How does Massage Work

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Massage is the feel of relaxing and rejuvenation that the body and mind process together during and after a good Massage Chennai session. In general language, massage is a mix of skin , muscle and tendon rubbing and manipulation to release tension and aches from our body parts. 

There are two main physical effects of physical stimulation during massage: enhanced blood pressure and lymph pressure. Relaxation and normalisation of soft tissue which releases nerves and deeper connective tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons , ligaments). Book Massage in Keelkattalai, Now!

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The practise of massage from the Massage Centre Chennai has been used across the globe for safer and healthy living for decades. There are several such emotions and illnesses that are taken care of, with or without the awareness of the receiver, apart from calm body and mind. The body processes the anomalies mentioned below during and after a successful massage session.

You'll feel better after your massage Spa in Chennai, your blood will rush and your muscles will feel like jello. During a massage, the massage therapist will mention why it's important to drink plenty of water. Have a search like Spa near me to explore more spas near your location.

Relaxation Response

A loving, secure Massage Spa in Anna Nagar touch is an opportunity to relax. This usually creates a "relaxation response" along with pain relief. 

The response to relaxation is a condition in which the pulse and respiratory rate slow down, the blood pressure declines, your stress hormone production decreases, and your muscles relax. The calming reaction also tends to increase the amount of serotonin available, which is a chemical in the body that influences feelings and thoughts positively. While this evidence is encouraging, there is a need for additional research to specifically validate the link between massage and brain serotonin levels. Book Massage by searching terms like Massage Spa near me, Now!

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Soothing reactions may minimise the physical symptoms of stress and minimise stress-related complications, such as hypertension , heart arrhythmias, anxiety , insomnia, chronic tiredness, intestinal disorders, and psychiatric difficulties, to name a few. Book Massage in Chennai, Now!

Mechanical Response

It is assumed that massage increases blood and lymph circulation. This is probably partly due to the physical stimulation of soft tissue and partly due to the release of chemicals as part of the reaction of relief. Visit the best Massage Centre in Chennai Velachery , Now!

Improved circulation can increase the supply to muscle cells of oxygen and nutrients. Tissues work more successfully as cellular well being increases. More effective functioning leads to waste products being extracted which can improve the absorption of extra fluids which decrease soft tissue swelling. Book Massage spa in Chennai, Now!

Interestingly, in addition to loosening and relaxing muscles, there are other involuntary things that the body processes in a massage. Book Massage in Velachery, Now!

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Maintains body temperature: When we are comfortable and relaxed, our body temperature is lower. Massage decreases the temperature of our body which in turn taps the autonomic nervous system , allowing us to become less stressed. 

Stomach growls: The massage stimulates the release of enzymes that makes digestion smoother and you feel hungry right after the massage. During the massage, gas release is possible, which is fine and is an indicator of the activation of the digestive system due to proper Best Spa in Chennai

Dehydration feeling: Fluids from our body are released and brought along with body waste and toxins due to pressure on our deep tissue. This flows from the kidneys for filtration and urination into our circulatory system. During the Massage in Anna Nagar, it is okay to urinate since it requires body waste to be discharged. This is why, right after the treatment, all therapists at the spa centres advise and assist customers to drink enough water. Book Spa in Velachery, Now!

We are not sure of how our body processes massage treatments most of the time, which we take out of practise or referral. It may vary person to person. Know how does body massage therapy work? here.