How does body massage therapy work?

Wind up all your stress and depression by making some time for relaxing. We live a life full of pain, tension, stress and lack of sleep. If you are browsing methods to relax, you are on the correct blog. In this blog, we can discuss how does body massage therapy work?. Get your Body Massage in Anna Nagar at Le Bliss Spa's best spa.

What is Massage Therapy?

A body massage is a process of treating the muscles and skin surface of the body. It can be given using hands and also machines or massage tools. Mostly all massages are given using hands, and every massage has a uniques style and a specific purpose. Massages focus on removing the blockages from the energy circle by pressing the energy points. The body massages that concentrate on the energy circles are acupressure, shiatsu, trigger point, Thai, deep tissue and foot massage. The therapist will use their fingers to put pressure on the trigger points. 

How Does Massage Perform?

Massage can be performed by using hands or massage tools. The massage therapy will be done in a separate room, making you more comfortable. The room will be in a mild temperature with pleasant music. This will calm our body and mind. There will be a private room to change the dress. The therapist will keep some candle lights and champagne to make the ambience calm. After you get undressed, the therapist will proceed with the massage techniques. First, the therapist will use some massage oils and lotion on the skin surface to reduce the friction. They followed with soothing, hitting, kneading, tapping, pulling, gliding, stroking and friction. 

The Techniques used in Massage Therapy

It is nothing but pulling the muscles in the skin surface, which reduce the chance of muscle knots. The therapist will use both the palm and thumb finger to apply high pressure on the muscle region. This technique is well known for treating muscle-related issues. Try the kneading technique at the best Massage spa near me.


Effleurage is frequently practised at the starting and finishing of a massage to make you comfortable and relaxed. The idea is to warm up the muscles in preparation for other, more strenuous techniques while increasing blood flow to the body. This is one of the Balinese massage techniques that reduce muscle knots and tension in the tissues.


The therapist will rub the skin with their thumbs, which will treat a particular area of the body, such as stiff muscles or joints that are injured. Rubbing is a unique technique used in a deep tissue massage to ease stiffness and soreness in the deeper layers of the muscle tissues.


The tapping technique is commonly used in sports massages because it is one of the most effective methods for improving blood circulation. The massage therapist taps specific regions of the body with their hands to improve the blood circulation in that area. Sometimes, tapping pressure will be high, and it may hurt you. If you feel uncomfortable, inform the therapist about it.


This is nothing but the therapist will give vibration on the skin surface. It will provide a calming feel to the muscles and nerves in the body, and this technique usually does not use a lot of pressure. Many therapists have also suggested using this technique to treat scar tissue around and even over it. Vibration is not indicated to the person who is scared of high pressure and pain. Know the body massages for weight loss and book your favourite now!.

How Does Massage Work on the Body?

Massage is the combination of techniques that helps in improving the health of the body. Massages benefit us in many ways and let us see some of them here. 

Treats Body Pain

At the end of the day, we all have body pain and stress. We go to bed with a lot of muscle soreness after a long day. Massages are one of the most effective ways to relieve physical pain. The pressure applied to the muscles will remove all muscular knots, pain, and inflammation and give a relaxing feel.

Improve Your Mood

Sometimes, we feel drowsiness, tired and energy loss. Have you thought about why do we feel the way we do? We instantly feel sad or depressed when the stress chemicals in our body increase. Massage also helps in the higher secretion of happy hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. These hormones can instantly improve your mood. Improve your mood by getting a Balinese Massage at an affordable price.

Increases the Immune Power

The immune system is the one that defends us against viruses and bacteria. You can have a healthy physique if you have a strong immune system. The massages that increase the immune power are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, and aromatherapy massage.

Improve your memory

Memory loss became a common thing today. Lack of concentration is a serious condition that can lead to various mental illnesses. Body massage improves blood circulation to the nerves and helps to remove the blockages. This will help you concentrate better and prevent memory loss. Improve your memory by getting the best Massage in Velachery at the best spa.

Good Blood Circulation

Lack of blood circulation in the body may lead to many health problems. Organ function will be harmed if there is a lack of blood circulation to the interior organs. The strokes used in the massage will squeeze out the old blood in the muscle and allow the fresh blood to enter the muscle. Massages will help insufficient blood supply to all the organs.

Relax the Nervous System

The central nervous system is one of the most important elements of our body since it regulates the function of all of our organs. The massages in Le Bliss Spa focus on relaxing the nerves are aromatherapy, Balinese, and Thai massages. The techniques in the massage will regulate the oxygen and blood supply to the heart and maintain the blood pressure by calming the nervous system. 

This blog has discussed massage therapy, its types, techniques, and benefits. If you are looking for a Body Massage in Chennai, enter Le Bliss Spa. Book your appointment today!.