How does a facial massage works on your skin?

Every day we travel to many places which may make our skin tired. This may affect the health of the skin. We are all concerned more about the look and glow of our face. For most of the girls beautifying their face is a full-time job. Do you know something, even our skin gets tired because of the workload we have, so it also needs some refreshment. If you need a healthy, shining and beautiful face, get a facial massage. In this blog, we will discuss how does a facial massage works on your skin?. If you are looking for a Massage in Velachery, then step into Le Bliss Spa to get a professional facial massage. 

What is a facial massage?

Many people will have a skincare routine to maintain their skin beautiful and refreshing. But some in their busy schedule will forget their skincare. Massages can help you in this case. A Facial massage is one that you can get from an expert or else you can do it by yourself. But getting it from the hands of an expert will be more effective. The techniques involved in this massage are nothing but applying pressure on the face, shoulder and neck. There are many facial massage tools that also gives you healthy skin. This facial massage relaxes your face muscles and also rejuvenate them. Continue reading this blog further, to know more about facial massage. Get an Olive oil body massage by booking your favourite massage appointment at the best Massage Spa in Chennai.

How to do facial massage step by step?

Let us discuss the common face massage steps one by one. As a first step, the therapist will give you a mild cleansing because before starting the massage, your face should be very clean. Then the therapist will make you sit comfortably in a chair, table or bed. The massage is continued with the application of massage oil on the face. The oils that are used during the ayurvedic facial massage are almond, marula, jojoba, argan, grapeseed, rosehip, aloe vera and moringa oil. The therapist will recommend one of these oils according to your skin type. As a first technique, the therapist will massage your forehead from one side to another which will remove all the blockages in the blood flow to the nerves. Then the eye area is massaged which includes gliding over the eyebrows. After this, the massage is continued with your cheeks in which a gentle massage is given from the nose bridge to the ear. This is repeated four to five times to relax the muscles. The massage is continued with the mouth region, where the expert will use a "v" sign method to rub the mouth region. The therapist will use his/her middle finger and forefinger to massage the upper lips and the lower lips. Then, at last, the therapist will give a massage on your neck, shoulder and backside region. 

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Benefits of facial massage

Facial massage not only benefits you in glowing skin, but it also gives you many health benefits apart from it. Let us discuss some among them. Know the benefits of facial massage by getting into the best Massage Centre in Anna Nagar

Reduces stress

Nowadays, people often struggle with stress. Do you know the causes of this stress?. Stress occurs due to overpressure, body pain and also blockages in the energy channels. Doctors recommend that Forty-five minutes of facial massage can relieve you from stress and all your body pain. It also helps in boosting up your mood. 

Improves your blood circulation

Lack of blood circulation to the face will lead to dry skin, rashes, itching, lesions and dull skin. Massaging the muscles in the face will improve the blood flow and removes all the toxins and debris from the tissues. Getting a regular massage will improve the blood circulation to the face and avoids skin issues. 

Benefits in anti-ageing

As we grow, our skin starts to loosen up and leads to sagging. For most women, sagging is almost like a problem. People do many things to hide this from the skin but hereafter you don't want to. This facial massage will help you in avoiding wrinkles, dark circles, reduce the fine lines and shrinks in the face. Face massage for wrinkles is more effective than any other. 

Reduces pores, pimples and acne

Pimples occur due to change in the environment, overheat in the body and higher accumulation of dead cells. During the massage, the pores in the skin get opened up and get cleaned. The nutrients in the massage oil will be absorbed by the skin pores which will give you healthy skin. Know the physiological effect of massage therapy and get all the benefits.

In this blog, we have discussed facial massage and its benefits. If you are seeking a Massage Near Me, then walk into Le Bliss Spa, that offers you all kind of massage and spa services.