Massage Therapy Techniques and their Benefits

Nowadays, there are plenty of massages and you can choose any one of them. Each massage has unique massage techniques that make the massage so special. We all think massages are only for relaxation but the benefits of them are beyond the expectations. A good massage gives you a healthy life. If you want to get a Body Massage in Chennai then get into Le Bliss Spa. The experts here give you both massage and spa services that are soothing and relishing. Here, in this blog, you will come to know about the full body massage techniques and their benefits.

What is a massage?

Massage is a treatment for both our body and soul. It is a therapy that includes many physical techniques to relax the body muscles and mind. The different types of body massages are Swedish massage, Aromatherapy massage, Deep tissue massage, Balinese massage, Thai massage, Head massage, Foot massage, Shiatsu massage, Prenatal massage, Hot stone massage, Trigger point massage, Couple massage, Sports Massage, and Acupressure massage. The common benefits of these massages are relieving stress, promoting mood, increasing blood circulation, ease anxiety, increase the secretion of happy hormones, boost up immune power, decrease the production of stress hormones, remove muscle knots, help with faster recovery of injuries, and so on. Le Bliss Spa is the best spa that renders you with all these massages. If you are looking for a Massage Near me, then step into it. 

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Massage Therapy Techniques

There are many types of massage techniques used during the massage session. Every technique of massage has a special benefit and lets us see it one by one. 


The Effleurage massage technique is the most common massage technique that is used in every massage. Actually, this is the first technique that is performed in all massages by the therapist. The expert will lubricate your body with massage oil. Then massage the body with their palms which will warm up the muscles. Then the therapist will give a massage with slight pressure in the direction to the heart. This will increase the blood circulation to your heart. The expert will start giving the strokes slowly and then increase the pressure step by step. This will remove all the muscle pain, knots, and inflammation.

Benefits: This effleurage technique increases blood circulation, improves the lymphatic system, and calms the nervous system.

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In most massage, this petrissage is the second massage therapy technique. This technique includes kneading, knuckling, scissoring, and wringing. Let us discuss some petrissage massage techniques. 

Kneading - It is nothing but giving pressure using the hands, fingers, and thumb in a specific area. This rearranges the cells in the tissues.

Knuckling - This is done by pressing the joining points( in between the fingers, elbow) and continuing the massage in a circular motion.

Scissoring - It is nothing but the middle finger and the second finger is kept like a scissor on the body surface. The expert will massage the tissue by keeping the fingers in the scissor position.

Wringing - This method includes squeezing and twisting the skin surface. In this method, the expert will give high pressure on the skin to squeeze the muscle. This will help you in replacing the fresh blood with the old one. 

Benefits: Reduces tension, rejuvenates the skin, improves muscle tone, removes debris from the skin.

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The therapist will give a slow and mild circular motion massage which is called friction. This is done by manipulating the tissues using the fingers or thumb. Mostly friction is done with high pressure which helps in eliminating the deep knots and muscle pain. If you are scared of high pressure, you can inform the therapist about your pressure levels.

Benefits: It helps in promoting healthy skin, removes debris from the skin surface, increases the RBC count.

These three massage techniques are the common techniques that every massage follows. To get these benefits to book an appointment at Le Bliss Spa. It is the professional Spa in Chennai that offers service according to your need.