How do massages help in balancing the energy flow in our body?

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Most people schedule their daily practice based on improving their health. People follow methods like yoga, diet, meditation, and so on. If you are a person who has no time to focus on your health, then massages can help you. Getting a massage is a relatively easy method compared to others. The basic principle of massage is regulating the energy flows in the body. The imbalance of the energy flow may lead to many health-related issues. In this blog, you will know how do massages help in balancing the energy flow in our body?. If you seek a Massage Centre in Chennai, enter Le Bliss Spa. They offer massage services within your budget.

What is energy flow?

The energy that flows in our body is one of the factors for a fit and healthy life. When this energy gets imbalanced with the surrounding, there is a high chance of falling sick. The symptoms of energy imbalance are sleeping disorder, fever, cold, nausea, and body pain. The energy flow is called "chi energy" or "qi energy." A sufficient amount of chi flow will give a healthy body and mind. This will also improve the healing capacity of the body. The chi energy can influence our thoughts, health, and emotions. Sometimes mental health also gets affected due to the imbalance of energy flow. These energies flow through the path called "energy meridians" or "energy channels." Know the physiological effects of massage by getting a professional body massage.

How does massage increase the energy flow?

Massage is almost a therapy to the body that includes hitting, pressing, compressing, and applying pressure. These techniques in massage will benefit the muscles and help in good blood flow. It also helps increase the energy flow by applying pressure on the trigger points of chi energy. The five pressure points for energy flow are the inner gate point, heart 7, hand valley point, the base of the thumb point, and the outer gate point. The therapist will apply pressure on these points and remove the blockages in the energy channels. Get the full-body oil massage benefits by entering the best massage spa.

Massages that increases the energy flow

Many massages help in good energy flow. If you want to know more further, read this blog. Get a professional body massage by entering the best Massage Spa in Anna Nagar.

Swedish Massage

This massage mainly focuses on improving blood and oxygen circulation to the heart. Swedish is a popular massage that includes many massage techniques. This massage suits people who are scared of high pressure and long strokes. The massage helps in removing the blockages in the energy channels. The more increased secretion of feel-good hormones also helps in increasing the energy flow. By reserving an appointment at Le Bliss Spa, you can experience a Swedish massage.

Trigger point massage

Trigger points are specific areas; when get pressed, it may result in good functioning of organs. There are many trigger points on the skin surface, and the therapist will press the points during this massage. The pressure will be given almost for three to four minutes and a minimum of three times. This will benefit in removing the energy blockages and promote good energy flow. The main trigger point for energy flow is located in the leg region. Book your appointment at the best Massage Spa in Chennai.

Thai Massage

This is the only massage that does not include massage oils or lotions. The primary technique in this massage is yoga positions and applying pressure on acupressure points. The massage will start with some stretches and end up with yoga positions. The chakras in the body are responsible for the energy flow. The irregular functioning of the chakras also affects the energy flow. The unique yoga postures will help regulate the chakras and avoid breathing issues. There are seven chakras, and the solar plexus chakras are responsible for the chi energy.

Deep tissue massage

Firstly, this massage helps relieve the muscle knots and treat the tissue's deep layers. The stretches and strokes used in this massage are of exceptionally high pressure. So, consult your doctor before getting a deep tissue massage. This massage improves muscle flexibility, improves posture, better range of motion, and faster recovery of injuries. If you want to know, does massage help with sore muscles? Enter Le Bliss Spa.

Now, you will have an idea about energy flow and how massages help increase the energy flow; if you plan to get a massage to improve the energy flow, get into the Spa in Velachery and get delighted.