Benefits of Oilve Oil Massage

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Olive oil is considered as the greatest gift of God to humans, it is used as a remedy to cure different medical problems. It has also been used to cure multiple skin disorders and illnesses as an essential oil. The trees originate from the Mediterranean Basin and spread to the rest of the world later. The oil is produced from the pressing of entire olives and is currently used in the cooking and medicinal and cosmetics industries and also some Massage Spa in Velachery has specific package for oilve oil Massage. It is rich in antioxidants and necessary fatty acids; it is outstanding for intake and plays an vital part in the diet graph for high blood pressure. It is also one of the popular oils used by professionals to massage the body.

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There are many advantages that olive oil provides. A nourishing olive oil treatment works to relax tired muscles and stressed joints and soothes arthritis discomfort, heals inflamed tissues and preserves the skin against inflammation with the strong anti-inflammatory compounds found in the oil. Let us discuss some advantages of olive oil Massage in Chennai.

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Relieves from Inflammation and Pain Olive oil helps in relieving Excessive tension, sitting for a long time or excessive work in front of the monitor may also contribute to strained and inflamed muscles and joints. It helps in relieving muscle strains, neck pain, sprains and inflamed joints by massaging the body with slightly warm. Moreover, it also tends to ease the discomfort caused by gout and arthritis.  Take up olive oil Massage Spa in Velachery from le bliss

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Relieves Stress Our lives are full of strain and stress, whether at work or at home, with the nightmares of pending tasks, deadlines, overdue bills and family responsibilities troubling us This can be achieved with a soothing treatment of the body with olive oil that tends to relieve the nerves, enhance blood supply in the body, boost energy levels and provide the body with sufficient nourishment. A rejuvenating olive oil body Massage in Chennai is as pleasant as soothing.

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Helps Reduce SunBurn The skin benefits of olive oil are well known, and it is a great natural treatment for soothing and removing sunburn. Mix an equal amount of olive oil and water and shake well. Now spread this paste all over the body and relax. The antioxidants extracted from plants, particularly squalene, vitamins and phytosterols contained in olive oil, help to soothe the skin irritation caused by sunburn.

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Helps Relieve Stiffness of Neck, Shoulders and Back The current lifestyle is often sedentary, and much of our jobs are system based forcing us to stay in front of the device for long hours. This also places pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles. Book for a Body Massage in Pallikaranai to remove your shoulder pain .By growing blood supply and energy flow, any basic shoulder and neck stretching exercises or a re-energizing warm olive oil massage helps to relieve the stress from the neck and shoulders. 

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Reduce Dandruff A full Spa in Anna Nagar with olive oil helps in relaxing head massage. It also helps in relief of stress and fear. It also serves as an important natural way of treating dandruff and flaky scalp. Rich in vitamin E, vitamins and minerals, it tends to relieve the scalp's itchiness and inflammation and is deeply moisturiser and also reduces dryness. Apply olive oil gently to the head and rub for 20 minutes; leave to rest for an hour and wash off with a gentle dandruff-free shampoo.

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