Why should I go with trigger point massage therapy?

In the Systematic world, we run after our busy schedules as work mechanically without any rest. We are humans and we have emotions. Our body is made of many tissues and organs. When we get injured sometimes we feel deep injuries that can't be seen. Most pains occur in major areas like the neck, shoulder, elbows, ankle, and backside of the head. Most of us consult the doctor to get relief from these pains. One of the best choices for body pain is getting massages. In this blog, you will know why you should go with trigger point massage therapy. If you are seeking a trigger point Massage in Anna Nagar, then walk into Le Bliss Spa. They offer massage and spa services at affordable prices. 

What is a trigger point?

Trigger points are something that is situated all over our body that is responsible for the function of every individual organ. When pressure is applied to the trigger points, the organs will get some fresh blood and promote the organ's health. Only a professional therapist will know about all the trigger points in the body. The trigger point for good eyesight is located just above the pupil. To eliminate respiratory problems the trigger point is located at the base of the thumb finger. For improving your immune power, the gall bladder 20 trigger point helps you a lot. This point is located between the neck and the head. Get the best trigger point therapy at the Massage Centre in Velachery and get delighted.

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What is a trigger point massage?

Massage is something that gives you both mental and physical balance. Trigger point massage is giving pressure on all the trigger points on the body surface. If you have chronic muscle pain, mental issues, and muscle strokes then this massage will be very useful for you. This massage mainly focuses on improving the energy flow in the channels. During this massage, the therapist will give some stretches at the beginning. Then continues with compressing the tissues in the body muscles. The therapist will further move by applying pressure on the trigger points for good blood circulation. The expert will apply pressure for almost 3 to 4 minutes that will give you a better blood flow to the organ. This process will be repeated 4 to 5 times continuously. This will remove the blockages in the trigger points and promote good energy flow. Enter into the best Spa in Chennai and make your day a special one. 

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Benefits of getting Trigger point massage therapy
Relieves headache

Sometimes the muscular pain in the body may also be a reason for headaches. During the massage, the pressure applied on the muscle will remove the pain in the deeper parts of the muscles. This will help you in relieving the headache. The other reason for headaches is the blockages in the brain nerves. The trigger point for treating the headache is situated in between the index and the thumb finger. Applying pressure on this point will relieve you from headaches.

Increases muscle flexibility and range of motion

The pain in the tissues will reduce the flexibility of the muscles. If you are an athlete or a sportsperson definitely this will affect your game performance. Trigger point massage removes the blockages in the trigger points and increases muscle flexibility. 

Good heart

The entire heart’s functioning is called the circulatory system. If there is blockage or irregular blood flow to the heart, it may lead to heart attack and may affect heart functioning. The trigger point for heart functioning is situated in the wrist area of our hands. Applying pressure on this point will improve the blood circulation to the heart.

Promotes sleep

Our sleep gets disturbed due to many reasons like muscle pain, stress, dreams, vitamin D deficiency, and lack of melatonin. Good sleep is the major factor for a healthy body. Trigger point massage can help you in good sleep. The trigger point for promoting sleep is located on the top of the head. 

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In this blog, we have discussed the trigger point massage and its benefits. Get your favorite trigger point massage therapy at the best Massage Centre in Chennai and get pampered yourself.