How do yoga and meditation improve your health?

Yoga and meditation can show a high positive impact on our overall health. Both of these have been followed for more than thousands of years. For a healthy body, people practise these yoga and meditation. There are plenty of yoga asanas that benefit in a unique way. Meditation is the way of relieving all the stress and mental pressure. In this blog you will know how do yoga and meditation improve your health?. 

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a health practice that includes many asanas. Yoga is practised for calming your body and mind. Practising yoga daily can make your thoughts clear, improve blood circulation and concentration. Not only yoga, there are many ways to improve our health. One of them is massage therapies. Massage is also a physical practice that helps in improving health. Especially, thai massage is the one that includes many yoga asanas during the massage. If you are looking for a Massage in Velachery, then enter Le Bliss Spa. To know more about the importance of yoga and meditation further read this blog. There are many yoga asanas and let us discuss some of them below.

Types of Yoga Asanas

If you are practising yoga for the first time, then this is the best one. Because it is an easy one that includes. Sit in the straightforward position and the legs are folded opposite. This pose is also called the "easy pose". It benefits in reducing all the stress and depression.


This asana is also known as boat pose and benefits in indigestion. Here you will lie on the backside and your hands on the leg. It will make a 30-degree angle. During this pose, you will stretch the muscles in the abdominal region. This is the best yoga for reducing belly fat. 


During this pose, the entire body is stretched. You will lie on the stomach side and pull the leg backward. It will make a bow-like position and react more to the belly fat. This is the best pose for weight loss and also benefits in increasing blood circulation and treating indigestion. If you want to lose your belly fat, then the easiest way is massage therapy. Know the Body massages to lose weight at Le Bliss Spa.


In this pose, the right thigh is placed on the left thigh and the palms are kept on the head. You will sit straight during this pose and after a few minutes change to the other leg. This pose is also called Twisted Pose, because of the twisted legs. Get into the best Massage Spa Near Me and know more about the yoga asanas.


During this pose, you will stretch the muscles in the wrists, hands, arms, and forearms. This will remove the stress from the muscles. This pose is really a difficult one and it takes lots of practice to do it correctly. It will benefit in increasing the concentration power and balance you physically and mentally. This pose is also called the "crow pose".


Lie forward and the body is stretched upwards by keeping the hands on the floor. This pose is said to be the corrector of the curvature. It benefits in making the spine flexible and strong. This pose is best suited for a person with arthritis and back pain. It also helps in relieving menstrual cramps by stretching the uterus. 


In this pose, the muscles near the spinal cord get stretched and the arms are also stretched. This will relieve all the stress in the shoulder, arm, and spine regions. It will remove all the extra fat from the muscles. It treats the digestion problem and the bone stiffness. During the pose, the hands are kept straight and stretched upwards. Then the legs are stretched over the head, which will make a 180-degree angle. 


If you feel a bit low and want to revitalise, then go with this pose. The posture will strengthen the muscles and also avoid kidney and bone-related diseases in the future. During the pose, you have to pick the whole body upward, balancing with the shoulders. It helps in treating the sleeping disorder, reduces thyroid, increases blood circulation, and reduces depression. 


This is the most powerful asana which is also called the "king of the asanas". This pose gives you incredible benefits. It will increase the flow of blood to the heart, reduce respiratory problems, and increase memory. In this pose, the head is kept down and the feet up. At starting you can make use of a wall. This asana will help in stimulating the pituitary and pineal glands. Mainly helps in calming down the nervous system and eases anxiety.


This asana is firstly recommended for the hip region. During this pose, the arms, thighs, and back are stretched. This will promote muscle relaxation, remove muscle knots, reduce stress, and improve concentration. In this pose, one of your legs should be over the other one. Then after a few minutes, change to the other leg. 

These are some of the yoga asanas that can help you in benefiting your overall health. Other than yoga, massages and spa treatments can also boost up your health. Get all the benefits of a spa treatments by entering the best spa in chennai.


Meditation is one of the ways to concentrate on a particular object. The effect of meditation on the body is enormous. Mainly this meditation is done during the morning time. Because the oxygen level in the morning will be higher and it will make your day a great one. It also gives some more time to think about the goals of the day and the benefit of increasing your concentration level. The benefits of doing meditation are boosting the mood, reducing stress, easing anxiety, calming down the nervous system, improving focus, keeping you energetic, boosting your confidence, and calming down the mind. Even the Massage centre in Anna Nagar, will guide you how to meditate. 

How to do meditation?

Meditation is not a simple thing, on the other hand, it is not a difficult thing. Let us discuss the steps one by one. 

Sit in a quiet place.

In the beginning, set a time limit of 10 minutes, after you are skilled you can do it as you wish.

You can sit on a chair, table, couch, or floor on which you are more comfortable. Sit in a position in which you can stay for a longer time. 

Close your eyes and sit still. At the starting stage, controlling your thoughts will be difficult. You can simply go with saying mantras or focus on breath-in and out. 

During meditation, your mind will wander with many thoughts. But be easy with your mind. Bring your concentration back to breathing.

By practising this daily, you can improve your concentration and also benefit from overall health.

In this blog, we have discussed the benefits of yoga and meditation. Like yoga and meditation, massages can also help in boosting health. Massage is a therapy for body muscles that benefits you in many ways. Massages and spa services are offered at all the spas. If you are planning to get a massage, then enter the best Massage Centre in Chennai. Book your favourite massage at Le Bliss Spa.