet. Even though we take pills to get rid of our headaches but we never try to find out why we get a headache. If we are stressed or tense we get heat or if the body energy gets imbalanced then we get a headache. The essential oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus help a lot in relieving headaches.

Improves Emotional health

Our brain is responsible for all the emotions, smelling sense and memory. When we get emotional the hormones start to secrete based on our feelings. These essential oils help in regulating the hormone-secreting glands. Secreting a higher amount of happy hormones can improve your mood and also decrease the production of stress hormones.

Eases anxiety and depression

When it comes to mental health, these essential oils help a lot. Anxiety and depression will make your body weak physically and mentally. The soothing touch and massage will promote the secretion of feel-good chemicals. These hormones will ease anxiety and depression. When you feel light with mental health that leads to good physical health. 

Treats Chronic headaches 

We all have difficulties, so we turn to the internet for answers. We even take medicines to relieve headaches, but we never try to figure out why we have them. Sometimes, the energy circle in the body will get imbalanced due to the environment. Essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus can help relieve headaches significantly.

Promote emotional well-being

All of our emotions, olfactory perception, and memory are controlled by our brain. Hormones begin to secrete in response to our emotions as we get emotional. The hormone-secreting glands are regulated by these essential oils. Increased levels of happy hormones can improve your mood while also lowering your stress levels.

Promotes Relaxation

Relaxation is something that we all yearn for. The therapist will use essential oils to massage the entire body. The scent of the oils calms you down, relaxes you, and makes you feel good. These essential oils also aid in the reduction of muscle pain and the restoration of muscle energy. Other than massage, yoga is the best practice for relaxing. The daily practise of yoga will give you a healthy lifestyle.

In this blog, we have discussed aromatherapy massage and its benefits. If you are looking for a Massage Spa in Velachery, then enter Le Bliss Spa.