How Long to Wait to Exercise after a Massage

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It's normally recommended that you don't workout after a Massage in Chennai immediately. However, after receiving bodywork, people often feel muscles strong and active, which makes them believe they should go straight to the gym. 

When Can I Exercise after a Massage?

After a massage from the Massage in Anna Nagar, it is generally advised that you wait about 24 hours to exercise. 

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After a bodywork session, several therapists recommend that clients postpone strenuous activity for at least 24 hours. After a workout, exercise will improve both muscle pain and compromise the importance of the soft-tissue work you have just received from Massage Center Chennai. 'Strenuous fitness' involves operations such as hiking, weight training, aerobics of high strength, or lessons of strength yoga. 

For healthier people, mild activity such as slow walking, gentle stretching, or swimming laps at an easy speed is OK. One generally accepted opinion in favour of this healing time of 24 hours is that sustained pressure on connective tissue makes it more gel-like. Thixotropic effect is the technical term for this improvement. This state of elevated softness lasts around 24 hours, so exercise of high intensity. Book Massage Center Velachery, Now!



After a Massage in Anna Nagar, many people think that the reason you can drink water is that it speeds up the digestion of the body and flushes toxins into the bloodstream. The theory is that water helps the kidneys absorb metabolic waste more efficiently and extract it from the body. To confirm this, there's no specific empirical evidence. 

Drinking water and keeping hydrated will further decrease any soreness linked to bodywork. Take a hot Epsom salt bath and drink softly soothing teas such as chamomile or passionflower to promote sleep and alleviate the stress that is generally seen as a leading factor in persistent tension and soreness of the muscle. Book Massage in Velachery, Now!

However, massage stimulates your muscles intensely and improves circulation, which helps to help your body use fluids more efficiently. You have a better risk of being dehydrated for this cause. Drink the water and give your body a kind of catch-up before you work out in the gym with even more fluid. Book Spa in Chennai, Now!


After the massage, a little bit of delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, is absolutely natural. A certified massage therapist manipulates your muscles and works them. You're not always going to experience DOMS, but that's normal. Search for the best Spa in Anna Nagar with the help of a phrase called Spa near me.

After a massage, hitting the gym directly to workout will compound the DOMS, making you even more sore than normal.

Injury Risk

A recognised theory by experts in massage therapy is that massage pressure can make the muscles and connective tissue adaptable and "gel-like." High-intensity exercise can theoretically strain the muscle and tissue when in a post-massage state. 

Light Exercise

In general, after having a Massage Spa in Chennai, it's usually safe to do some moderate exercise, such as walking or jogging .Ask your certified massage therapist to ensure. They would be able to have some post-massage Chennai therapy advice. 

Note that massage is a highly soothing experience, and that feeling sleepy afterwards is normal. Missing your exercise is not the end of the world when you have had a massage. Indulge in the good feeling of post-massage and relax instead. 

Instead of exercising after a massage, it is advised to have a massage after exercising. It lets the body heal and some of the good, stress-busting benefits of physical exercise will also be enhanced. Book Spa in Velachery, Now!